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Alexander "No The Hedgehog" Edwards, is the persona RP character of TheNo1DestinationFan.


His fur color is Sky Blue, and has spikes that look like a mix of Sonic the Hedgehog's, and Shadow the Hedgehog's. He wears blue goggles atop his forhead, and a white plain polo. His arm color is deep tan, and covering his hands are blue and grey stripped gloves. He also wears casual jeans, and white and grey striped shoes. 


No1 has a big heart, but is shy around new people; especially Cameron the Fox. Though not the guy who talks a lot, he will help a lot. His #1 enemy is the ones who despise/take the important things away from him. He was bullied a lot at a young age, and this caused No1 to throw down on anyone that decides to taunt him. 


Alexander "No1" Edwards was born on Febuary 8th, 1998, with brown fur. No1 had 2 siblings: A brother named Freddy, and a sister named Emilie. The first 11 years of his life were great..until Volkrun. No1 moved into a new home in Texas, and met a boy named Volkrun. Soon the two became best friends, doing everything together. Volkrun even introduced No1 to his 2nd best friend, Cameron the Fox. No1 was silent, which Cameron thought was cute. Volkrun, No1, and sometimes Cameron would go everywhere. Sounds too great to be true. 

One night, Volkrun asked Cameron, No1, Freddy, Cameron's brother, and Emilie if they wanted to spend the night. No1's mother said yes, and soon they were all ready for bed. Seeing a secret door, Volkrun blocks No1 from going inside. At 11:36 PM, everybody had fallen asleep...

When No1 awakened at 4:51 AM, he found he was strapped to a doctor's bed. Struggling, No1 sees Volkrun grinning at him. No1 pleads for help, but Volkrun says he needs everybody for an experiment. No1 turns to see Emilie, Freddy, Cameron, and Cameron's brother tied down to bed's as well. As Volkrun activates Emilie's bed first, she is surged with purple electricity, and obviously killed. Volkrun says this was a "failed test", and sometimes it will kill people. With No1 heartbroken, Cameron's brother is tested on next. The test completes without incident, but Cameron's brother turns into an ugly beast, thrashing and breaking everything. Volkrun is nearly killed as Freddy's bed is set free. Freddy goes to No1, and unties him from the bed. No1 then helps Cameron as the 3 witness the monster destroying everything.

The monster then spots the 3, but he is killed when Volkrun impales him with a pole. Cameron lunges at Volkrun, but is tazed and subdued. No1 then goes to kill Volkrun, but is stopped when an energy ray captures him. No1's body is tapped with freezing electricity as Freddy runs from the room. No1 then blacks out as Volkrun escapes with Cameron...

No1 wakes up to find the entire lab destroyed. His head feels dizzy as he looks at his hands. What the...his fur is blue! No1 then snaps his fingers as an ice cube is formed in his hand. No1 realizes he has the ability to control the cold properties of the world. No1 escapes Volkrun's house to see Freddy and Cameron are missing, and Emilie and Cameron's brother dead. No1 later finds Freddy passes out on the side of the house, and together they limp themselves back to their house. 

Arriving, No1 realizes Volkrun has destroyed his house. No1's father is seen dead with an impalment wound. No1's mom comes and hugs the two while shes asks where Emilie is...

No1, Freddy, and Mother move to a small Village in Indiana, and he's lived there since.


Due to the experiments done on him by his former friend Volkrun, No1 has the power to conjure ice, and manipulate the effects of anything cold.


Icycle Conjuration - Can Conjure up, and throw icycles at the sound of speed. Sometimes powerful enough to rip through someone.

Statue Conjuration - Can conjure ice statues into any figure No1 wishes. No1 can also freeze objects into a statue, until he lets them free.

Flying - No1 is working on this skill. Using the cold air, he can use enough to blast himself into the sky.

Blizzard Conjuration - No1 can affect the weather with a cold temperature, and even create a dangerous blizzard.

Chaos Emerald Powers

Super Form - Using the 7 chaos emeralds, No1 can transform into a super version of himself. His fur is completely white in this form, and his eyes are yellow. He can create an ice age, and even twist up a freezy tornado up to -415 degrees.


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