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This is a page about Nolwenn Rozenn, a character created by Lightning2315 and Flashfire212. This character has been adopted by, and is currently owned by Lucentstar

Nolwenn Rozenn is a high ranking weapons designer from the Warriors of the Mind and a member of the noble Rozenn Family.

Nolwenn Rozenn

Biographical Information
Age 56
  • immediate family pending information
  • Rozenn Family (extended family)
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Mink
Gender Female
  • Fur: Brown, with honey-brown stripes from tip of the tail up her back
  • Hair: Strawberry blonde
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Black & blue dress
  • Blue chestplate & shoulder pieces, detailed in silver
  • Silver choker necklace
  • Blue elbow-length gloves
  • Black knee-high boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Rozenn Family
  • Warriors of the Mind
  • Skilled tactician
  • High intelligence
  • Experienced sniper
  • Master of weaponry design
  • Trained in pyrokinesis & hydrokinesis
  • Trained in hand-to-hand combat
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s) Pending...
Appearances None so far
Original Creator Lightning2315 & Flashfire212


Short and petite in appearance, Nolwenn is a brown mink with stripes of honey brown from the tip of her tail to her shoulders. Her strawberry-blonde hair reaches roughly the middle of her back, and is normally thick and curly with a lack of maintenance. Her purple eyes often seem to glimmer with a hidden cunning.


As her family seems to view her martial profession as a burden; Nolwenn's uniform is tailored for her. As with many of the other battlefield tacticians, she wears a uniform of black and blue; though in her case it is a finely tailored dress that disguises her lack of curves with the addition of blue highlights and hints of silver. Similarly, her body armor is a set of chest and shoulder pieces, each hand-crafted and painted in blue with highlights of silver. Her dark blue elbow-length gloves, black knee-high boots and silver choker necklace seem to imply a lack of martial conditioning, though she often proves otherwise once placed into that position.



In vast contrast to her more formal appearance, Nolwenn wastes no time in showing just how strong she actually is. A woman with high enough intelligence to get work with the military think-tank/tacticians for hire/weapon designers of the Warriors of the Mind, any situation that she gets herself into normally has a solution she can think her way through. An experienced weaponry designer and strategist in her own right, and a ranking member of the Warriors, she is capable of synthesizing a solution and acting upon it to counter most forms of weapon or through most forces.

Her personal weapon is an example of her own designs. The LR-10 Anti-Materiel Rifle is one of the many small-batch weapons produced by the designers with the Warriors, and despite the sheer weight of the heavy weapon, Nolwenn is an expert shot. With the weapon being designed for use against emplacements and vehicles, the heavy .50 caliber firearm is capable of picking off targets at extreme ranges. Unfortunately, Nolwenn is reliant upon her targets being spotted for her, and due to the weight of the weapon she rarely strays far from her extraction point. However, her personalized LR-10; the LR-10 Alpha comes with an inbuilt hybrid scope and foregrip as well as a larger magazine, helping her make the most of it's potent rounds and accuracy.

If a fight gets closer, Nolwenn has a number of physical and elemental techniques she can draw upon. However, most of these are skills she cannot utilize while carrying her rifle. As far as elements go, Nolwenn has the opposing duo of Fire and Water at her command. Typically, she prefers to use Fire at range, where the radiant heat and light can be used tactically; while her command of Water is normally combined with hand-to-hand combat in case of emergencies. However, Nolwenn is not particularly fast or strong in close-quarters combat, with every attack she makes leaving a rather large gap for counters or advantage. This is mostly because of her lack of skill in those areas leading to overcompensation in recovery.

Fire Techniques

  • Flare

Water Techniques

  • Crabhammer

Elementless Techniques








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