Nitro Bolt (ニトロボルト Nitoroboruto) is one of many variants of Chaos Spear utilizing Nuclear Manipulation and Nuclear Fire Manipulation. It is also one of Ion's signature moves.


Nitro Bolt works similarly to Chaos Spear, however has different properties that make this technique different from it's chaos variant. One of them being capable of piercing through objects or melting metal with relative ease due to its intense heat.

Just like Chaos Spear, Means of firing is numerous, with two most recognizable ways of firing it. One being from the users palms while the other is Identical to how Chaos Spear is fired. Nitro Bolt has been seen fired in other ways as well with one being fired from Ion's feet, and when Ion fired one by punching the air at one of Eggman's Super Egg Pawns. These are the applications of nitro bolt that have been seen but, again, can be fired in other ways.


Along with the original variation. There are many modified/alternate forms of Nitro Bolt with many examples listed below.

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Nitro Trident

Main Article: Nitro Trident

A larger, more powerful version of Nitro Bolt. One noticeable difference is the form it takes which is the form of a trident. It is slightly slower than it's weaker counterpart but trades for more power.

Nitro Chaos Spear

Main Article: Nitro Chaos Spear

A combined variation that fuses both Chaos Spear and Nitro Bolt. This technique is non-canon to the Astral Chaos Timeline. It is considered a "what if" technique.

Delta Nitro Bolt

Main Article: Delta Nitro Bolt

A supercharged version of Nitro Bolt, This variation is used only by Ion in his "Ignited/Full Burst" State. It's heat is much hotter, making it much more dangerous.

Nuclear Rain

Main Article: Nuclear Rain

A large Scale Barrage of Nitro Bolts that rain down on the users enemies. One of Ion's most powerful base form techniques. It is also extremely difficult to dodge as it is not only fast, but numerous, not to mention as hot as the sun.


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