Niklas the Osprey
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Niklas the Osprey is a member of the Egg Ruin Renegades, and serves as the group's scout.

Physical Description

An osprey of average build who stands a bit shorter than three feet tall, Niklas has a somewhat short, sharply curved beak, and a medium-length, somewhat pointed tail.

His feathers are primarily ash gray in color, with the feathers on his back, his wings and the markings on his face being taupe in color; he also has a chestnut stripe on his chest. His hair, which is rather long and wild, is slate gray in color, with black tips, and his eyes are gold in color. His beak is also charcoal in color.



Base Stats
SpeedGreat - on land
Superior - flying
ReflexesGreat - on land
Other Stats

Similar to Kahina the Scorpion, Niklas relies more on speed and agility rather than raw power. While he can pack a fairly good punch if he puts enough velocity behind it, he's not terribly strong in terms of physical strength. He is a much better ranged combatant, mostly due to the fact that he wields a crossbow. While he is quite fast on his feet, he is even faster in the air, able to reach speeds of 80 mph while in flight.

Niklas is also a fairly strong Aerokinetic, and predominantly used ranged Wind attacks, such as Air Slash and Razor Wind. He can also use considerably stronger moves such as Hurricane and Aeroblast, but they tend to drain a lot of his stamina.

Being the scout of the Egg Ruin Renegades, he is quite adept in the art of stealth as well. Even if he happens to be seen by enemies, he can more often than not just fly away unscathed. Just to be safe, however, he carries smoke grenades that Rudolf crafted.

Genetic Ability: Keen Eye

His Genetic Ability prevents his vision and overall accuracy from being inhibited by things such as bright lights and fog; this is massively helpful considering that he attacks from range. He can also see well in the dark.


Niklas is resistant to the Elements of Wind and Nature. He is also quite agile, able to dodge slow-moving opponents and attacks with ease; he can also nullify weak Poison-aligned techniques with his Aerokinesis.


Niklas is weak to the Elements of Ice, Electricity and Earth. His defenses are subpar, forcing him to rely on his agility to survive. Being physically restrained completely nullifies his Aerokinesis, as well.

Friends and Foes






An upbeat and predominantly optimistic fellow, Niklas never seems to have a bad day, or at least, he never finds a reason to have one. He's often referred to as "Cheery Chirps" by the other Egg Ruin Renegades.

Niklas seems incapable of assuming the worst of anyone, and is somewhat naive and gullible. Unsurprisingly, this tends to get on the nerves of his peers.

He seems to be best friends with Rudolf the Gecko, but is rather afraid of the gecko's (somewhat rarely seen) temper.



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