"I will shut this world away!"

'The prince of darkness'
Vital Information
Age -Unknown-
Gender Male
Species Alphamega
Residence Mobius
Relatives Zoah
Nicknames Eclipse-Blur, King
Romantic Interests -None-
Political Alignment & Abilities
Affiliations Servant of Imperator IX
Alignment Evil
Abilities Chaotic Inferno, Magma Blaster, Freeze Wave, Death Fire, Life-Force-Swap, Volcanic Uproar, Metallix Screech, Secret Slash, Ram, Throw, Punch, Kick, Polar Flash, Blinding Light, Flaming Hurricane
Forms Storm-Rush


The Beginning



Nightrush was born and raised by himself on the Zoah Colony during an accident causing the release of an unknown shadowy cloaked being. It was ment to be sealed forever due to not somehow being a Zoah and something more evil then ever witnessed by General Raxos. After Nightrush was released on the Zoah Colony, the Zoah and Raxos fought the evil being but failed to stop it. Soon enough, the dark being escaped the Zoah Colony and traveled to the Kron and Nrrgal colonies leaving them both in flames for 1 whole year which is a day in the cage. After defeating the Voxai colony the exact same way as the Nrrgal, Kron, and Zoah colonies, Nightrush had ended up caught inside of and crash landing into the evil Nocrturne colony. IX took Nightrush as a threat defeating the monster with herds of Nocrtune forces. At the time, Shade was still working with IX and offered to release the final slice to end the beings life. Nightrush had absorbed the energy of Shade's blade and over-countered each Nocrtune soldier, defeating Shade with almost 1 single flip of his fingers. IX had offered to give Nightrush his respect but had Nightrush through the colony, vanishing and sending the monster into space outside of the Twilight Cage itself. Five years have passed in space since his destruction on the Zoah colony. By himself thus alone, Nightrush had soon aged, growing stronger by slowly healing himself and training his main brainwaves to match that of all the colonies he destroyed. Nightrush somehow became a comet, shooting himself towards an unknown planet. Mobius. The being was so caught in rage for him being the enemy that he had new plans. As his body matured into a Zoah creation but of it's own speices, Night had made himself almost unstoppable for the Earth itself. After landing on mobius and unleashing his angry rage, Nightrush had been targeted by G.U.N thus targeted by all the heroes of Earth as the main enemy. He had rotted away in prison for his actions for 5 years of more training mentally. After those 5 years, Nightrush had escaped, heading for the city and turning it into a disaster zone. He was close to collecting his first Chaos Emerald before Sonic had got into his way. Sonic soon defeated the monsterous sin but failed to keep him in cuffs. Night had used his magic tricks to escape using teleporation. With his power, Rush had defeated Sonic in an utter deadly rematch. Tails the fox and Knuckles the echidna also fell to Nightrush's power. Everybody was failing to stop him. After years, Dr. Eggman had noticed Nightrush land on his fleet defeating everything Eggman sent after the him. Even the most powerful clone ever created a.k.a Metal Sonic. Rush had no time for games however leaving the fleet as soon as he collected his final 7th chaos emerald. Nightrush became Stormrush, the most powerful nightmare ever created gaining his sword of nightmares and the book of nightrush. The being had
Nightrush watches

A portrait of Nightrush...

eternal life until Super Sonic put Nightrush in his place. Sonic saved the day while Nightrush fell into the darkness of space once again... waiting... healing... rebuilding.

The Master Emerald

Soon after returning to Mobius, Nightrush had headed for Angel Island in an attempt to take out the one known as Knuckles the echidna and steal his Master Emerald. After Knuckles thwarted the plan in a small fight, Nightrush escaped from Angel Island and flew off into the clouds. Soon enough, Nightrush had returned with an army of Night-Pawns. When Knuckles was defeated in combat, the Pawns had stolen the Master Emerald and handed it back to Nightrush who had flown it to his secret base. Nightrush only stole the Master Emerald in hopes of causing his own dark island to remain floating in the air for an extra eighteeen years. But after Sonic and Tails traveled to Storm Island, they had taken back the Master Emerald from Nightrush and managed to escape back to Angel Island, where the emerald was restroed. Nightrush soon figured out a way to keep his island floating with the emerald, but by simply using his own powers. But even with his island still floating, Nightrush is secretly planning to get back the Master Emerald at any cost it may take.

The mastermind and the doctor

After settling his differences, Nightrush began to assist Dr. 'Ivo' Robotnik in a plan that could end Sonic the hedgehog ocne and for all. With his base being re-located to the Space Colony A.R.K, Nightrush managed to trick Dr. Robotnik and secretly plan an invasion on Earth by using the eclipse cannon. After Sonic thwarted the plan, Nightrush was forced to flee from the A.R.K and head back to Earth.

Defeation of a villain

After enslaving the world with the help of the Space Colony A.R.K, Nightrush had began to become the main leader of all on Earth. But after Sonic and his pals moved in to defeat the superior monster, Nightrush attempted to use the Night Gems and become the monsterous Stormrush. When Super Sonic had moved in and destroyed Nightrush, the superior being was presumed dead in the vastness of space. It was later revealed that he was alive and taking his shelter on another planet.

The deadly future

When Sonic and his pals once headed for an altwernate universe to find Dr. Eggman, they had run into the devious Nightrush, who happened to be rusting in his armor while somewhere around a burned down version of Station Square. In the far distance could his island be seen, but it appeared to be sinking in the ocean after a recent event in time had caused it to fall from the skies above. While Sonic and Tails tried to figure out what to do, Nightrush came alive one last time to give the blue blur one of the legendary Chaos Emeralds. After Sonic took the Chaos Emerald, Nightrush had fallen back asleep and was presumed dead when his pulse had vanished. This was one of the only times that Nightrush had ever helped the blue blur save the world.

Defeated by the new

After Nightrush had attempted to destroy mankind with the seven Chaos Emeralds, a young being named Rapid the hedgehog had stepped up to stop him with the help of a few newcomers. When Nightrush refused to give in, he had beaten Rapid but at the last moment had been defeated by his own body as the Chaos Emeralds split away from him. When they had split, Nightrush knew it was foolish to continue fighting. Alas, Nightrush decided to flee the scene and go to think of another plan, accepting defeat from the new creatures that stood against his rule.


Nightrush is capable of creating black fire from his body at will along with the abilites to control dark elemental versions of water, ice, and lightning. He has many tricks up his sleeve and knows what his opponents might throw at him next. He falls under the power type category and is capable of destroying the strongest items known on Mobius, even mountains can be leveled by his strength! Nightrush can lift up to 1,020 pounds with ease but can grow weak after carrying things. Nightrush can also generate a shield around himself, guarding his body from incoming attacks. The only element that has proven to not be resistant to Nightrush is fire, wind, and earthquakes. He is an expert in melee attacks and has shown the ability to fly through the skies with ease. After absorbing enough fire, Nightrush can spew out pure flames from the center of his chest, causing serious damage to anything the flames touch.

FIRST GEM UPGRADE - When using the first Night-Gem, Nightrush gains the power to spew a dangerous laser from his chest instead of fire. This laser appears to be blue from extreme heat. Anything the laser touches, it damages.

SECOND GEM UPGRADE  - When using the second Night-Gem, Nightrush gains the power to deploy claws from his fingertips. These claws can grow five inches long and are created completely out of shadows. When using the claws, Nightrush is capable of cutting through the strongest of metals. The claws can form and vanish at his will only.

THIRD GEM UPGRADE - When using the third and final Night-Gem, Nightrush gains the power to create a dangerous wave of black fire. This fire can cover up Nightrush and act as temporary armor. The fire can appear and vanish at his will only. If the fire armor is touched, it will deal fire damage to Nightrush's foe(s).

When Nightrush transforms into Stormrush, his body becomes an everlasting black fire that forms around him as a potential shield for incoming attacks which unlike his normal shield, can counter his enemy with ease. The only thing that can harm Stormrush is pure solar fire which can only be found on the Sun. Stormrush appears to have the power of solar fire inside his body and can generate it onto his opponent, causing damage to him/her and draining them of their life-force. Stormrush has become a formidable foe against Sonic the hedgehog due to his strength being able to outmatch any power type character and his skill being able to overcome any flight type character. Only Sonic the hedgehog could have a chance at destroying Stormrush with or without his super form required.


"So you wanna see some toys!?"

Rush-Sabber - Nightrush uses only one of the most strongest weapons crafted from the Zoah Colony. The Rush Saber is capable of destroying anything stronger than Nightrush himself and can transform into a burning, freezing, or lightning version of itself.

Flare Monster - When damaged too much, Stormrush can generate a demon from the clutches of his own body sending it out to destroy whatever he chooses. The flare monster can damage almost anything in sight without even taking a scratch unless dealing with somebody in a more stronger version of himself/herself.

Chain of Hearts - After years had passed, Nightrush learned how to master the ways of the three gems. Soon enough, he was capable of and ended up creating a chain of black fire with spikes covering each end. He uses this chain to smash his enemies with ease. If the chain is touched, it will deal spike damage and possibly leave a critical hit on certain foes.

As a boss...

In the video-game Sonic Shattered World, Nightrush appears as one of the main bosses for two stages. When fighting against Sonic, Nightrush uses his Rush-Sabber for his main attacks. When he grows enraged, he will draw out his Chain of Hearts and use it to deal more damage to the blue blur. The strategy to defeating him is always thinking one step ahead of what he might do next. He appears to have a special pattern formed whenever he attacks Sonic, making it easy once the pattern is uncovered.


Sonic Rebirth - Nightrush appears in Sonic Rebirth as a breif cameo. He can be seen in Act 5, flying through the clouds. This cameo is hard to spot due to Nightrush being extremely far away. This cameo also gives off that he might return in future Sonic the hedgehog games.


Nightrush's Revenge (MAIN)


Music Tracks

01: Synthesizer

Cryptex - Synthesizer

Cryptex - Synthesizer


Character Development

"Shoot this, shoot that, i'm the king you blue rat!"

Nightrush was just a simple idea that came up after Sonic Shattered World was being created by idea. I thought to myself, "What would be a good villain?". After a couple of thoughts spun around, I began drawing strange figures. These figures began to rummage through my mind and after I drew on concept, I began adding some extra items to it. After a while, I created a photo of a strange black armored monster who had spikes and flaring red eyes. After a while, I decided to name him Nightrush. Soon enough, I began trying to write the story ideas for each alternate reality that Nightrush was ment to be in. After a long while of hard work, Nightrush was created.

Voice Acting

In Sonic Shattered World, Nightrush is voiced by Willem Dafoe. His voice also has an extra computer voice edit over it due to Nightrush being covered in metal all the time.


Nightrush has many minions which were ripped creations of Dr. Robotnik's mechs. Most of his minions are robotic and some of them are creatures of his own creation. Each minion is defined with either Night-Mech or Night-Creature. He also creates stronger versions of his own creatures and mechs which can be found by scanning the robot or creature and finding the word Overlord on the screen.

Night-Pawn - Nightrush's main mechanical robot. The Night-Pawn was leaked from the classic Egg Pawn but given extra abilities including quicker melee attacks.
Night-Loader - The Night-Loader is the first of Nightrush's creations from the simple Egg Pawns he leaked from Dr. Robotnik. The Night Loader is not an easy enemy to defeat and consists of 1 gun turret, lasers, and a barrage mode related to the E-Series.
Overlord Night-Loader - The Overlord Night-Loader consists of a basic Night-Loader only with stronger lasers, 2 gun turrets, and a harder to dodge barrage mode.      
Supreme Night-Loader - A supreme Night-Loader consists of 2 gun turrets, a very strong laser, barrage mode, and heat-missile fire that is almost impossible to dodge or evade. It is also covered in very strong metal making it more of a challenge to defeat with basic attacks.

Night-Goon - A Night-Goon is one of Nightrush's original creations. It is a simple goon with very fast melee attacks and quick reflexes to dodge simple attacks.

Night-Slicer - A Night-Slicer is really just a Night-Goon but covered in special armor unable to be broken by any attacks. A Night-Slicer is hard to defeat due to quick reflexes, bleeding melee attacks, and the ability to teleport short distances.
Night-Chaser - A Night-Chaser is one of the goons that won't stop following somebody until killed. Night-Chasers are animals found on Night-Utopia and are very hard to defeat. Each Night-Chaser can perform bleeding melee attacks, evade certain attacks, and crawl up walls due to razor sharp claws.
Night-Hawk - A Night-Hawk is a huge flying bird consisting of black fire. Each Night-Hawk is usually seen in a big area due to being very big and hard to defeat due to flying at very high speeds. Night-Hawk's tend to carry their enemies into the air and drop them either from a long distance to the ground of even drop them off a never-ending abyss usually found where they are located.

(Boss-Made) Night-Machines

"Only God can save you now hedgehog!"
Night-Dragoon - After ripping the Egg Dragoon with a simple scan, Nightrush had adapted and threw out a simple Night-Pawn. He soon upgraded it and created his own version of the Egg Dragoon. Just because it was made by a Night-Pawn doesn't mean it is no threat.
King-Chaser - The king of all Nightrush's Night-Chaser. The King-Chaser can spawn Night-Chaser minions, smash and grab anything with its spiked up extremely long tail, and take a bite out of its foes.
Night-Needle - Due to combining the Night-Dragoon with the Egg Hornet and the Egg Emporer, Nightrush created one of the strongest machines ever made. The Night-Needle can use its massive sword to spawn Night-Minions, slash through the strongest of metals, charge into its foes with extreme force, and even generate a shiny red shield around itself. Anything that touches the shield is hit by shock damage.


  • Nightrush can create an entire army of Night-Soldiers from his body once he has the 3 stone fragments.
  • When Night-Rush is drained of power, He sometimes put's up a shield to avoid basic and chargable attacks.
  • Night-Rush appears as the main villian in Sonic Shattered Worlds.
  • Mooncloud can use certain minions from Nightrush if he pleases.


  • Nightrush's critical hit location is his head. When hit, he takes critical damage.
  • Nightrush cannot swim due to his armor.
  • If Nightrush is in cold climates for too long, he will freeze solid and be unable to continue living. This is his main weakness.



Dr. Robotnik - After arriving to Mobius, Nightrush first met Dr. Robotnik. When seeing Robotnik as a villain, they joined forces in a deal to take down Sonic the hedgehog and his little buddies once and for all.

Metal Sonic - Gaining the help of Sonic's copy, Nightrush has made friends with Metal Sonic in the same deal he made with Dr. Robotnik. The only twist is that Metal Sonic and Nightrush seem to see eye-to-eye in certain situations.


Sonic the hedgehog - Sonic is the hedgehog that Nightrush despises the most. But when another villain begins to threaten the life on Mobius, Nightrush has been known to assist Sonic only in a temporary truce. When the world saving gimmick is over, they go right back to being enemies.

Tails the fox - Tails and Nightrush may be enemies when fighting on two different sides, but when saving the world from something far worse than himself, Nightrush seems to enjoy how Tails can use his own skills to tinker with objects.

Shadow the hedgehog - Shadow has been helpful to Nightrush when they are both fighting for what they think is right. But when Nightrush is the enemy seen, Shadow has always been one of the few that stands against him, making the two bitter rivals.


Knuckles the echidna - Due to never seeing eye-to-eye, Nightrush and Knuckles have been bitter enemies to the ends of time. This explains why Nightrush continues to steal the Master Emerald from Angel Island for the kicks while Knuckles always seems to come and get it in the end.

Silver the hedgehog - Silver the hedgehog is one of Nightrush's main enemies in the distant future. It is told that after a small chemical explosion ends up killing innocent lives that Silver will figure out it was Nightrush who set off the trap. This event in time has only led the two against each-other since the past.

Syron the fox - After the invasion of the Ice Ruins, Nightrush had ended up killing Syron's most loved friends in the war. While the war still rages on in another dimension, Syron traveled to Sonic's dimension for the same reason that Nightrush did. To see which one of the two is gonna leave alive.


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