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Nocturneos is the Shironan God of Dark and is considered to be the de-facto leader of the Pantheon. He's also speculated to be the second youngest of the eight.

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Gender: Male

Age: A few thousand years old


True Form

In his true form, much of Nocturneos' physical form is covered by a smoky grey robe. His wings formed out of black fog, and his face obstructed by the shadows in his hood. He rarely uses his form however, instead preferring to use his mobian form to converse with anyone who finds the cave he resides in. He wears thin black armored gauntlets on his forearms, with a metal chestplate on his biceps.

Mobian Form

In his mobian form; most of Nocturneos' body is covered in black fur, the exception being his muzzle, the inside of his ears, and his chest. Those parts of his body are covered in pale white Nocturneos wears a black leather jacket with holes in the back for his wings to fit through, with deep gray streaks on the sleeves and the shoulders, and he also wears gray denim jeans with black markings on the leg holes.


Nocturneos isn't one of the best talkers and often has a hard time making friends. Usually due to his appearance most people take Nocturneos to be a hardened jerk, acting anti-social and rude to anyone who tries to speak to him. This is wrong however and he's really a friendly person, if you can get him to open up that is. When it comes to what friends he has, or his family Nocturneos is very protective of them and will often try to do whatever he can to ensure they stay safe. He isn't one for over-ridiculous actions and will usually just shrug it off, or ignore it completely.



Nocturneos, true to his name, is capable of manipulating anything related to darkness.


Nocturneos is physically agile and is able to fly with his wings.


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Nocturnes is vulnerable to anything that is light aligned.


Nocturneos was originally planned to be a wolf. But he was made into a bat as it fit his concept more.

Nocturneos' true form resembles the form of Malthael, a character and the main antagonist from the DLC of Diablo, Reaper of Souls.

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