Niks the Lynx

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests Zero the Cat (husband)
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Eurasian Lynx
  • Fur: Sapphire blue, w/ silvery markings at tip of tail, tips of ears
  • Hair: Off-blue
  • Eyes: Neon Purple
Casual Attire
  • Blue shirt with white lining
  • Blue gloves with white lining
  • Blue skirt
  • Blue shoes with white lining
  • White belt w/ navy blue sheath for her sword
Combat Armor
  • White-gold bodysuit, worn under armor
  • White metal armor, including helmet, chest & backplates, arm, leg and crotch protection
  • White metal gauntlets & greaves
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Nihlic Clan of Nihlus (Head Soldier)
WeaponryBarbaric Blade of Lightning (Spadroon-style sword)
  • Advanced combat - swords.
  • Talented with Electrokinesis
  • Skilled with Cryokinesis
  • Super Speed
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
AppearancesRoleplay:The Elemental Wars
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Niks the Lynx is the head soldier of the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus, and the wielder of one of the Barbaric Blades.

Physical Description

Niks is built like a standard Mobian farm-girl, so slightly muscled, average height, reasonable chest size, and decently fit. This, in turn, is added to by the musculature in her arms, which is well-toned and almost hardened from regular swords-training. She has short, sapphire-blue fur over her body, with a reasonably-short off-blue shoulder-length haircut. She also has piercing neon purple eyes, which often emphasize any hawk-like glares she produces.


Niks wears a sort of "farm-girl traditional" clothing, a set consisting of a blue shirt, gloves, skirt and boots, with all but the skirt lined in white. However, when going into battle, she wears a white-gold bodysuit, with a white-gold set of metal armor including helmet, breastplate, backplate, arm plates, gauntlets, leg plates, crotch plates, weapons belt and greaves. This armor was given to her by another member of the Nihlic Clan when she became a soldier, and has remained with her since.


Early Life

Niks was born in a Mobian farming colony in the Twilight Cage. This colony had regular trouble from the other Twilight Cage residents, but was relatively peaceful in their ways, farming a mixture of different grains, vegetables and fruits, including a massive array of Berries eaten by Pokemon. As the eldest child in her family, at the age of nine Niks volunteered to learn the art of the sword, to fend off Twilight Cage-mutated Pokemon from their crops when they became ripe. This was often easier said than done, due to the size and power of the many different Pokemon species all trying to steal their crop. As such, the young lynx joined in the defensive patrols around the tribe as a youngster, helping a rather large number of her friends and other, elder teenagers defend the crops from Pokemon attack. One of the elder teens, a cat by the name of Zero, quickly became one of Niks' closest friends and allies. He wasn't known for his skill in combat, but his skill as a healer, using almost every type of berry that they possessed, he could make healing potions and cures for almost anything, with his signature mix being nicknamed the "Vitality Potion". Niks actually found herself forming a crush on the boy, but said nothing about it over the three years that followed, where she aided the patrols with her spadroon-style sword. Then, she was given a mission to go out alone with Zero on a small job to collect a wild berry vital for one of his new recipes, as well as defeat the rather angry and mutated Ariados that protected the grove those berries grew in. The mission itself wasn't too unusual, Niks had been on similar runs before, but somehow, she felt something was wrong. However, still feeling that the job was slightly iffy, she left with Zero. The mission was a complete success, with the berries going into a compartment of his special Berry-box, and the Ariados left to rot by Niks' blade. However, when they returned, the town itself was gone. Not just destroyed, GONE. A small handful of large, treaded cylinders were visible on the horizon, heading away from their village. Infuriated, Niks started to go after the drills, but Zero stopped her, showing her a sign he had found nailed to a former fencepost - the land now belonged to the Anvil Corporation, a well-known Technomage weaponry firm from another universe, and a rival to Hammerforge Industries, who had a small presence on their planet, mining the rarer metals but not destroying farmland. Zero then grabbed Niks and pointed out that revenge wouldn't help the two of them to survive, but making their way to the star-port and getting transit to Mobius would. Slowly, she accepted the fact and allowed him to guide her towards the port.

Fleeing the Realm of Twilight, Entering the Mists

Getting out of the Twilight Cage proved difficult in itself. Even though there was a reasonably busy schedule of transports and portals to and from Mobius, not many produce-haulers had room or were willing to carry two teenagers to Mobius, and very few private shuttles came to the planetoid they lived on, Almooth. Niks suggested stealing a small produce-hauler, whereas Zero preferred the idea of buying passage with his vitality potion. Indeed, once he mixed up a strong vial of potion, a single cargo hauler pilot, hired to transport a supply of medicinal berries to an unidentified benefactor, agreed to let them aboard until they reached Mobius, where they could find themselves a new home. Zero thanked the man, and Niks was blank and uncaring as they boarded the small freighter. Within a week, they arrived in Mobius, and the sheer bustle of the people almost threatened to overwhelm the duo, as well as the fury within Niks when she saw a group of Anvil Corporation members walking around without armed guards, something that never happened back on Almooth. Zero managed to pacify her, only for the duo to get surrounded by soldiers from a strange group, the pilot of the freighter having pointed them out. Zero offered them his vitality potion, which the soldiers examined, before the duo suddenly blacked out as one soldier blasted both of them with a strange technique. When Niks awoke, she was surrounded by unusual people, some reminding her of the friends she had back at home. Instantly, she awoke and drew her sword, screaming curses and threats at the group. None of them were phased as another twelve-year-old girl, this one a Hedgehog simply drew a full-sized broadsword and held it in a two-handed grip, the broadsword appearing like a greatsword in the hands of the youngster. The two girls exchanged blows, with neither girl getting an advantage over the other, even though Niks' opponent was a lot more experienced at dueling than Niks herself. Suddenly, powerful hands got between the two girls, and a soldier from the clan forced the squabbling duo apart, before taking Niks to where Zero and the clan leader were discussing something. Niks quickly realized just what they were discussing - her. Zero explained that due to his lack of any elemental powers, the only thing he was good for to the clan was as a medic and healer, with his alchemical and biomedical experience, creating healing potions using different berry juices and other things he could acquire on Mobius, while Niks was receptive to at least two different elements, something he had measured from her drinking a specialized test potion he had made. When Niks demanded to know what was going on, the clan leader himself explained that Zero had requested to join the clan, suggesting himself as a future medic and her as a future soldier. With that, Niks finally accepted, and simply walked out, leaving Zero and the leader negotiating. She bumped into the girl she had dueled again, but this time announced her intention to become a soldier. The girl simply smiled and nodded, saying that she was essentially a soldier, and left it at that.

Sword Retrieval

After training for around six years and attaining the position of soldier, plus the friendship of Pianura, her regular swords training partner, Niks was bored. She rarely was assigned missions, and those that were barely posed a challenge for her newly discovered skill in both electrokinesis and cryokinesis, plus her extreme talent with her sword. This was discussed by her fiance, Zero, who had become a respected medic, and the clan leaders, which resulted in Niks receiving a solo mission to recover an ancient sword from an Anvil Corp. Developments base. This was more to her liking, and happily, Niks departed, armed with her sword and a variety of healing potions from Zero. Over time, the young woman ventured into the small suburb of Central City where the base was located, and quietly jumped the fence....only to be caught by security guards. Instead of following her initial instinct and killing all of the guards, Niks instead allowed them to manhandle her inside the base, where she simply froze the guards with a simple kiss on the cheek. Now inside the base, she could feel something calling to her, something with a single barbaric idea with the cold intensity of lightning, calling for both freedom and the destruction of it's prison guards. Intrigued by the sensation, Niks followed the call to find a blade near-identical to her own, barring the yellow lightning bolt on the end of the blade, connected to the hilt and the simple cloth hilt binding, sitting on the wall of a rather pristine office. Quickly, she dashed to the sword and tore it from it's glass-covered case, only for a monkey and a mouse to walk in. The monkey immediately demanded to know who Niks was, calling himself "the boss". Niks simply ignored him, instead feeling the sword urge their destruction with silent prods from it's single driving urge. She agreed with it, and as she did so, the blade formed a golden electrical aura around itself, with sparks crackling around the edge of the sword itself. The monkey turned and walked out, unperturbed, while the mouse grabbed a nearby watch-like device and pulled it on, activating a zero-gravity field around himself as he floated towards her, his own sword leaping from it's sheath as they clashed blades. Instantly, Niks found the sword to be perfect for her. It was the perfect style, size and weight for her fighting style, and even enhanced all electrical abilities channeled through it's length. With that, she quickly began to force the monkey back, even wound him numerous times with powerful strikes, forcing him to retreat and use his zero-gravity generator to hurl her out the window with a burst of low-gravity. Niks fell back hard, landing on her back, but her sword held her awake long enough to consume one of Zero's vitality potions, removing the pain and allowing her to make it home unharmed. The leader of the clan was impressed by her skill with the sword, revealing it to be known as the Barbaric Blade of Lightning, an ancient Mobian creation known for it's brutal power and corrupting will. The fact that the sword lent her power in her fight and allowed her to survive lead the clan leader to believe that it had "chosen" her, and that she was the new wielder of the Barbaric Blade. Amazed, she exited to find Pianura using the Blade of the Ancient Ones, a sword normally used by the leader of the clan, and the two had a brief duel, with the fight ending as a draw. About two years later, Niks and Zero married.

Head Soldier

Even in married life, Niks was disinterested in Zero's pleas for her to settle down more with him and start a family, arguing that there was a time for that and a time for fighting, and her time for fighting wasn't over yet, but also rebuffing her sword's attempts to have her kill Zero and find a "proper" mate. Instead, Niks trained, and lead missions of her own until after Pianura became leader, two years after her wedding. Pianura gave Niks an appropriate position within the clan, making her the head soldier. This suited her just fine, as Zero also got promoted to the Head Medic, allowing Niks to finally start to settle down with her lifetime's crush. About a year into Pianura's lead of the clan, she challenged the master swordswoman Disadorna the Crystalhog to a duel, and was one able to defeat her purely due to her shift into Nasaad Murci't, a fighting style that her opponent couldn't predict. After her victory, she offered to teach the style to her bemused opponent, who accepted and became another soldier within the clan.


Niks was trained for a few years in basic swords combat in the Twilight Cage, learning how to defend crops from attacks by the Cage-mutated Pokemon. This swords style quickly progressed to a much more aggressive and brutal style, using barely any defensive techniques at all, preferring to stick to pure offense. Due to this, she was a master of a rare swords style known as Nasaad Murci't, an ancient melee weapons form used by Echidna Beserkers which loosely translated as "no mercy", also seen used by two other talented swordsmen, Will the Echidna and Flare the Wolf. The form involved a trick which was described as switching on psychopathy, then switching it off again. Involved in the technique was giving up all other thoughts in a fight other than one - end. This often lead to the fighting style becoming unpredictable to even those capable of reading thoughts or body language, because the user wasn't in control of their body. Like Will, another user of the technique, Niks uses a ancient sword-based weapon, her Barbaric Blade of Lightning, which also enhances her electrical physical strikes when channeled through it's length, and often could influence her thoughts and body with constant brutal and bloodthirsty thoughts. Her super speed also adds to the power of both of her swords forms and other melee attacks, allowing her to close the distance extremely fast. Her elemental powers cannot be used alongside the Nasaad Murci't, and as such are normally seen when she either isn't out to defeat/destroy her opponent, or simply when the ancient combat form was impractical. Her control of both electrokinesis and cryokinesis are good, but nowhere near her swords skill. However, she can fight in both hand-to-hand and ranged combat with these, including one of her most-used disabling techniques, the Freezing Kiss Goodnight. Her weaknesses are both earth and fire, as she cannot counter these at range, but in close-range, an attack HAS to stop her from moving or knock her unconscious almost as soon as she closes the distance, because if she shifts into Nasaad Murci't, then the measures mentioned before are the only ways to stop her, due to the user not feeling pain, or any other emotion for that matter.

Electric Abilities

Ice Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Niks has a rather dark and bloodthirsty personality, who finds her greatest pleasure in either causing or receiving pain. This masochistic trait is rather drawn out due to her constant exposure to the Barbaric Blade of Lightning, which has also caused her to become a lot more cold-hearted towards how she treats her opponents. Very few people even in her own clan can claim to be her friends, and even then they can't be quite sure how she will react, even her husband. Niks has a great hatred for anything connected to Anvil Corp. and it's leaders, and goes out of her way to sabotage any projects of theirs, earning her anonymous actions a commendation from Anvil Corp.'s rival, Hammerforge Industries. However, the main thing Niks desires is a challenge, so if she has one, she is content.

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