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Nikki and the Seven Spirits
Kaji Productions
Project Kaji
Release Date(s)
Jaguar European September 20, 2016

Jaguar american September 12, 2016
Jaguar flagen September 5, 2016

Jaguar Australian September 12, 2016
Hack and slash, Beat 'em up, Action-Adventure
Single player
Local multiplayer
Online multiplayer
PEGI: 12
Wii U
New Nintendo 3DS
PC (Via Steam)
Keyboard and Mouse (Default)
Steam controller
Wii U Gamepad

Nikki and the Seven Spirits is a spin-off, beat 'em up game for the PC, Wii U, and New Nintendo 3DS. It will be released on August 25 2016 in Japan, September 12 2016 in both America and Australia, and September 20 2016 in Europe. It is a combination of the characters and storyline from the Nikki-kaji world, as well as the action and gameplay from Dynasty Warriors.


Future Bass - Pegboard Nerds - Emoji Monstercat EP Release

Future Bass - Pegboard Nerds - Emoji Monstercat EP Release

The game's main theme.

For thousands of years, seven spirits have been trapped within Arcadia. In the past, these spirits have caused nothing but mischief. After an incident in the Spirit Shrine, these spirits have been let loose upon Arcadia, causing chaos all around Mobius. A certain spirit named Aya has come to Nikki for help, promising to help support her and her friends along the way. Now, it's up to Nikki and her friends to track down the other six spirits and bring them back to the Spirit Shrine.


The gameplay of Nikki and the Seven Spirits if very similar to that of Dynasty Warriors. It mainly focuses on combat and strategy, having to deal with hordes of enemies as you explore several different parts of Arcadia and reach your goal at the end.

When starting up the game, you can choose to save your progress in one of the three profile slots. You are also able to choose who you'd like to be profile. This is changeable later on, but the default profile pictures are Nikki, Starlight, Ryder, Cameron, or Aya. The only things unlocked when you start a new profile are Adventure Mode and Extras, though there really isn't much to see until you progress through the games.

You are only allowed to bring four characters with you at a time into a level, and you are allowed to change them before starting. If a second player joins you in the Adventure Mode, they must choose from one of the remaining three characters you used to bring along on the mission.

Though there isn't much of a puzzle in this game and focuses more on combat, there are still several things in each stage that you can interact with, such as power-ups, weapons, and chest. Power-ups, as the name says, can boost some of your character's stats for a certain amount of time. Then there are weapons. Some weapons can allow you to reach certain shortcuts in a level, such as using a whip to swing on a tree branch and reach a higher point in the stage. But you must keep in mind that weapons can only be used a certain amount of time before disappearing.

Chest are the most difficult things to discover, and require you to really explore the area. Using power-ups and weapons are usually required to find these, but sometimes can just be discovered through entering a cave off to the side. Chest can include various things, like gold and special weapons. You can also find artwork or music that can be viewed in the extras.

The game's currency, jewels, is used to do things like level up your character's skills and abilities. Sometimes, characters can learn new moves which can get more powerful the more they level up. The max level a character can reach is 50, and once they reach the max, you have the option to hear their backstory, as well as earn a special piece of artwork in extras.

Once you complete all of the levels in a certain region, you capture a spirit. This spirit will now join your team, and has it's own unique ability which supports your team.


These are the default controls for the game. The player has a choice of changing the button input in the options menu.

Move Left analog stick
Camera angle Right analog stick (Wii U) D-Pad (New 3DS/Steam)
Pause Menu Start (New 3DS) + (Wii U)(Steam)
Change Character ZL/ZR (Wii U/New 3DS) LB/RB (Steam)
Jump X
Crouch/Slide B
Punch Attack A
Kick Attack Y


Playable Characters

Support Characters

  • The Seven Spirits
    • Aya
    • Daiki
    • Goro
    • Hana
    • Kurai
    • Akki
    • Erai


See full list here.
Every playable character in this game has a costume that can be unlocked by buying them with jewels in the marketplace. These outfits don't change their stats, but does sometimes change their special ability animation.



Arcadia is the first region in Nikki and the Seven Spirits, and has three stages, the last stage being a boss fight against the spirit Daiki. The first stage takes place in town, and is also the tutorial level, making it fairly short. The second and third stages take place outside of town, and the time of day changes from morning to noon and evening, the skies changing to yellow and orange. The boss stage takes place at night, where Daiki takes control of a huge sakura tree in which the player must fight against.


Chun-Nan is the second region in Nikki and the Seven Spirits, and has three stages, the final stage being a boss fight against the spirit Kurai. Chun-Nan is well known for their sacred treasure, which sometimes draws in lots of tourist. Some of the best sweets are also sold in a local shop here. Many of the enemies in this region are incredibly fast and evasive.

Steampunk City

Steampunk City is the third region in Nikki and the Seven Spirits, and has four stages, the final stage being a boss fight against the spirit Goro. Though this city might not be attractive at first sight, many of the people that live here are amazing builders and are also very smart. The style here is also very unique from other places, everything running on steam and solar energy. Most enemies here are very bulky, but also slow.

Turtle Cove


Liberty City

Liberty City is the sixth region in Nikki and the Seven Spirits, and has six stages, the final stage being a boss fight against the spirit Erai. Liberty City is pretty much the "America Stage", as people may call it. It's known for it's delicious buffalo wings and pizza served at many of their restaurants, as well as their high skyscrapers. The symbol of the city is "Sir Liberty," who has a huge statue in his honor. Enemies here are both strong and fast, but lack defensive armor.


Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is the main story mode for the game. Up to two players can play simultaneously, and can only choose from the characters they have unlocked and chosen to go on the mission. When first starting the game and entering the tutorial stage, Nikki is the only character unlocked and Aya is the only spirit you have. But once you get into the main story, Starlight, Ryder, and Cameron are unlocked.

After clearing the first region, you get a GPS which displays the other regions of the game, each one being unlocked after you clear the previous one. The more you progress through Adventure Mode, the more characters and spirits you will unlock. More things will be added to the shops in the hub world as well, which are purchasable through using jewels. You can either spends your jewels right away, or save up for even better items that cost more.

Hub Worlds

Each region in the game has a hub world; a place where the player goes from stage-to-stage or location-to-location. In the hub worlds, you can find shops, various citizens that assign missions, or sometimes even easter eggs. There are always four citizens in each region that request you help, and usually reward you in rings.

To find a list of missions, go here.
To find a list of the shops and what they sell, go here.

Downloadable Content

Pre-Order Gifts

If you pre-ordered the game, a special gift came along with it, which was either included in the case (Wii U and 3DS) or through email (Steam and Digital Download). Some presents were exclusive depending on the region, but all 3DS and Wii U players received a special Nikki and the Seven Spirits theme, while Steam players received a special PC background.

In Japan, players who enter their pre-order code received Princess Naomi as a playable character, as well as her alternate combat outfit. The code never expires, though it is preferred if you use it as soon as you receive it.

Extra Game Info


Amiibo Card Prices
Currency Price
U.S. Dollars $5.00
Pounds 3.28£
Japanese Yen ¥613

After the game's release, Wal-Marts, Gamestops, and Targets all around the world sold several different pieces of merchandise related to the game, including plushies of all the characters in the game. There were also statues of each of the seven spirits released, each about one foot tall.

Amiibo cards also became available for the Wii U and 3DS versions. They came in packs of four, and included three normal cards and an alternate outfit special card. If you got the special bundle pack for either the Wii U or 3DS, it included an alternate outfit special card along with the game.

Limited Edition

On the day of release, the game also had a limited edition premium box. Inside this box was the game itself, headphones based off of Nikki's, a poster with the main cast, and a pack of poker cards with the main cast on them. This premium box could only be purchased at Nintendo World. This premium box was also raffled off by Nikki Kaji herself on a livestream of the game.



  • Despite the name, this is not a storybook series game.
  • This is the first game where several of Nikki-Kaji's characters are main characters
    • This is also the first time they receive alternate outfits.
  • Chun Nan is the only region from an official Sonic location that appears in this game.
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