Noire the Lioness is the maternal cousin of Cyo the Lion, daughter to Kira the Lioness and niece to Ayah the Lioness and Umeme the Lion.


Noire has dark blue fur and indigo skin and red hair. She used to wear Maasai clothing but switched to Mesozoic Island type of clothing when she came to the island. As the captain of King Giganoto she donned golden helmet, belt and shoes.

When finally moving to Station Square she switched to brown pants, purple t-shirt and sneakers. She keeps her wrist band from her village.

From her fight with Crimson she received two scars.


Noire can be somewhat stubborn, tough and rash but she does have a caring side and a sense of humor. From her fight with Crimson she believed that she lost her dignity and self-respect for losing against him. She regained it when reuniting with her cousin Cyo.

Powers and Abilites

  • Umbrakinesis - Noire has the ability to control shadows and even become one with them. In that state she is almost impossible to harm.
  • Invisibility - Noire can blend into her environment and become invisible as a act of camouflage.
  • Roaring - Like all lions she can roar at 5 miles away.
  • Knowledge in weapons - Noire can handle weapons like spears.
  • Stealthiness - Noire is very agile and can move really fast in combat.
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