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Nikiara has brown fur, her muzzle, ear isides, and arms are light brown. her hair is dark brown with the tips dyed teal, it reaches to her chin. She also has two tails


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Due to Nikiara being the host of Akuma, the Mystic Being of Ghosts, she's able to use his powers for her own use but to a certain limit.

Akuma's Powers-

Powers that are originally Akuma's that Nikiara can use.


  • Spirit Summoning- Nikiara can summon and control a nearby spirit for a short time. If she overuses this power though she'll most likely pass out. A summon can last up to an hour but Nikiara has to wait two hours to summon another spirit.
  • Soul Fire-

During Akuma Possesion-

Nikiara's Powers-

Powers Nikiara was born with or has obtained.

  • Chainsaw Frisbee- A power Nikiara learn at her days in Master School when she was still know as Luna. These "Frisbees" are dark purple disks with sharp teeth on the sides. Nikiara can summon them by drawing a circle in the air. She uses them for long distance attacks.


Since Niki is a wolf she is able to do the following:

  • See well in the dark
  • Ability to with stand the cold better than others
  • Higher sense of smell, and hearing


Akuma Possesion-


Niki has a few weaknesses such as:

  • She has a fear of needles 
  • she has archniphobia
  • She's allergic to tree pollen so ends up being misarble in the spring/ early summer
  • Nikiara gets really embaressed from her sexuality
  • Nikiara can't use Akuma's powers for to long or she'll end up hurting herself, loosing control of her own body, or pass out.
  • Nikiara isn't the most athletic person and tires easly after to much physical activity



  • Maria Blitzfire (Mother)
  • Unknown Father
  • Willson Blitzfire (Older brother)
  • Hikari Blitzfire (Cousin)


  • Cherry the Cat (Childhood friend)
  • Becky the Skyhog
  • Kate Ice
  • Cyclone the Hedgehog
  • Kaelin the Hedgefox


  • Duchess Night





  • No one knows that Niki is lesbian except her childhood friends since their the only people she's ever felt comfortable about telling
  • Niki has several Pokemon: Marcus the Umbreon(shiny), Jackson the Slyveon(shiny), Willow the Eevee(shiny), May the Zoroark, June the Zoroark, Thaila the Latias
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