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This is an article about Nikki the Hedgefox, a character created by Crystalpony51 on 12/14/2015.

Nikki the Hedgefox is a young and powerful corporal in the army, and also the leader of the Δ Squad and the Elementals, along with her twin sister Dusk.



Nikki's build is stocky, muscular, and tall, like most people in her family. She has light blue fur (see this page) and like most foxes, the tip of her tail is white. Her muzzle is peach-colored, as well as the inside of her ears and her belly. Her hair is cut short into a bob with sideswept bangs in the front



She usually wears a white tank top with the words "I'm an albatraoz" across the front, along with an open scarlet sleeveless leather jacket. She also wears matching short jeans and knee-high high tops. She always wears the necklace her parents gave to her for her twentieth birthday, which is a heart shaped pendant with a silver chain and a gold lining and her dog tags. She wears black fingerless gloves.

With the Delta Squad

She wears a regular white tank top with standard green military cargo pants. She trades her high tops in for a pair of brown combat boots and a camouflage military cap. She always has her holsters on when she's in this outfit and has her D-8 Battle Rifle on a strap around her torso so she can easily access it when she needs to. She also wears a black armband on her right arm with a white Δ Squad insignia on it.


Positive Traits

Nikki is strong-willed and is a natural-born leader. She is quite enthusiastic when it comes to fighting, especially when it's against Eggman, but knows not to go around looking for a fight. She is laid-back when she isn't with the Δ Squad, and is athletic, mostly preferring to play soccer above other sports. She is protective of her family, especially of Dusk and Tails, because the two aren't too good with physical combat. Nikki is flirtatious and is considered good-looking by many men her age. (She would have had a boyfriend before Chris if wasn't for the fact that she is a hybrid.(Hybrids are looked down upon in this universe.))

Negative Traits

She is very tomboyish; so much to the point that she refuses to go out in public wearing a skirt, and will only wear a dress if it's an important formal occasion. Because of this, she wouldn't be caught dead wearing pink or that has frills or lace. She doesn't exactly have stage fright, but doesn't enjoy being in the spotlight either. She doesn't handle well when she's the center of attention, and because of this, she prefers to stick to the sidelines and is quite glad that no one is aware she exists. She is also prone to short bursts of anger and is very stubborn and won't stop unless she deems something impossible herself.


Early Life (1994-2006)

Nikki and Dusk were born just two years after Sonic, March 10,1994 on Christmas Island, like him. Their parents, Tahlia and Jacob Prower were happily married. Tahlia was a stay-at-home mother so she could keep an eye on their super-powered children, while Jacob was a high-ranking decorated member of the military. Due to his role as a soldier, their family constantly moved around, and the twins were denied their first sight of their birthplace. They continuously moved around all throughout their childhood, and in every school they stopped at Nikki was considered an outcast. She decided to that sticking to the shadows would be better for her. She was bullied at least once every week and used the anger built inside of her to motivate her in sports. She became a top athlete in every sport she enrolled in (with the exception of cheerleading and the dance team).

Teens (2007-2012)

Like all mobians that are part of the 500 (all the super powered mobians in the world), she first discovered her super-powers at the age of 13. Regardless, she refused to join her older and younger brother in their adventures and stayed in the sidelines.

When she turned 16, she began to take part in their lives. She continued to stick to the sidelines while helping by gathering vital information for Tails and sabotaging Dr. Eggman's inventions.

When she turned 17, she was approached by the Director, a mysterious human looking to assemble a team to combat and detain super-villains. At first, she refused. Then, a few weeks later, a villain attacked a girl near the restaurant she was dining at. She jumped in to defend her and was left with a massive scar across her back. She went to the Director and accepted. She became part of the Δ Squad, but continued to help her brothers. As Eggman's plans grew grander more deadly, Tails began to consider Operation Finish, a mission that would require the help of every super-powered mobian that they've ever met. After Nikki was severely injured trying to collect data, they finally decide to put Operation Finish was put into play. They all banded together and in an epic finish (as the name of their mission suggested), defeated and locked him up for good.

However, after this, everyone began to drift apart. When she turned 18, she moved out of Sonic's house off Station Square and into Empire City. She enrolled in the army and became an actual soldier in the army.

Young Adulthood (2012-Present)

Nikki, being young and powerful, quickly rose through the ranks and became a Corporal over the course of two years. She continued to work with the Δ Squad and eventually took place as the de-facto leader. On her 21st birthday, as she was training with her team, a global disruption occurred that was felt by both of her brothers, her sister, Knuckles the Echidna, and even Blaze the Cat. Silver the Hedgehog was alerted when his future suddenly changed to that of a dark and nuclear war-like world ruled by an unknown dictator.

They all met up and discovered the source of the disruption to be Eon, a dark Ascended Wolf who had been locked away for a millennia. She was released after Eggman invaded the temple she was imprisoned in and the stole the Time Eater, a robot of her creation. Although this was done when Sonic had turned sixteen, it had taken her a while to gather her power and break free of the enchantment placed upon her by King Cosmos and Queen Solaria of the Kingdom of Chronos. They traveled to five Elemental temples (Solar, Lunar, Aero, Terra, Aqua) and gained their powers. They then used them to defeat Eon and seal her away once more.

After these events, she was approached by Chris the Hedgehog who offered to take her on a date. She accepted and the two are now in a relationship.

As of right now, Nikki and the others are looking for the Time, Ice, Storm/Electricity, Sound, Nature, and Energy Elementals.



Sonic and Nikki get along very well. At one point, he acted as a father figure to her due to her father's constant absence in their life. He quickly realized their age difference and went back to being her big brother. They are always competing to prove who's the better athlete and even used to compete for top player on the community soccer teams they were in.


Being twins, the two get along quite well and get into arguments as often as they get along. Nikki is fiercely protective of her as she doesn't really have any physical combat skills and is a top student at Spagonia, which makes her a target for many assassins. The two are often hanging out with each other when Nikki isn't training or when Dusk isn't trying to learn a new spell. Despite being the older twin, Dusk is smarter than her and she isn't afraid to acknowledge that.


Just like Dusk, she acts as a big sister to him. She has less influence over him because she was more absent from his life, but she has been working to fill in that gap and repair their faded bond.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Nikki and Shadow aren't friends but they don't hate each other. They share a mutual respect for each other and Shadow shows by referring to her as Nikole rather than by her first name. They have encountered each other and worked together on account of their jobs but have no real interaction with each other.


Like her older brother, Nikki has super speed and enhanced agility. While her speed isn't enough to rival Sonic's, its enough to help her keep up with him. Having traits of a fox, however, gives her more agility and flexibility. She can use these abilities to perform jumps twice her height and fit through the tightest of spots.

At the age of 21, she gained the ability to wield the Sun/Day elemental. This gives solarkinectics. She can use them to achieve her Elemental form. This causes all of her stats to be significantly raised. Combined with the Chaos or Master Emerald, she can reach her Solar form, an even powerful version of her Elemental form.


Nikki's night vision is much better than a hedgehog's but isn't as good as a fox's. Her tail helps her balance when she's using her super speed. She also has enhanced hearing and smelling. Her smell range is up to a mile and half away and her hearing range is 500 yards.


Nikki is an expert markswoman and artillery-woman. She can accomplish feats many soldiers cannot. She has mastery over many guns and rifles, but prefers to use the D-8 Battle Rifle and the S-19 Shotgun.


Nikki's short temper can be used against herself. This can be done by teasing her over her species, making fun of her hair, or just plain insulting her. Her stubbornness will cause her to constantly attack an enemy until she defeats it or until she says it's impossible to do so.


  • Nikki's last name is Prower, because in this universe, Sonic and Tails are biologically related, meaning that Sonic's last name is also Prower.
    • To further support this, Nikki shares traits with both Sonic and Tails. For example:
      • Nikki's eyes aren't connected like Tails.
      • She has a fox's tail.
      • She has a hedgehog's ears.
      • Her muzzle matches that of Sonic's.
      • However, her teal eyes aren't a combination of Sonic's and Tails's eye colors; they are a trait she inherited from her maternal grandmother.
  • Nikki and Dusk once looked exactly the same.
  • Her first name is Dawn because she was named in tandem with Dusk due to the way they acted at birth.
  • She has a special condition that causes her hair to grow out of control: sometimes, she has to get it cut once a week, other times it may be every other month.
    • Dusk offered to enchant her hair so it wouldn't be a problem, but she refused because she liked having a challenge.
  • Nikki is (very) loosely based upon Sonia from Sonic Underground.
    • Originally, Crystalpony51 wanted to use Sonia in Nikki's place, but she believed that Sonia didn't fit in with Sonic's rough and tumble lifestyle, so she continuously edited the character until she ended up with Nikki the Hedgefox.
      • Crystalpony51 also originally planned for Nikki to live in these places: Sky Sanctuary, Angel Island, and Spagonia.
  • Every Sonic game ever made also exists in this world. Nikki doesn't appear in any of them because Sonic respects her decision to remain undiscovered and has her role taken out or replaced by someone else.
  • The D-8 Battle Rifle is the first gun Nikki learned how to use.
  • Nikki's father being a soldier is inspired by Crystalpony51's real-life uncle being in the army.
  • If Nikki's father weren't retired, he would have authority over her because he was a Sargent First Class.
  • The fact that Nikki is the older sister and is less intelligent than Dusk is a reference to Panty and Stocking.
    • However, the two share a better bond than the Anarchy sisters.
    • Dusk also doesn't share Stocking's love for sweets.


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