These are all of the playable characters in Nikki the Hedgehog (Game). More will be added soon

Nikki "Nikkell" the Hedgehog

Class: Magic
Description: Nikki is the main character of the story. She's going on an adventure like no other to hunt down the sacred gem, Oxonite, and protect Soleanna from an attack, and possibly find her father. She teams up with friends, old and new, to stop this new threat and save the people of Soleanna.

In combat mode, Nikki has the second best magic stats in the game, and has decent speed to hit a lot of enemies first. Occasionally, she can hit twice in one turn, but the second hit does less damage than the first. Her close combat stats are actually one of the lowest in the game, which is why she learn more magic attacks than physical attacks. She also learns no healing attacks.


  • Has good speed
  • Second best magic stats
  • Can hit twice in one turn


  • Low defenses
  • Low close combat skill
  • Learns no healing attacks

Starlight The Hedgehog

Class: Healer
Description: Starlight is Nikki's best friend, as is one of the starting party characters you receive after starting the game. Nervous as first, Starlight agrees to accompany Nikki on her journey, offering to be a healer. She also has a good sense of direction, usually guiding the team.

In combat mode, Starlight is a good healer and magic user. However, her speed is not very good, so she usually goes last and only hits once per round. She's able to heal her teammates easily, and can also mess with the enemy's stats so that they are easier to fight.


  • Has good defenses
  • Can heal teammates
  • Learns a good amount of magic moves


  • Very slow
  • Only hits once per turn
  • No close combat attacks

Neo Tranquil the Fox

Class: Close Combat
Description: A stealthy fighter who enjoys stealing for fun, Neo is someone interested in history and legends, tales of heroes and the like are things that he enjoys. Being able to accompany Nikki on a quest to hunt down a legendary artifact, that would be just the perfect thing for him.

In combat mode, Neo is a quick and stealthy thief. Able to deal good amounts of damage up close and personal. Not exactly wearing the strongest of armor though, he would not be able to withstand many melee attacks. He'd be able to steal items from enemies while in combat. He'd have a fairly good speed stat, a good power stat, but would have a low defense and health stat.


  • Able to steal items
  • Is exceptionally quick
  • Can do decent damage


  • Low Health
  • Weak Defense
  • Learns little to no magic attacks

Christina "Christie" the HedgeCat

Description: Christina is a sweet and innocent hedgecat who's into fashion and designing clothes, but she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Christina would join Nikki on the quest not only to find the answers to the questions of her childhood and the mysterious gem, but so that they could grow closer as friends.

In combat mode, Christina can manipulate not one but two items:Crystals and Nature. Both of these elements are pretty much equal in power, as she is the third most powerful magic user in the game. They both deal a lot of damage. She also is pretty good in close combat, as she can use her gymnastics skills and her experience on Street Fighting for physical attacks. She currently has no healing abilities. While her attack and speed stats are overall good, her defense is very poor.


  • Good Speed
  • Strong magic attacks
  • Learns decent close combat moves
  • Has a strong sense of where jewels are


  • Poor defense
  • Draws a little too much attention (most likely to be attacked by enemies)
  • Learns no healing moves

Blitz the Wolf

Class: Close Combat
Description: Blitz the Noisemaker, real name Emile Eastbrook, is a courageous, heroic, and powerful bounty hunter who is there for his allies no matter what. While he's nice as can be, he's quick to strike if his friends and loved ones are threatened. He has caught wind of a potential disaster arising once more, this time in Soleanna, and so has traveled there to hopefully put an end to it before it spirals into chaos.

In combat mode, Blitz comes equipped with his signature Bloody Rebel, which has a balance of speed and attack power. It can morph into either an axe for slow, crushing blows, or a scythe for wide, weak slashes. He also comes equipped with a powerful shotgun - the Stryker - for limited ranged combat.


  • Has balanced stats and can serve as a "jack of all stats" character
  • Fairly agile and nimble in battle
  • Nice and easy to get to know
  • Can serve as a backup leader if circumstances permit


  • Vulnerable with axe equipped due to slowness
  • Low damage with scythe equipped
  • Somewhat lacking in defense
  • Small amount of healing powers

Bobo M. The monkey

Class: Close Combat
Description: Bobo is a funkadelic rapping monkey that sometimes goes bad boy for the rules. He still has a heart of gold to go nice when it comes to friends & family. He comes along with Nikki and the others because he thinks they can use a quick speed fighter for the group.he doesn't plan though,he just does it.

In combat mode, his speed, agility, and strength makes him a good fighter. He uses his tail if him or his teammates need it as an appliance. When fighting, he can get hard core ,hot headed, or what he calls "intensity" when loosing to an enemy. But with the others, that wouldn't hold him down. The only thing that brings him down the most is if his tail is injured.


  • Speedy fighter
  • Physically Strong
  • Positive teammate
  • Can easily dodge enemy attacks


  • Slow defense
  • Easily hurt
  • Learns no magic moves
  • Sometimes takes recoil damage

Krys the Alicorn

Class: Healer
Description: A second-year student of the MaryAllan Magic Branch of Gaudia University, Krys is an alicorn, or a winged unicorn, with high levels of magic. However, most of her magic is used for healing purposes, like status conditions, or revivals, leading to her dream of opening up a hospital for severe problems. She wishes to join Nikki's quest to find Oxonite and her childhood mysteries' answers.

In Combat Mode, Krys can use her magic to not only heal herself, but for combat purposes. She can shoot magic beams that could either cause damage, or cause some sort of condition, such as poisoning or a burn. Her defense is great, but her speed and attack stats are low.


  • Learns lots of magic moves
  • Can fully heal a member of the party
  • Takes only 1HP damage from enemies when defending
  • Able to fly


  • Low attack stats
  • No close combat attacks
  • Slow
  • Some healing moves require charging up

Ion the Hedgehog

Class: Magic

Description: Mike Alexander King or Ion is a atomic energy user and hand to hand specialist. Ion is in search of his friends who where kidnapped by a Mysterious Foe, and joins Nikki and her friends on their journey. Ion uses his atomic energy at his will for long range attacks as well uses hands and feet to attack physically, although these attacks are not as strong as his magic ones.

In combat mode, Ion uses his atomic energy at his will for long range attacks as well uses hands and feet to attack physically, although these attacks are not as strong as his magic ones. However, he is very vulnerable when attacking.


  • Very fast attacker
  • Wide set of Magic moves based off of atomic energy
  • Very calm and determined in battle


  • Low Health
  • Weak against dark magic
  • Vulnerable when Heavy weapon is equipped

Kala the Genie

Class: Healer
Description: Happy and easy-going, Kala is a genie who gained freedom through a wish made by Neo Tranquil. With a love of dancing and a vast knowledge of things ancient and legendary, she'd be happy to lend Nikki a helping hand, since her former master is also accompanying her as well.

In combat mode, Kala is a healer through and through. She uses her dances and her magic to heal others around her. She even has the ability to "Speed it up" allowing her to heal twice and move even faster than before. That being said she has very low defense and is very weak to poison attacks.


  • Has a very high speed stat
  • Can buff party members by applying benefical status effects on them.
  • Can "speed it up" to let her move faster and heal twice.


  • Cannot attack at all
  • Low defense
  • Weak to poison attacks

Tye The Hedgehog

Class: Close Combat
Description: Tye is a 16 year old boy who caries demonic powers within his right arm. Not only he carries demonic power he seems to control it as his own. Other than that he is a pretty Laid Back and easy to get along with type of person. He seems to be somewhat quiet unless he needs to speak . He seems to value family and friends more than anything else. Every since he became friends with Nikki he seems to treat her as family and gave her hand in finding the Oxonite.

During Combat, Tye seems to be skilled with hand to hand combat and is equipped with his sword Souledge. He seem to deliver powerful hit when using SoulEdge but it is fairly balanced with is speed. He's a little low on defense but his attacks are powerful. He also can transform his sword into a scythe for limited ranged atacks.


  • Strong Sword Attacks
  • Easy to get along with
  • Can Protect One member of his party
  • Very Agile
  • Ability to use his power


  • Overusing his Power
  • Very weak against elemental attacks
  • Low Defense
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