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This is an article about Nike the Moonrat, a character created by OkamiKek on 12/19/2017.


Nike is a white furred moonrat with large, red, separated eyes. He has a long, tan muzzle with smooth cheeks, and sharp teeth. Nike has six whiskers near his pink nose. His ears are somewhat rounded and small. His legs are slightly longer than a hedgehog's. He is a bit taller than Sonic (by two inches, to be exact), and of average weight. Finally, Nike has a medium length, rat-like tail.


Nike wears white, fingerless gloves with black bangles on the cuffs. He also wears black, knee-length boots with white rims on the buckles, and white socks. He wears clear contact lenses as well, due to his poor eyesight from albinism.


Nike is a cocky, egotistical moonrat. He is constantly pushing for success, and hates losing. Nike's greatest passion is sports. He takes this interest of his very seriously, and will go to ridiculous lengths to train. Despite his ego, Nike is friendly towards most people, and polite. Nike is also an extrovert, and get anxious when not around others for a certain period of time. He can seem quite obnoxious to many people due to his loudmouthed nature.


(coming soon. seriously)


Nike has long legs, so he was born with a good running speed. Nike's long legs also give him an advantage at basketball.


One of Nike's biggest strengths is his skills at sports. He excels at many sports, including basketball, running laps, and swimming. Because Nike is sporty, he is obviously very athletic.


Nike is a normal Mobian, so he does not have any kinetic or magical powers. As a result of this, he is vulnerable in combat against those who do have supernatural powers. It should also be noted that Nike is an albino. As a result of this, his vision is worse than a typical moonrat's. For example, he has a hard time reading text from a distance, and when reading a book or magazine, Nike often holds the text up close to his face so he can read clearly. His eyes are also sensitive to light, and he has poor depth perception.


Love Interest

Nike loves Mirage.


  • "Ice cold, baby!"
  • "The bitch is back."


  • Nike is named after the Greek goddess Nike (despite being male), whose name means "victory"; Nike strives for victory himself. His name is also related to the Nike sports brand, due to his athletic nature.
  • Coincidentally, Knuckles' chest marking was originally supposed to be the Nike logo.
  • He is partially based off of the character Brucie Kibbutz from Grand Theft Auto IV, mostly in terms of personality and love of working out. Unlike Brucie, though, Nike doesn't usually hide his attraction to guys.


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