Nightfoot the Fox is a character set to appear in an as-of-yet untitled story of The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a Soleanna-native red fox who leads the clan of red foxes that live in the forest. He was also the caretaker of Smokey the Fox until the cub left the forest with some visiting warriors.


Nightfoot is a large, stocky red fox. He has thick russet fur, white fur running from his chin to his belly as well as on his tail-tip and inside his ears. He also has jet black paws and ears that he is named for(similar to Midnight and Darkfoot), and brown eyes.


Being the leader of the red fox clan, Nightfoot is firm and stern, but also caring. He is shown to have a hatred of Finitevus, because when the doctor's visiting Dark Mobius counterpart arrived with Lucky and Boulder, Nightfoot led a fight with the intent of driving him out.


Nightfoot's past is unknown, but he mentioned to be taking care of Smokey after the silver fox cub lost his parents to illness.

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