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Nilima Abhim is a military pilot cadet within the Acorn Kingdom; where she has been training towards piloting one of the big Clip-type Military Transports recently ordered by her homeland.


Nilima is roughly average height for a Mobian hedgecat, with rich dark blue fur that serves as her namesake. For the most part, she seems fairly unremarkable - a very soft jawline, small nose and ears, smooth cheeks and narrow lips; though her dark red eyes are prominent. Similarly; her figure is somewhat forgettable, though she keeps herself in good physical trim through the standardized workout routine set for the Acorn military.


On those few occasions that she gets time away from the academy; Nilima prefers to wear comfortable activewear, normally black tracksuits or a black sports bra & tracksuit pants. While in uniform, however, she wears a relatively standard flight suit.



A dedicated young student, Nilima has always had an interest and love in physics and a fascination with flying machines ever since she saw one of Eggman's flying machines as a child. While terrified of the mad doctor's antics, Nilima was unable to actually fear the plane itself; and focused on the path that would carry her towards the military aviation for the Acorn Kingdom as it expended. Indeed, she has a reputation for being gifted with mathematics and physics equations. Indeed, she has recently begun simulator training for the large transport aircraft recently acquired by the Acorn Kingdom, and has proven to be a steady hand when in control.

The other area of training that Nilima has been receiving from the academy is in self-defense. While she lacks an elemental affinity, the young hedgehog hybrid grew up playing sports like rugby with her family and friends, giving her already a strong knowledge of body positioning and tackling that the training has reinforced and joined with the standard military mixed martial art; as well as a few techniques derived from Sonic the Hedgehog himself.


The vehicle that Nilima is training to fly is the Hammerforge Industries Clip-type Military Transport; a vehicle many thought it unlikely to find among the Acorn Kingdom's fleets. Heavy-duty and designed to transport large groups of troops and materiel; the CEO of Hammerforge and Sally Acorn's feud is rather well known.

Aside for this, Nilima has found herself rather content as the pilot of the large aircraft; though she will likely serve as co-pilot or flight engineer upon graduating.







  • Nilima is the Sanskrit word for "dark blue".


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