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Shadow The Wolf
Basic Info
Name: Nightwing the Wolf Nickname: Shadow The Wolf,Shads,Aunty (by Jack The Hedgehog)
21 (she is immortal)
Realtionship Status
Shadow The Hedgehog (Brother), Patrica the Skunk (friend),Blaze the Hedgecat (neiece), Jack The Hedgehog (Nephew), Darkstorm The Halfbreed (friend/ brother hunter), Rik The Spidermonkey, Cervantes The Speck (boyfriend)
Color: Black and Gray Outfit: Midnight Blue Skinny jeans" gray rocket shoes, sliver inhibitor rings,white shirt,black leather jacket, black and blue scouter
3.3 FT(100cm)
40 kg
Black fur with gray streaks and light gray eyes
Space Colony ARK
Current Residence
Station Square
Good guys,Cervantes (her boyfriend),Jack the hedgehog (her nephew), fighting, playing her gituar
Neo Metal Shadow the Wolf(metal counterpart), Dr.Eggman, Razor The Dark, Dr, Eggplankton
Darkstorm the Halfbreed,Patrica The Skunk, Rik The Spidermonkey, Darien the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose,Jovan the Wolf
Razor the Dark,Dr.Eggman,Neo Metal Shadow the Wolf,Dr.Eggplankton
Romantic Interests
Cervantes The Speck (boyfriend)
Listener for The Dark Brotherhood/ Black Hand
Hand to hand combat,swordsmanship,gunman, super speed and super strength
Chaos control,Chaos lance,Chaos spear,Shadow ball(shadow ability, chaos flame(fire ability, Razorwind roar (wind ability), Full moon strike (sword ability)


Nightwing looks just like her brother Shadow the Hedgehog but has gray streaks where he has the crimson and sliver inhibitor rings aside from the golden ones. She wears a white shirt under her black leather jacket along with midnight blue skinny jeans and a black and blue scouter. The devils try to say she looks like a boy but she really has a big butt and boobs.

Secondary Appearance

  • Gray Tank Top
  • Black and Gray fingerless fighting gloves
  • Black and Gray combat boots
  • Black and Gray combat pants
  • Her bangs show in her new look


Black and Blue scouter (she wears all the time)

Black Chaos Emerald (was given to her when she was a pup)

Sword of Souls (counterpart to the Soul-Edge Katana her brother hunter Darkstorm owns)

Dragon Gituar


Nightwing is sometimes a laid back type of wolf when she is not training or on missions. But when she is training or in a fight she is a serious fighter and doesn't hold back. The only time she is calm and doesn't want to fight is when she with her boyfriend Cervantes.


Super speed

Chaos abilties (such as chaos control and chaos lance)

Chaos Fire (her flames are golden dispite her emerald being black)

Chaos Ice (she freezes people in ice ((example: Halloween Night: Freezing Dr. Eggplankton in a tub of water after setting him on fire)


Hand to Hand Combat (when she is disarmed)


Super Nightwing The Wolf

Black Chaos Nightwing The Wolf

Dragon Nightwing The Wolf

Unholy Nigthwing The Wolf

Black Knight Nightwing The Wolf

Nightwing The Werewolf

Fleetway Nightwing The Wolf

Perfect Nightwing The Wolf

Darkspine Nightwing The Wolf

Demon Nightwing The Wolf

Void Nightwing The Wolf

Dark Angel Nightwing The Wolf


A speedy wolf with sometimes alot of rage when mad

A caring wolf that plays the gituar with her boyfriend

A hunter of day and night

Realtions with Other Characters

Cervantes The Wolf: At first she wanted to fight him for being annoying and now she dates him

Jack The Hedgehog: He is married to her neiece Blaze The Hedgecat so he is her nephew

Darkstorm The Halfbreed: He trained her as a pup and gave her the Sword Of Souls her sword

Shadow the Hedgehog: Younger hedgehog male counterpart

Blaze The Hedgecat: She is her brother's daughter and she protects her since she is her niece

Rik The Spidermonkey: Good friend and he introduced her to Cervantes

Razor The Dark: Is made from her shadow and is her most hated foe

Mephiles The Dark: Tried to mind control her when she awoke from frozen slumber but failed thanks to Darkstorm and the others

Claw The Undertaker: Was her love when he was alive and a hedgehog but when he came back dead she fights him nonstop

Neo Metal Nightwing The Wolf: Since Eggman couldnt handle Nightwing's power he made a metal version of her to fight


Roleplay: Flash of Zombies

Roleplay: Mobius Rising Fighters Tournament

Roleplay: Life of Shade


Roleplay: Nightwing's Return


Werewolf Theme: Black Veil Brides: Coffin

Black Chaos Form Theme: Black Veil Brides: In The End

Unholy Theme: Black Veil Brides: Lost It All

Black Knight Form: Crush 40- Knight of the Wind

Riders Theme: Jacquees: Bow Down (Remix)

Super Theme: Black Veil Brides: Perfect Weapon

Main Theme: Black Veil Brides: The Legacy


File:Nightwing The Wolf's new look.jpg

Nightwing's Dragon Gituar


Nightwing's sword: The Sword of Souls

Sonadow girl by kasmui long wolf

Shadow the Wolf in her bra and panties (credit to rightful owner of the base)

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