Nikita the Raptor is an mobian deinonychus that first appears in Dino-Emeralds as a supporting protagonist. She first appears in chapter 7 where she rescues Sonic after his fight with Agent Shinu.


Nikita is a mobian Deinonychus with magneta pink body and purple feathers on her head, arms and tail. Her eyes are a yellow color and she wears a olive green and brown dress.


Nikita is spunky, wild, adventurous, troublemaker at heart but nice. However when she comes to fighting and attacking she can become aggressive and attack before she thinks.

She is shown to be concerned about other mobians well-being as seen when she saves Sonic from the river after his fight with Agent Shinu.



Not much is known about her past except for that like other Mobian dinosaurs, Non-mobian dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles are isolated from the outside world on Mesozoic Island. Since her childhood her closest friend is Hiki the Rex, a mobian Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Nikita is first seen after Sonic falls down a waterfall and survives but unconscious. Seeing that he needs help she dives into the river and carries him up to nurse him back to help. When Sonic finally awakens he is amazed at being alive and well and thanks the raptor for saving him. Feeling appreciated Nikita introduced herself to Sonic. She tells the blue hedgehog to get some rest while she goes out hunting.

As soon as Tails and Amy found Sonic, Nikita comes back and is introduced to the two and is offered some roasted hadrosaur meat. As they talked, they get a call from a concerned Silver and they inform them that Shinu could strike again any time soon at the altar. As there was no more room on the Tornado, Nikita insisted to get help from Ochiai the Triceratops. She informs him about the situation and they get the galimimus herd up to the altar when it appeared that Eggman had the Dino Emeralds right where he wanted.

After taking down Shinu, Eggman challenged her, Sonic and Ochiai with a gigantic four armed robot armed with gatling lasers and buzzsaws. Gogsa the stegosaur however caused the Dino Emeralds to empower her, Sonic and Ochiai to engage in combat against the robot, turning Sonic into Sonicraptor in the progress. With combined force Sonicraptor, Nikita and Ochiai took down the giant robot in no time damaging it beyond repair. After the fight the huge robot exploded but the three made it to safety and Eggman is forced into retreat to retrieve Shinu.

Grateful with hers and Ochiai's help against Eggman, Sonic gives the two each set of communicators and officially declare them members of their team.

Fiona/Cyo: Cretaceous Adventures

Nikita returns in the story, this time with a bigger role, appearing first in chapter 4. Here she'll engage Doomic, Ivy, Pyrah, Bronze and Cyrox with the help with Fiona, Cyo, Hiki the Rex and her husband Tyron as well Ochiai returns as well.

Powers and abilites

  • Superspeed - Nikita is fast enough to run at 1500 mph, allowing her to outrun most of her enemies. But she is not able to outrun Sonic.
  • Physical strength - Though being 3,3 feet tall, she is quite strong to take down any average person or even flip over a full grown man without breaking a sweat.
  • Raptor slash move - When using this move, her large toeclaw glows and she strikes a kick to slash at the opponent and proceeds to strike horizontal with the claws on her hands..
  • Cretaceous whip tail - This move she jumps up and spins to strike with her tail.
  • Agility - Being a raptor, Nikita is very agile and can leap long distances.
  • Transformation by Dino-Emeralds - Nikita has the ability to be transformed by the Dino-Emeralds. When she is transformed her feathers will turn pink and her scales red.


  • She is created by CyotheLion and named by SlayerMaya on Deviantart.
  • Her personality is almost like Blue from Jurassic World and it's sequels.
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