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Nikolai the Hamster is a hamster who is very staggery and had at least 4 wives, and murdered them brutally. He is based off of Nikolai Belinski from Call of Duty: World At War and Call of Duty: Black Ops.


Nikolai is a light brown furred Syrian hamster in his mid thirties, with cream colored markings around his muzzle and stomach. He has narrow blue eyes (which are often bloodshot due to his excessive drinking) and a pink nose. Nikolai's ears are medium sized and round, and he has a very short tail. His hair is chocolate brown and cut rather short. Nikolai is rather skinny for a hamster, and is of average height. Because he is nearing middle age, Nikolai is beginning to get gray hairs and wrinkles.


His outfit consists of a green army uniform, dark grey fingerless gloves, and black combat boots.


Early life

Nikolai was born to a Serbian father and Russian mother in a small Russian village. His father was a drunkard, just as he would become, and was always coming home late. Nikolai's mother, after a while, could no longer tolerate her husband's behavior, and divorced him, taking Nikolai with her. However, the teenaged Nikolai had started picking up on some of his father's behavior, and began drinking himself. Of course, he kept this a secret to his mother.


When he was 18 years old, Nikolai joined the army. Nikolai was once part of a rebel force when he was in his late twenties and early thirties. He was politically married five times, but killed 4 of his wives and beheaded the fifth. When a war broke out, he was left in the front lines, unknown to have wallowed in self pity... and vodka, for some reason. His fifth wife "somehow" died while he cleaning his ax with her neck.


Nikolai is a constantly angry and constantly intoxicated hamster. It is quite rare to see him in a genuinely good mood. He takes a liking to odd sodas (Speed Cola being one of them). Niko likes to reference his army whenever he catches a few kills. He has a lust for blood, and is a killing machine, showing no remorse for anyone who dies at his paws. Niko's constant drunkenness causes him to be irrational and act very stupid at times. He also enjoys telling terrible puns. Nikolai frequently asks for ammunition when he runs out, much to the annoyance of others. The only person Nikolai actually cares about is his girlfriend, Audrey the Mink. Unlike his relationship with his deceased wives, Nikolai loves his girlfriend and is willing to stop killing others irrationally and to stop drinking so much, just for her sake.


With years of military experience, Nikolai is an expert combatant. While he mainly does well with guns, he is also skilled in hand-to-hand. However, he has no experience with swords. Nikolai's weapons of choice are assault rifles. He is also fond of Molotov cocktails, as well.


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He is vunerable towards kinetic and magic based attacks. Nikolai is also lacking in defense, so he can be attacked easily.


Love Interests

Deceased Wives

Audrey the Mink







"I will swim in your guts, ****pigs!"

"Oh, great. It's another dog show!"

"I feel like dirty capitalist."

"Hello? Can someone open door to cool gadgets?"

"Someone is not sharing their ammo."


"сука блять! Who took last beer?!"


  • He often forgets to use articles such as the in sentences.
  • Nikolai has named five of his weapons after his deceased wives.
  • He hates the song "Rasputin" by Boney M.
  • While he is primarily inspired by Nikolai Belinksi, he is also partially based off of Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV.


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