This is an article about Nightshade the Shrew, a character created by SPop120 on 09/22/2013.


Nightshade has white and dark-grey pelt, with her belly being grey with a few white splotches. She has mint green hair, that is mainly covered by a dark purple cloak. She wears an icy-blue shirt with sleeves that aren't connected to the shirt, with it reaching up to her hand and ending in a triangular-like shape. The shirt has two different parts that flow out of it. She wears long, baggy black pants with assorted vials on her belt. She wears boots that go up to her knee. She has glowing lime-green eyes.  When she opens her mouth, large snake fangs can be seen, and sometimes they stick out of her mouth like a snaggletooth.


Nightshade is rather mysterious. She tries to keep it this way, mainly, not liking to share her past. She dislikes being forced to as well, but will open up to someone who is nice and kind to her. However, she is also deaf, and she is very self-concious about her deafness. She can lip-read very well, as she uses this to hide her deafness. She is rather kind and nice once she opens up, but a bit tender-hearted as well. She tries to be honest in every way, shape and form. 


At a young age, Nightshade was set on a lab's doorstep, her family allowing her to be tested on. The lab began testing many chemicals on her at a young age, which damaged her and changed her greatly, including the growing of snake fangs.  She was also being genetically engineered, and when she would fight against the scientists, they would beat her.

Once when she was beaten, she was beaten terribly hard that she lost her hearing. Nightshade then bit one of the scientists, beaten and afraid. She was then cloned for further testing, and then she was locked away in a dark room.

Nightshade, afraid that she would never see day again, used her own powers against the scientists who created them, and escaped the facility. She did not seek out a hospital, in fear she would be returned. Her mice "siblings" escaped close behind, and by accident, her young clone was left behind.

She is currently being hunted by her fellow labmates, a group of wolves.



Toxikinesis- Nightshade has the ability to manipulate poisons and toxins. She is able to seep the poisons into her hands, and insert it into anything she would like to, and can even launch the poison into a projectile, like liquefied Nightshade leaves. Her blood is also extremely poisonous.

Gerontokinesis- Nightshade can manipulate her age, and others ages in any manner, whether she wants to make herself look older, or younger. 

Special Abilities

Poison Immunity- Nightshade is naturally immune to poisons and toxins, due to her being genetically engineered to resist poisons, and toxins. 

Poison Constructs- Nightshade can form many objects including weapons, out of poison.

Poison Absorbtion- Nightshade can absorb poison from anyone's bloodstream.

Paralysis Inducement- Nightshade can also induce paralysis onto anyone, but this also takes quite a toll on her, causing her to be a bit tired. 


Nightshade has extreme fear of clubs, and needles. She also has a fear of cages, since she's been tested on in them, as well beaten with clubs and chemicals injected into her through needles. She is also very weak to antitoxins, since her blood contains many toxins. Antitoxins also have the potential to kill her. She also becomes vulnerable when her past is brought up by anyone who knows. She also cannot hear, so if someone is speaking to hear and she is not facing that person, she will not be able to tell what they are saying. 

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