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Nikolai the Hedgehog is a Triath; one of the leaders, of the Order of Storms, a chivalrous order dedicated to the elemental force of Electricity.

Nikolai the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Indigo, fading towards silver in places with pale skin
  • Hair: Gray
  • Eyes: Two different shades of blue
  • Golden metal headpiece
  • Golden metal chest armor & shoulder plates
  • Pale yellow fabric arm covers
  • Black reinforced trousers with pale yellow detailing
  • Golden metal grieves
  • Black and gold cape
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Experienced in the codes and vows of chivalry
  • Highly experienced with swords,
  • Showed use of staffs and daggers in his youth
  • Extremely powerful electrokinetic
  • Some experience in utilizing magnetism
  • Potent strength in pyrokinesis & dragon techniques
  • Experienced in hand-to-hand combat
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


An elder member of a knightly order, Nikolai bears what is often dubbed as the scars of office, a variety of old set broken bones and stitched-closed cuts, barely hidden by his indigo fur as it fades into gray. His hair, long ago a rich black color, has already faded to gray that he simply holds in place with the metal circlet he is entitled to wear in his role as a Triath. However, one of the factors of note is his heterochromatic eyes. While both eyes are clearly blue, his left eye is pale and closer to the color of the sky, while the right is the color of the ocean.


As the majority of his appearances are in his role as Triath in the Order of Storms, Nikolai wears the armor and uniform that has been part of his life since ascending to that title thirty years prior. The basic uniform is a simple black tunic and trousers, each detailed with pale yellow thread to create fine highlights in the fabric. This is then joined by golden metal armor over the torso, shoulders and from knees to feet, with similar finery and detailing performed in metallic paints to suggest lightening patterns. A set of pale yellow semi-translucent arm covers and a long black and gold cape round out his appearance as an experienced knight.



Ever since his youth, Nikolai has had a sword in his hand, and even at his current age, this has not changed. In particular, the weapon he has been most famed for wielding is a Rageblade, an organic-reminiscent longsword that seems to get sharper and increase the wielder's strength the more attacks it deflects and counters. Due to this weapon, he has shunned the use of a shield in conjunction, instead preferring to wield the long weapon in both hands to maximize it's quirks.

When he was younger, Nikolai showed that swords were not the only weapons he was capable of using, with throwing daggers and potent magical staves being regular tools in his arsenal. These were often shown joined with his incredible skill with electricity, the element that his knightly order was sworn to uphold and protect. Indeed, even in his wizened age, his strength in electricity is not something to trifle with. Considering that he backs it up with experience in the advanced element of Magnetism, it is only fair to state that.

At some point in his years, Nikolai learned how to utilize pyrokinesis alongside his electrokinesis, granting him control over Fire in addition to his impressive command of electricity. Similarly, he once trained underneath a powerful and wild Storm Dragon, which has resulted in a number of occasions over the years where he has unleashed impressive bursts of Draconic energy.

However, despite all this, Nikolai is not in the prime of his life any more, and even had failings when he was. Until he gained some semblance of control over magnetism, he had no means to combat Earth-wielders, the natural opponents to Electricity who would also ignore fire and likely defend against his blade. At his age, other swordsmen also pose a threat to his safety, since his reaction speed and strength in the early moments of a fight aren't as high as they used to be, requiring time for his Rageblade to build up power through combat. Similarly, his elemental powers are not quite as potent and take more energy to employ than they used to, and in the low chance that he is disarmed, his hand-to-hand skill is hardly worth praising.

Electric Abilities

Magnetic Abilities

Fire Abilities

Draconic Abilities

Elementless Abilities







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