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NOTE: This game was made before the Tales of Mobius series, where Nikki was suppose to live in the Kingdom of Soleanna. This is currently not true, as she currently lives in the Kingdom of Arcadia. So therefor, this game could be considered taking place in an alternate timeline/universe

Nikki the Hedgehog
Nikki the hedgehog logo.png
Release Date(s)
December 1, 2016 (JP)

December 12, 2016 (NA)

December 19, 2016 (EU)
Action/Adventure, Platformer
Single Player, Online/Local Multiplayer
ESRB: E10+

PEGI: 12+

USK: 6+
Wii U Optical Disc
3DS Cartridge
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Nikki the Hedgehog is a game exclusively for the Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS. It was released December 1st, 12th, and 16th of 2016 for Japan, North America, and Europe. It was developed by Nikki Kaji and published by Nintendo on their systems. The design of this game is anime-styled 3D, similar to the cutscenes of Fire Emblem: Fates.


What seemed like another normal day for Nikki Kaji turned out to be a brand new adventure. When called to the Soleanna Castle, Nikki meets with Princess Elise who is requesting her help. The princess displays a video, where image of a mysterious Mobian appears. She introduces herself as Eclipse, and revealed that she has kidnapped the explorers that Elise sent out to get the Oxonite. She demands that Nikki finds the Oxonite and brings it to her, or else she will brainwash all of the captives and form an army to fight against Soleanna. She then displays a male, grey hedgehog, unconscious and sitting in a chair.

The video cuts off, and Elise thinks that Nikki should travel with some of Soleanna's best warriors, but Nikki decides that she should go on her own. Thinking, Elise begs Nikki to at least bring a team with her for safety, and that she should train before leaving. Nikki agrees, and the game begings.



Hyper Potions & Subtact

The Trailer Music

Nikki the Hedgehog is a 3D tactical RPG with two main gameplay features: Adventure fields and combat mode. When starting a new file, there are multiple difficult levels: Beginner, Normal, Hard, and Berserk. Berserk is only unlocked after you completely beat the story on Hard difficulty. Whichever mode you chose determines the enemy's strength, as well as the AI's strategy level, making them chose more logical moves.

Once the difficulty level is selected and you begin the game, Elise will become your support character throughout the story. Nikki must go through a training section, maneuvering through an arena where you will encounter both dummies and knights to practice your battling. By defeating an enemy, you will gain enough XP. Once the training section is over, you are given a pure jewel, which is the game's rare currency. Starlight and Ryder are also added to your party. As the game progresses, more characters are added to your party, which have different combat types. The combat types are:

  • Close combat
  • Magic
  • Healer

When a party member falls, they will be unable to battle until you reach a Healing Center or use a fairy dust item (which only restores half of their HP). Keeping in mind that if you backtrack to the Healing Center of the current area, enemies will respawn and you will have to re-fight them. However, if Nikki faints, you will be given the "Game Over" screen, and will respawn to the nearest Healing Center. You cannot remove Nikki from your party.

Battle System

The battles in the game are turn based between characters. Encountering an enemy in the field will start a combat battle. When you are in combat mode, the first three of your party characters will be sent out onto the battle field. You are given several different options with each characters. You can either attack, defend, team up and attack, use an item, or switch to one of your other party characters.

When you attack, you can choose from one of your four normal moves and choose a certain enemy to attack. Depending on the power of the move, it will do a certain amount of health damage to the enemy. Also, if a character has a good amount of luck, your chances of getting a critical hit are increased, which does double the damage. However, the stronger moves have less PP, and PP can only be restored by using a PP Candy or going to a Healing Center.

There are also partner moves (abbreviated as TUM), which requires two character to team up and do extra damage. Doing these require you to input a certain pattern using the buttons on your controller/system. Depending on how your timing is on entering them will determine the power of the move. The character you team up with will still be able to move afterwards.

During battles, you gain XP by successfully doing actions in a battle. When a character levels up, their stats increase depending on their combat type. For example, a magic user would get their stats increased mostly in kinetic power and speed. They can also learn new moves, which are much stronger than the ones they start off with.

Chao Support

Chao can be used as support towards the characters, each with different powers. They can be either average, rare, or super rare chao, and depending on the rarity makes the chaos stronger in that certain category. Because of this, there are three types of the same chao with the same abilities, but each being stronger and having a slightly similar design. The better a chao's ability, the harder they are the find.


Playable Characters

Full list: Nikki the Hedgehog (Game)/Playable Characters
There are a full variety of playable characters in the game, each with certain advantages and disadvantages. Currently, the playable characters are:

Support Characters


  • Soleanna Training Arena (Tutorial)

Voice Actors

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