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Cquote1 Not only is the source near, but it is also ready to prance. Cquote2
Moderator Xanthub Fuge, admonishing Callinaiva

"No Surreal Tale" is the sixth episode in the original web series Twenty-Four Days to Delusion. It was completed on August 14th, 2016 in courtesy of the Sonic Fanon Wikia.

Character Appearances

  • Savoice Allashar Demoy the Dhole
  • Uisas Agent Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen the Ragushara (a reference)
  • Dojyu Coffnaigh the Oiva
  • Ovil Ferah Unhod
  • Cerva Teroice Sah the Hedgehog
  • Moderator Zyphera Elleai the Siberian Tiger
  • Moderator Byer Hoberzt the Cougar
  • Moderator Jola Ed-Nonon the Bull
  • Moderator Xanthub Fuge the Hedgehog
  • Moderator Callinaiva the "Night Crawler"
  • Moderator Bvan Ghonpherti the Chameleon
  • Pelonis Itio Van the Otter
  • Interpreter Zona Kon'effin the Mouse
  • Interpreter Salmah Ogan the Wolf (a mere reference)
  • Interpreter Khovab Nam Reliso the Swallow (a mere reference)
  • Interpreter Pheru Vun Lalsu the Fox (a mere reference)
  • Interpreter Lovopian Azax the Rabbit (a mere reference)


Savoice is challenged at the beginning of the episode with his perception of reality and the reasoning why it should be believed to be real. In addition to being informed of his bedroom door being opened when he thought it was closed, the newly added shower curtain had him alarmed to the point where he needed confrontation. So, he decides to pay a visit to meet with Dojyu Coffnaigh after he is denied of his neighbors.

As he goes here, he runs into Finalizer Peleonis Itio Van and attempts to grasp his assistance as he is too quick. Then, Moderator Zyphera Elleai comes to lead him there, influencing his first direct conversation with her. Once they get there, he is alone with Dojyu Coffnaigh. Long story short, Dojyu Coffnaigh had the means to figure out why Savoice was not on good terms with Moderator Jola Ed-Nonon--featured in previous episodes. Savoice concludes that the Ovilian Arch of Studies is against his presence and anticipates his internal destruction.

After he leaves Dojyu Coffnaigh, he intentionally sought and approached Moderator Ed-Nonon to get his share of violence, only to retreat at his presence. Moderator Callinaiva intervenes in the situation and brings Savoice to his room instead. For a while, they spoke about thought, only for Savoice to have the wrong intention about it. Callinaiva departs to an executive meeting in suggestion that Savoice does not attend, but he does anyway.

The final main part of the episode consists of Savoice in attendance of the executive meeting. As he was first disapproved being there, he was eventually being accepted as an example for the executives to use for scoffing. Much of the rules are discussed, as with questions along with their answers. Although Savoice is ultimately disregarded in the meeting, he is still addressed at its dismissal by--once again--Moderator Elleai. They speak awhile and depart.

At the end of the episode, Savoice is basically formulating a plan to adhere by when the "expression day" sets, so that he could "subdue" Najarv'sye and his reputation with the people and raise his own ego.

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