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that it could stopped? What would you do? Cquote2.png

Nitrox the Power Hedgehog

Nitrox the Power Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Age 16
Relatives N/A (have to think up names ^^;)

Nitro (for short).

Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Species Power Hedgehog
Gender Male
Description A dark green hedgehog with many streamlined quills, that have a black stripe, along with some hair

at the front of his head. He has very light green eyes, along with a tanned muzzle.

Attire A set of white pants, along with a red jacket, blue undershirt, black gloves and dark green shoes.
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Hero
Affiliations N/A
Weaponry Energy Claws
Abilities Omnikinesis, super strength, super speed, enhanced durability, flight, short range teleportation, seduction & power transfer.
Super Forms N/A
Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A. N/A
Theme Song(s) N/A
Appearances N/A
Original Creator OmegaEdge ZX

Nitrox is a, albeit slightly crazy, power hedgehog (This division of Power Hedgehogs is owned by Flashfire212). He grew up separated from most other power hedgehogs, aside from one or two passing by. He as he grew, he trained in the arts of espionage and survival training, along with mixed martial arts and kick boxing, from various specialized schools in the city, which he traveled to daily.

He is a rather imposing figure, with a air of authority, and a rather loud voice, when needed. He also stutters slightly when angry, which isn't that much all together.

Physical Description

He is a slight bit taller than most hedgehogs, with a more muscular figure, along with a imposing figure. His eyes are a extremely light green, and almost mystical, with a light of humor in them.

His attire is a rather clean set of a red jacket, followed up with a blue undershirt and white pants, with black gloves and dark green shoes.


Nitrox is a rather unique soul, preferring to do things the hard way in most things, as he prefers a challenge. He is kind and caring to his fellow mobians, though holds a slight hostility towards hybrids, as some attempted to steal a few things of his over the few years. He has quite a penchant for sunglasses, although, he hasn't found a pair quite right for him yet.

He is rather serious person though, and a quick thinker. He can lose himself in thought however, which has lead to some unfortunate consequences, varying from someone being hurt, to the item that he need being sold out to his misfortune.


Early Life


Powers & Techniques

As with all power hedgehogs, he has the power of; omnikinesis, super strength, super speed, enhanced durability, flight, but he also has some secondary abilities, like short range teleportation, which he mainly uses for combat purposes, along with the passive ability, seduction, which is used against females, which can be used in and out of combat, to make them act differently than normal, and take a liking to him, much more quickly than normal, the effect duration can range from a very short amount of time to permanently and his last ability, which is also his family ability, is power transfer, which is self-explanatory, and can be used at any time. He omnikinetic techniques are in list, here:

Fire Techniques


Water Techniques


Earth Techniques


Air Techniques


Ice Techniques


Electricity Techniques


Light Techniques


Darkness Techniques


Nature Techniques


Poison Techniques


Psychic Techniques


Chaos Techniques


Elementless Techniques



Please ask on the talkpage if you want to be his friend/ rival/ enemy or anything like that, thank you! --Spriter - Sword - Studio 08:15, March 12, 2012 (UTC)


Close Friends

Regular Friends

Rivals/ Neutral




Sworn Enemies

People he just doesn't like for whatever reason



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