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This is an article about Nikolaj DeSvaris, a character created by Nick K. Madness originally on 01/29/2013.

Nikolaj T. DeSvaris is an 18-year old light blue hedgehog coming from southeast Spagonia. He's a magician and a psychokinesis wielder. In Summer 2014, he went on a mission to save his and many others' lives. After his mission was completed, he decided to live an active life dedicated to entertaining and building things for others.


Nikolaj DeSvaris appears to be a hedgehog with a light blue/indigo color. He has 6 scars in different parts of his body gained from the floating debris of an exploded rocket at age 10.

He had, in his (later 2013) new design, cyan/aqua green shoes with black stripes at the sides. He still has white psychokinetic gloves, a left eye with a green eye-pupil and a right eye with a red eye-pupil.

In his 2014 redesign, anyway, Nikolaj wears brown/black pants and a pair of Soap Shoes. The new redesign features some sort of little quills showing out on his head, with two spiky front hair. Since June, the style has been changed again: Niko kept his eyes and shoes tight, wearing a brand new purple-ish jacket with dark blue shorts. His quills, tho, were messed up more.

(Mid-2014) However, Léon's defeat meant Niko losing his right eye. Tails helped him by building a robotic eye for him, which changes whenever he transforms.

(Late 2014 & New 2015) Since 2015, he started wearing a magenta jacket, with a lavender shirt, blue pants with red and yellow lateral stripes and orange shoes. His quills became four by each side of the head.

Nikolaj V0'3

Nikolaj's new 2014 redesign, featuring some new and old stuff.


Loyal, chilled, troublemaker and peaceful are the words that shortly describe Niko. He's happy most of the time, but not always. In fact, even if he's a peaceful troublemaker, Niko knows whenever he has to be serious, whenever he has to take action or when he has to be his normal self.



Born in southeast Spagonia on July 28th, Nikolaj DeSvaris grew up in a family formed by Tony DeSvaris, the hard working father, JoJo DeSvaris, an adorable woman who loves to cook a lot, Claudia DeSvaris, aspiring singer, and Minos DeSvaris, the classic life-ruining older brother. At age 5, Niko flew to Station Square with the family for work. Here, the boy went to school and lived normally till one hot summer day.   2 years later, Niko tried to learn a little bit about magic tricks and everything about them. His first tricks never came out that great, but with time, he improved a lot.  

Rocket Explosion

At age 10, Niko wanted to run alone that day. He was at the park, trying to enjoy a little run as much as he could before going back home for dinner. However, he didn't know that he would never be back home. Niko stumbled in a bush, seeing two mysterious men messing around with some sort of rocket. Luckily, the two were too busy with the rocket to hear him. But it takes just the cracking sound of a stick to let the two realize they were being spied on. Niko tried to run away, but the two got him right on time, not giving him any chance to escape.   They tied him to the rocket, deciding to let him blow up with it. They lit it and let it fly in space with Niko on it. Once he reached space, Niko tried to escape from the ropes that were holding him, but nothing was useful. He used his magic to try and form a knife that would cut the rope and let him free. Just when the rocket was about 6 seconds away from exploding, Niko finally freed himself. However, once the rocket exploded, debris floated around and hit him.  

One of them, which had 3 sharp tips, cut him on the right side of his belly, causing three deep cuts to appear. Another hit him on the right eye vertically. After about 35 minutes of agony, Niko closed his left eye after crying and thinking that he would never see his family again. Someone, anyway, was about to give him a chance.  

Death and Resurrection

When he died, his soul was in some sort of limbo which resembled the inside of a volcano. After "walking" around this limbo, Niko had his name called by a warm and soft, yet creepy, voice. He followed the direction of the voice, till he arrived in front of a black and unknown figure. The figure asked him what happened and the kid explains, and after doing so, a smile appeared on the figure's apparent face.  The mysterious guy comforted Niko's soul and told him that he could help revive him. Niko was curious and interested about this and let the figure explain. The latter individual told Niko that he could revive him, but Niko had to do something for him first: he must give him partial possession of him. 

Niko at first refused because he still didn't know what to do. The individual reminded him that if he didn't accept, he wouldn't see his family ever again. Niko realized what the guy said was true and, after thinking a little bit more, finally accepted the deal. The individual entered inside Niko's body through the scars and scarred eye he earned 

Meanwhile, Niko's body, after lifelessly floating throughout space, finally approached the atmosphere of a nearby planet, landing in one of the many locations of it. Luckily, the body landed in a city park and was found by one of the inhabitants. It was rushed to the hospital, and after an attempt spent to revive him, thanks to the mysterious individual's deal, Niko came back to life, finding himself surrounded by creatures who were different from the Mobian race. Even if he was scared to be surrounded by different beings, Niko tried to keep calm. The medics brought him to a room, where he stayed for about a week. 

New Adventure

After recovering from his coma and staying at the hospital, Nikolaj was released. However, his freedom was not the same as the full meaning of the word. He was always watched, for the inhabitants feared he would suddenly attack and destroy the place. Niko ran off to a nearby forest to hide. Days later, during one of his patrols of the forest, he was disturbed by two yells which called for help. He headed off to the place where the yells came from, finding a married couple being kidnapped by two thieves. Niko came in as fast as he could and started to confuse the two thieves, running at maximum speed around them. Then he made a rope appear in his hands with a snap of his fingers and tied the two together, putting them on a nearby tree where they would stay till the authorities arrived.

The married couple watched Niko, surprised and impressed by how easily he took the two down. Niko went closer to the couple asking them if they were alright. They asked him how he did all that, and Niko replied by saying it was magic. Later, after a little talk, the married couple decided it was time to go back home, but they asked Niko if he would like to come with them. He accepted and followed them.

That was the first of many more adventures that would've awaited the little hedgehog to go back to Mobius. But how would he have traveled back to Mobius? With his bare hands? Of course not. After saving the planet from many threats, criminals and such, Niko was awarded with a space ship built by the community to help him go back home. Niko sailed, ready for the next chapter of his life.

Home Sweet Home

As of 2012, Nikolaj finally approached Mobius, landing on it and coming back to his normal life of guarding and running. Nikolaj actually arrived on 19th July 2012 to Little Planet, precisely at 3 AM, landing in a forest with a violent impact. Nikolaj wasn't in anyway injured or wounded, he was just happy to be back to the planet he guarded since 18 years ago. He gets up, starts to run and arrives to the Altar of the Master Time Stone, the jewel of Little Planet. Even if the impact was violent and noisy, no one noticed it, nor noticed Nikolaj. He stayed in the unknown for almost a year, till the 22nd May 2013, day where his life will change in every way.

  • Age 17: New life, more fun, more running!

As 2012 passes, Nikolaj finds himself still guarding in 2013. But the year he'll go thru will be very different. In fact, Nikolaj has come out of the limits he had and finally could have a chance to meet once again Sonic and everyone else, knowing everybody else, too. Nikolaj will even envelop a crush for the Female Ultimate Life Form (Shade The Hedgehog) and form a team that, thanks to his loyal best friend, was later renamed as Team Light. In December, Nikolaj gets badly cutted to the left side of his belly, getting 3 scars that are the equal as the right ones. In January 2014 Nikolaj and Shade become a couple and finally realize their dream: getting married and having a family for them. However,  in March 2014, Nikolaj and Shade retire from guarding the Master Time Stone, after a long time; they would like to spend their time on something better and mainly because they must prepare for their child or children, since Shade is now pregnant.

  • Age 17-18: A past to avenge.

It's in the late March that Nikolaj realizes that the new and mysterious friend named Léon is actually the demon who once used to be in his body. Nikolaj then decides to track down the lion and finally put an end to the reign of evil the demon has created. It's because of this, anyway, that his psychological condition decrease to insanity and obsession: the perfect way to allow Léon the free and multiple possession of Nikolaj. These obsessions will long last till the day Nikolaj will ever defeat Léon once and for all. In the meanwhile, the hedgehog had the opportunity to meet a new friend: Gwen, an ancient spirit which once had been an Egyptian Fennec Fox, that even shared the same experience as Nikolaj's; she was once possessed by Léon and killed by him, as well. She doesn't remember about these facts, tho, and whenever she tries to, all she remembers is just a white fog around her. Nikolaj is absolutely forced to bring his best to take down Léon and destroy the curse that has killed many victims of the demon.

  • Age 18: Freedom.

After having defeated Léon, and having lost his right eye, he gains a new robotic eye, built by Tails for him. For a bit, Niko decided to keep himself off the spotlight, to focus on working for his family. Months later, he's busy with three jobs: the first being an entertainer, who brings out all of the magic out of his hat, the second job is the gadget maker, because of his undying passion for building little useful things and the third as a member of a new team of heroes. He eventually built a new gem that he'll use to turn Hyper, once again.


Nikolaj is actually known for being a run/psychokinesis type. His powers are made mainly by Psychokinetic attacks.

Psychic Control: It's just a beam of psychic energy that Nikolaj throws to the enemy. Depending on Nikolaj's strength at the moment, the attack can be weak, a bit strong or heavy.

Psychic Slam: Nikolaj grabs the opponent and starts to spin with the opponent held in the beam. As Nikolaj finishes to spin he throws the opponent to a wall or a rock, depends, and throws a Light Blue psychic beam with a big strength.

Psychic Struggle/Raging Light Blue: Nikolaj gets surrounded by a Light Blue energy. As the energy surrounds his body, it suddenly blows up, unleashing a big power. Nikolaj suddenly grabs with Psychokinesis his opponent, throwing psychic punches and kicks at him. As he makes the opponent fly on the sky, he follows him, arriving to him and giving a last psychic punch to the opponent, making it fall on the floor where Nikolaj appears.

Psychic Tornado: Nikolaj spins on the place, starting to attract Light Blue energy beams around him. After he charged he finishes to spin and throws the tornado at the opponent. The tornado makes the opponent spin in the tornado, that will throw him/her in the skies and back down on the floor. It just erases a bit of strength from the opponent, only the 15%.

Great Duty: This power is only used by Nikolaj when guarding or whenever he's surrounded by many opponents. This attack consists in a hypersonic speeded multiple action. He focuses his powers inside of him and then starts to jump and homing attack or kick every single opponent against him in hypersonic speed. Nikolaj finishes the attack landing on the ground and snapping his fingers, making explode everything he has hit in the process. (Only if the opponent is a robot or an android. In case it's a living being, the snap of the fingers will just throw him/her away.)

Ka-blooie!: Nikolaj forms 2 Psychic beams and puts them near the opponent, who is later trapped by the two beams, which of course block the opponent and later explode, letting the opponent a bit unconscious.

Special Abilities

Nikolaj's special abilities are made by magic tricks. Nikolaj, in fact, is a magician too. He can use such magic tricks for warping, transforming into anything. With the powers given by Léon, the demon inside his right eye, Niko earned the ability to create clones: he created 2 clones, who are still alive. Their names are Glade (formerly Nikolai) and Phoenix (formerly Nikolaus). As of December 2013, Nikolaj actually improved his Psychic abilities and even learned that he can fly, thanks to the scars that can now turn into wings. These wings have different colors and width (in Hyper form):

  • In Nikolaj's normal form, the wings and scars are more light blue than Nikolaj's fur color, having a middle width.
  • Super Nikolaj's wings just have a yellow color, but can actually give Super Nikolaj an extra boost gauge.
  • Hyper Nikolaj's wings have a more extended width and power as they change rapidly color. They can give an extra boost gauge too.
  • Dark Nikolaj, the transformation triggered by Léon's mind control over Nikolaj, has black wings, which have the same abilities as the Super wings.


Obviously, in Nikolaj's skills we can find the ability to run as fast as Sonic can (thru sometimes he can't completely keep up), can easily boost and we can even find a skill of his own named "Spin dig". The Spin Dig is a skill Nikolaj earned when he was 9. It's nothing other than digging with a Spin Dash and destroying every enemy from the inside of the ground. It actually works alike this:

  1. Nikolaj starts to charge a normal Spin Dash, speeding more and more.
  2. After some seconds of charging, Nikolaj will jump in the air, unleashing a big power for the Spin Dash.
  3. Once he is in mid-air, he charges and speeds with a Spin Dash back to the floor.
  4. Once he landed, his Spin Dash starts to break thru the floor, digging more and more.
  5. As Nikolaj is finally inside the ground, he can choose to keep digging inside and move to every direction he wants to head in or can get out of the ground, cancelling the attack.
  6. If Nikolaj will choose to keep digging and heading into other directions, he can shoot homing beams that can hit every robot or bad guy around.
  7. Once Nikolaj decides to get out of the ground, he lands with a violent explosion, giving a last taste of this attack, finishing the robots or bad guys.

In Nikolaj's skills we can even find the good skills of building gadgets. In fact, at age 10, when he was in that different planet, he could be able to build a jewel that looked perfectly like a Chaos Emerald, that he will later name as "Magic Emerald" as it contains every magical ability he knew about. He even built a watch that looks like the Magic Gloves but with a different usage, named Transformation Watch, which allows him to take any other individual's form. Every transformation will, in anyway, still have something different from each other. Something less or something more.


(Quick Note: Every transformation in Italic is a rarely used transformation. Every striked descriptions are unused transformations that won't appear anymore.) Nikolaj has 12 transformations. Each of them is related to super strenght, possession or a certain element. These are:

  1. Super Nikolaj: the normal Super form seen many times. This is characterized by the transformations of the cranial quills and the raising up back quills. Some spikes around Nikolaj's quills kinda show up and raise as well, some instead don't. His gloves' psychic areas turn yellow like Silver's did in Sonic '06 and his eyes turn into red irises, except for the right one, which turns into a darker red tone. If Nikolaj's wings appear, these turn out to be yellow, but still keeping the normal form's size.
  2. Hyper Nikolaj: Nikolaj's upgraded form, it features a faster rate of speed, quills raising like in Sonic's super form and even a third quill appearing on each side of the head, right next to the central quill. The quills on the back raise up again, as well. The eyes are featuring a new color, which applies on both irises; the color is the sky blue, which happens rarely to switch into other colors. The shoes, instead, feature another ring added to each of them, to give Nikolaj a big charge of power, before they get off and let Nikolaj release all the power he charged. If Nikolaj's wings appear, in this transformation, they appear bigger than the Super form's and even faster.
  3. Dark/Dark Super Nikolaj: Nikolaj's negative form, which shares the same appearance as Super Nikolaj's, changing only on the fur color, which is black now, the skin color, now of a zombie-ish tone of cyan/green, the scars' color, which now turn into a crimson tone of red, and the lack of irises. It appears only when Léon has fully taken control on Nikolaj. The wings, in this form, turn black, with little spots of blood showing up here and there. In the “Redemption of Nikolaj” SL, tho,not is proven that Nikolaj can still have the strength to take down Léon's control, but not to turn back into Super Nikolaj, which must wait at least 8 minutes to return after Nikolaj has regained control over himself. Note: After the battle with Léon, the transformation can only be triggered by true anger, but it won't make Nikolaj evil whatsoever, since he has control over his mind, this time. Nikolaj will be Neutral towards anybody and won't stop himself from defeating his enemy.
  4. Chaos Nikolaj: Either Shadow or Shade can lend a bit of their power to Nikolaj to turn into this state. The transformation just gives the permanent usage of Nikolaj's wings thru the whole lasting of this transformation (which is of about 14 minutes). They start up with a different color for each. The left is colored of light blue, the right one is color of red. If Nikolaj is able to defeat a variable amount of enemies, the right wing can become light blue as well, which makes Nikolaj able to use Chaos Control to let him warp off the place at high speed. If Nikolaj instead gets beaten up by a huge amount of enemies, the left wing will turn red, enraging Nikolaj, of which irises are now gone, giving Nikolaj the needed strength to use Chaos Blast and eliminate all of the enemies. A disadvantage is that Nikolaj, once enraged, can't control his strength, this causing the probability of Nikolaj being able to destroy the whole place.

​Each of the above transformations, from Psychokinetic to Darkness, can be applied to all the transformations Nikolaj has, either Super, Hyper or Dark Super. They can even be used together in two or three, including the use of the Psychokinetic form in the latter, to unlock the Double-force Nikolaj or the Triple-force Nikolaj. In 30 years, tho, all of them can be used together to unlock the Elemental Nikolaj form, which is yet to be seen what it'll look like.


Even tho Nikolaj can seem strong enough, he still possesses weaknesses. They are:

  1. The Magic Emerald issue: If Niko is in his Super form, he tends to suddenly turn back to normal because of the 17% weakness that the Emerald has. This is shortly temporary, tho.
  2. Not fast enough: He's not constantly fast, as he tends to slow down, after a bit.


  • His favorite transformation is the Hyper transformation.
  • Even tho Léon left Nikolaj's body after 2 years, the right eye's pupil didn't change back to green, remaining completely red.
  • When Nikolaj turns into his Super form, the right eye has a darker tone of red. This doesn't anyway affect the Hyper form, strangely, since it possesses aqua blue eyes.
  • However, after gaining the robotic eye, the latter turns green, once he turns Super, and cyan, once he turns Hyper. It's unknown what happens to it, if Niko turns Dark.
  • He was supposed to be an Echidna, but the idea was later scrapped. The concept, however, was used again to make the "Echidna Nikolaj" a character on his own, which would later be known as Nicholas Navarro.
  • He sometimes seems to not remember most of the things.


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