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Every playable character in this game has a costume (modules in Japan) that can be unlocked by buying them with jewels in the marketplace. These outfits don't change their stats, but does sometimes change their special ability animation. Some costumes become available the more you progress through the game, and the prices start to go up. There are also some costumes unlocked through DLC.

Nikki "Nikkell" the Hedgehog

Outfit Name Description Cost
White Bliss Nikki The dress is made from pure white, silky fabrics. It has a medium-length narrow skirt that flares at the bottom with an inverted V-line waist and elbow-length wide sleeves. 1,000 jewels
Schoolgirl Nikki A normal schoolgirl outfit consisting of a white shirt with a red tie, and a ruffle blue skirt. 1,500 jewels
Cyber Nikki A cute, computer-generated outfit. Everything from the headphones to the heels looks all high-tech and super awesome. Isn't technology amazing? 3,000 jewels

Starlight the Hedgehog

Ryder the Hedgehog

Petunia the Dragon

Iris the Echidna

Emiko the Cat

Rin the Red Panda

Sarah The Cub

Princess Naomi

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