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Nikki the Hedgehog: Adventures on Arcadia Island
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The three main characters
Format CGI-Animated (Occasional anime style)
Genre(s) Genres Include:
  • Animation
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
Created by Nikki Kaji
No. of episodes 3
Run time 13 minutes
Rated TV-PG (Suggestive themes/dialogue, moderate fantasy violence)
Network United States
Cartoon Network
TV Tokyo
Number of seasons 1
First aired August 31, 2015
Status Ongoing

Nikki the Hedgehog: Adventures on Arcadia Island is a CGI-Animated series created by Nikki-Kaji based in an alternate universe around Nikki the Hedgehog, as well as her friends and enemies. This series was created to be a small, fun addition to the Nikki Kaji characters, and includes some other characters too.

This series is aimed for people of all ages, which means that children, teens, and adults could get a good kick out of this show's mix of action and comedy. It was first aired in North America on Cartoon Network, and later was dubbed and aired in Japan on TV Tokyo. Each broadcast includes two episode, each about 13 minutes long.


As stated above, this show centers around Nikki, Starlight, Ryder, and many other characters and their endless adventures on Arcadia Island. On this island, the discoveries are almost endless as the cast venture out, stopping the island villain Chrome the Skunk.

Every few episodes, new characters are revealed into the series. While the show does not have a fully developed story, the episodes are linked together and do not reset at the end of each one.

Cast and Characters


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