Nightingale the Void is an enigmatic creature shrouded in complete mystery. Her origins are unclear, but claims herself to be darkness incarnate and desires to spread darkness to see if the world is able to either accept or deny.



Nightingale's physical and incorporeal forms

Nightingale has possesses a dark violet texture with a bright magenta surface on her chest area. Her eyes are a deep blue with dark scelera, and has a white muzzle that extends past her eyes, converging into a five-pronged crest with an additional third eye in the center. Growing from her head are a set off five long "quills" that serve as her hair and each one is fully prehensile and can be manipulated individually and can even extend beyond their normal length. Her elbows feature short blades and her hands end in claws. Her appearance is finished off by a thin, long tail. Her clothes consists of short white gloves with no cuffs, but a small gem on each hand just stopping at the middle. She possess a dark coat that splits down the middle, going off into two coattails with a pair of spikes on each hip. Unlike most characters, she goes barefoot.


Nightingale is a mischevious and curious individual, constantly wearing a very sly expression that exudes confidence in herself and trouble for everyone else. She speaks in a collected tone and tends to whisper certain key words when conversing with another person. While she has not particularly befriended anyone specific, she ultimately does not feel loneliness as simply being in contact with others makes her feel at ease and wants them to understand the darkness and not view it as an enemy. She does however have a distaste for the "light". While she herself tries to conceal nothing, she believes that light itself can be a cruel and deceptive thing

Strengths and Powers


Nightingale preparing for battle

  • Morphing - Nightingale's entire body is made out of a thick mass of dark goo which she use to melt, reform and reshape into any manner she wishes. For offensive measures, she employs the use of tendrils and claws to attack and may grow new limbs to increase her options. For defensive purposes, she evades attacks by shifting her mass around for attacks, both melee and projectile-wise to miss completely. Additionally, she may open up a whole in the presence of a punch and immediately close it, effectively trapping their limb and setting them up for a free hit.
  • Enhanced Physical Strength - Nightingale possesses incredibly physical power, possibly even greater than Knuckles' punching power. She is able to lift heavy objects over her head with one hand and throw them afar.
  • Flight - On her own, Nightingale has limited flight and simply hovers around while in motion. She can however manifest a set of wings to gain proper flight.
  • Warping - Nightingale can immediately transport herself from one place to another in either a black flash or melting into a puddle and vanishing from that part, only to appear at another point later with no telltale sign of tracking her movements.
  • Dark Energy Manipulation - As a self proclaimed "darkness incarnate", Nightingale wields the power of darkness to an incredible degree, ranging from simple energy blasts, to explosive bursts. Like her own body, she is able to manipulate this energy into specific shapes such as crescent waves or even physical weapons such as a scythe. She is even able to convert her gooey body into its purest state as a being of total darkness.
    • Darkness Form - In this form, Nightingale abandons her tangible form and becomes a being of true darkness. Her entire body and all details turn pitch black with a purple glowing outline and her eyes become completely white. It is in this form that she abandons her humanoid form in favor of demonic and overall monstrous forms, commonly towering over those who confront her. There appears to be known limit to how large she can grow and the shapes she can take on are nigh infinite, only limited by her imagination. Her use of dark energy is also amplified, resorting to much larger bursts or crescent-shaped waves to attack from afar.


Despite her great power, Nightingale has an aversion to light or positive Chaos-based attacks. A very effective one can even temporarily negate her regeneration capabilities. Because her fighting style is focused on overpowering her opponents, she spends less time dodging and more time practically absorbing them. Her attacks themselves are also very broad and leave little, if any, room for subtlety.

General Info

Nightingale is treated more as a boss character and can be confronted at any time a player wishes to, though a traditional RP is possible with the player.

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The idea of Nightingale came from a desire to create a character of raw darkness and power, not restricted by any one form and could generally be seen as a boss character of the optional sort. Added with the fact she doesn't lean to either alignment allows her to be an optional foe that could be challenged if confronted. As such, her original sketches displayed many forms of differing sizes rather than settling on a locked down design. The only characteristics that defined her were her pitch black body and trio of glowing eyes.

The Sonic design was created a few weeks earlier but was at the time, completely unrelated to the Nightingale character. A decision was made to bring the Nightingale character and the design concept along with an unused silhouette design


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Fun Facts

  • Nightingale as a playable character would not be treated as a traditional team in Sonic Heroes, but a single entity filling all roles with her own perks. More will be detailed later.
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