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Fur: Silvery-lilac-blue

Skin: Soft pink

Eyes: Green
Maroon hoodie that ends right below her breast

blue pearl earrings

orange gloves

Burgundy dress with black designs

Dark blue boots with red markings
Ribbon (older sister, now married)

Mizu (younger sister, living with mother)

Sophie (Mother)
"Ready for some alchemy, hm~?"

"The beautiful mage has arrived!"

"Are you sure?"

"Um... Hi~!"

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The cutest hedgehog alchemist to ever appear~! Nimi is a young alchemist who while talented, still believes she has a long way to go. She runs a small shop on the empty street in Sation Square and while waiting for customers she makes items or practices.


Nimi is currently fifteen, having begun her training to become an alchemist at the age of seven, she was always surrounded by magic and wonderful things~! Due to this, she often had a small rivalry with her older sister, who was more into rough playing and brute strength, rather then magic and what-not.

Nimi is currently single, but she is not in a hurry to find someone to love her. Though she wouldn't mind exactly either...

Having chose the empty street on Station Square, Nimi will often go to the beach or park, or Mystic Ruins to gather resources.


  • Alchemy/item making
  • Magic
  • Hitting with her wand/staff, along with casting with it.
  • As she is a mage, she has all of the elements BUT only the basic spells. Usually just represented by elemental spheres.


As she is often in her magic study, Nimi will often practice her magic or alchemy in general. After so much time it improves and she wants to improve quickly. Right now she can use five item recipes~! When she's not involved with this she seems to enjoy checking out the library or going to explore the ice zone hidden inside the mystic ruins cave.


  • As she is strong mentally, she is weak physically.
  • She would be defenseless without her wand/staff.
  • Her item making CAN fail. So she often advises you don't ask her to use rare items.
  • Depending on the element she uses, there's always a element stronger then it.


Nimi is a creative girl who is very quiet. She isn't shy, just quiet. Smart and somewhat crafty. In a sense that she knows what to say in order to trick people or make time to escape from a dangerous situation. She isn't a chicken, but not much of a risk taker after a incident that happened a few years back when she had gone into a small coma as a result (See picture to the left.)

Nimi is openly manipulative, and is often called cute. Which makes her wonder if she should ever learn to use this against others. Considering she does-so with her crafty-ness.

She feels very weak in comparion to others. But on another hand, Nimi also believes because she can overcome this with her mental strength. It makes up for it on a long run.


  • Jewelry
  • Rain/Snow
  • Magic tricks
  • Shiny things in general
  • Favorite Foods: Croquette, Cola, fruit like strawberries and kiwi fruit.


  • People who insult magic
  • Physical violence
  • Alchemy fail
  • Hated foods: bitter things, fruits like Melon, tomatoes


Nimi's fur is a milky blue color. While her skin is a very light, pearly pink and this is her muzzle, ears, and front/chest and stomach. She has bright, near ivy colored eyes and a small ruby embedded into her skin below her eye. Her hair is near waist length and is neatly brushed with side quills reaching her chest. Her bangs are short and messy.

Nimi wears a sleeve-less berry colored dress with thin black designs and a ruffled lining. Over this, she wears a very short dark red hoodie, orange gloves, and blue boots with red segments and bottoms. She always wears a set of pearl earrings.

If Nimi was to compete in sports events or just play a sport. She wears a peach-pink tanktop and skirt over a hot pink T-shirt and shorts, along with shorter versions of her normal boots. She also lacks her earrings and gloves.


Nimi only uses one wand, something she calls a lollipop wand. Its a big/long thin blue metal staff with a big blue segment piece and a big pink crystal ball like piece. She has others, but this is her prefered one. Nimi also has small bags of objects/items she has found that she can use.


Nimi's older sister Ribbon was a bit jealous of Nimi and due to this the girls often were in a rivalry or got into rough fights. They do love each other, but Nimi often expressed her anger with Ribbon. Ribbon fought with a pair of pretty chakrams, and was a big flirt. As Ribbon was recently married the girls do not see each other as often as they used to, but having matured over the years they get along much better now.


  • "Isn't it... Magical?"
  • "Um... hi there...."
  • "It seems dangerous..."
  • "The beautiful mage has arrived~!"

Alchemy quotes

  • "Are you sure?"
  • "Alright then! wish me luck~"
  • (Success) "I did it, here's your new item then" Or "Great, I guess I really improved!"
  • (Failing) "Aw... I tried my hardest..." or "I hope thats another item you can get... I'll try better next time, I promise!"



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