Not to be confused with the fusion of Statyx the Hedgehog and Chaos, Nimbus.

Nimbus is an advanced element, created by combining the elements Wind and Electricity.


Nimbus focuses and is based on the sheer force and sound Wind can carry, and the "thunder" side of Electricity. As such, Nimbus techniques typically revolve around an impact that results in a powerful concussive blast to cause damage. However, Nimbus can also be used more discretely, such as releasing "booms" that can deafen, disorient, imbalance, or even knock out opponents, depending on the user's skill. Nimbus techniques are usually close-range in nature, but there are also a good few mid-range techniques as well. The Nimbus element is typically shown as a near-invisible swirling sphere (save for the visible distortion it causes) with static electricity swirling within and around it.

Strong Against (Offensive)

Strong Against (Defense)

Weak Against (Offensive)

Weak Against (Defensive)


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