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Nitro Trident (ニトロトライデント, Nitorotoraidento) is a upgraded variant of one of Ion's Signature techniques, Nitro Bolt, which utilizes Nuclear Manipulation and Nuclear Flame Manipulation Instead of taking the form of a energy needle, it takes the form of a trident.


Just like it's weaker counterpart, Nitro Trident works like Chaos Lance but with the properties of Nitro Bolt, allowing it to pierce through anything and melt metal with ease, however, the size of the hole will be greater than its weaker counterpart due to it's slightly bigger size.

So far there is only one mean of firing being similar to Chaos Spear/Chaos Lance but can be charged longer for more throwing power, increasing it's throwing speed and inducing a harder impact upon hit, which can cause an explosion.


Along with Nitro Trident, their are modified/alternate variations which are listed below.

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Nitro Bolt

Main Article: Nitro Bolt

The base variation which this move is upgraded from. It is weaker, but faster and is Ion's go to technique for any battle.

Trident Rain

Main Article: Trident Rain

A Supercharged variant of Nitro Trident, Just like Nuclear Rain but replaces Nitro Bolts with Nitro Tridents, which is much more powerful.

Chaos Rain

Main Article: Chaos Rain

Credit to: MaxIrvaron

Chaos Rain is essentially an endless onslaught of Chaos Spears. It is generally used by Max Irvaron if he wants to overwhelm his opponent. It is a chaos variant of Nuclear Rain & Trident Rain