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This character is only relevant to the Doriteverse continuity, created by Disgustedorite. Please do not use anything from this page for your own fanon without permission.

Nimble the Numbat is a mobian numbat who exists in the Doriteverse continuity. He is a chef and a restaurant owner who donates some of his profits to charities.


Despite his name, Nimble is large and fat. He has orange fur with a greyish brown fade on his rump and horizontal white stripes down his back. He has a fluffy white snout and cheeks and blue eyes, and his nose is long and pointed. He has a long greyish brown tail and tall rounded ears. He wears a chef's hat, a white apron, black boots, and no gloves except while directly handling food. He is often seen holding a spoon.


Nimble can be described as a happy man, always having good spirits and always working to improve morale for both his employees and his customers, even when it seems like the whole world is turning against the forces of good.

Nimble is good at hiding his stress, but like all people, he has a breaking point. When too stressed, he grows restless, loses focus on his work, and struggles to speak properly.


Although born into a family known for athletic prowess, Nimble took an interest in cooking at a young age. He allegedly grew fat as a result of constant taste testing.

In his late teens, after making what many of his friends and family considered the best fried ant mound they had ever tasted, Nimble decided to start his own restaurant in his parents' garage focused mainly on meals for insectivores--something which was rather uncommon at the time, with insect-based food typically having to be home-made.

His food grew popular, and he was eventually able to afford an actual building for his restaurant. With feedback from his customers, he also added an omnivore menu. Today, he is in his late 20's and continues to serve food to paying customers.


Nimble is able to use his long tongue to whip and grapple, but he rarely does this for sanitary reasons. When he does, though, it's typically to stop a fleeing thief, by either grabbing the stolen item right from the thief's hands or snatching the thief directly.


Nimble is an excellent cook, and he is good at directing others to assist him in food preparation.


Nimble is easily shaken by non-constructive insults to his cooking skills.