Cquote1 After all you put me through? You honestly think I would go and live with a killer like you? Well you're wrong. I have much better things to do then to live a sad, miserable life with a father who doesn't give a living crap about her own daughter. And when the time comes, I will make you stop killing innocent, and harmless creatures. You killed my mother, your wife. When you finally decide to stop this madness, maybe I'll consider, but for now, you can go rot in your junk pile filled with bloody heads and bodies. Cquote2
Nightfall the BatCaracal

Nightfall the BatCaracal is a fan character adopted by Darkest Shadow. She is one of the main anti-heroes of the Mariala Anime. She is a rival of Krys's and Michelle's.

General Info

Vanessa Montirel Ferrari is a 18 year old bat-caracal hybrid from the forest of Tamaruin City. She lives in a tiny hut nearby the river. She trains hard and long for her fights between her enemies using trees as fighting bags, branches as pull up bars, etc. etc. Being half bat, she sleeps once every two months, and usually strikes during the night.

Living nearby the river, Nightfall gets plenty of water and hydration, and usually eats normal foods from Tamaruin City. She happens to have not gotten into the MCA, as she goes to normal Fryerwood High School. Lots of people pick on her for being lonely, and dark.


Nightfall was born at 2 AM in the hut she lives in today. Her mother was a bat, and her father was as caracal. She was born deep within a forest in the center of the world. A few months after her birth, her father went mentally insane. He chased down her mother, and ripped her neck. She died from her own husband, and then lived with only a father for the next few years.

Nightfall was raised terribly by her father, by him always letting his rage out on her, telling her to stop whining and crying, and grow up. Weeks turned into months, and she still was being terribly treated. She was 3 at the time this happened. Her father started to go on a rampage, and started to go on a killing spree. Nightfall was clueless of what her father was doing, so she didn't act and pretended as if nothing was happening, and her father wasn't after her.

By the age of 6, she was horrified of her father's actions, and was afraid that he would take it out on her next. She always tried to hide in trees when her father did this. Later on, he went on another rampage, and then this time, he was after his daughter. She was abused terribly, and finally stood up for herself. She ran away from her father, and let him be the crazy moron that he turned into.

She ended up in the forest beyond Tamaruin City, and tried to find a shelter. Being only 6, she needed a lot of help. But nobody helped, so she had to roam the forest finding new places to settle in. This was really hard for her, because she had no form of food, so she decided to eat dead creatures. Since her dad always tried to kill animals and cook them, she had a pretty good idea on how to do this.

By the age of 8, a business woman from Tamaruin City, asked a girl about what school she went to. Nightfall didn't attend school, so the woman enrolled her in second grade in the school of Slenderhill Elementary. The business woman she met happened to be the principal at the school. However, because of her abuse from her father, she got bullied from what remained of her torn up clothing her father made her wear. Then, a few classmates suggested that she went to the mall to pick out a better outfit. So, she got a completely new outfit, and went with it for the rest of her life.

By the age of 11, she learned how to build a shelter, so she found a good spot in Tamaruin City, and built hut. However, the hut was empty. That's when a young cat named Lili offered to help her with making furniture. Lili loaned her 30,000 dollars to buy a bed, and a few other things she needed. With all that money, she bought a full sized bed, a night table, a drawer, a light on the ceiling, a rug, and a table with three chairs. She even had some money left over to build a bridge over the river so she could walk over the river to her hut.

Years passed by, and Nightfall became much stronger. Also, using some of the leftover money that Lili gave her to build her shelter, she decided to expand her hut to make it a little larger. As a student, she was average, but she sometimes fell asleep in class. Her grades ranged from C+ to B, so she was averagely smart. She also decided to work on some gymnastics, and added it to her training.

However, one dark night, when she was 14, there was a solar eclipse, and Nightfall was sitting in a patch of grass looking at the sky. She stared at it for a whole half-hour, and then the darkness from the eclipse started to beam down onto Nightfall, suddenly, a black swirl started to swirl around her, and the black aura aimed into her body. The next morning, she found out she was cursed with dark magic.


Vanessa the Batlynx

Nightfall's original picture, drawn by Kira

Nightfall is straight forward and serious. She doesn't really smile that often, and doesn't really take a joke. She is pretty dark, and doesn't really laugh, unless she wants too. She also doesn't take orders from people. This also makes her somewhat cruel to tutors. This is why she always trains by herself and doesn't take "classes". 

She is also somewhat menacing to others. Other people who are more shy than others tend to hide from her, as if they are actually scared of her. She can be pretty threatening too. Some remarks from her sometimes make people cry too. She's pretty mean to people she doesn't know, and which makes her dark. Only the ones who stand out to her, and get to really know her are the ones who get the opportunity to become her friend.

She happens to have a hate of people who get all the attention. She tries to not befriend the people like that. Nightfall knows who she trusts. She also hates when people call her "Vanessa" if she's not their friend. She also hates people who are evil, and have a love of doing bad things such as killing, robbing, and beating up other people. What this girl likes is limited. She likes people who are serious, don't brag, and don't hang out with the right people.

Physical Appearance

Nightfall, currently standing at 3'8 and weighing about 85 pounds, is a hybrid of a caracal and a bat. Fur covers her arms and stomach. The skin underneath her fur, her muzzle, inner ears, and the inside of her bat wings are all peach. Her hair has one bang that slightly covers up the right eye and side of her muzzle. The back of her hair is short, only going down to her shoulders. Her ears have white tips of fur on the points. Her eyes are disconnected with two eyelashes on each eye. Her tail is long, and has a white tip on the end, just like her ear.

Nightfall's attire is somewhat complex. She wears a dark-purple, almost black, leotard with a pink heart-shaped design on the top and two triangles on the side leading to the almost completely white back of the leotard. She wears a belt, separating the top to her bottom of the leotard. Over it, she wears pink spanks to add a comfortable feeling. Finally, she wears short lavender boots with a thin straight line going through the middles, and white soles.


Gymnastics- Nightfall is a highly skilled gymnast. She has been competing in competitions, and takes her work seriously. To make a competition more fair, she wraps bandages around her wings to make them useless. Her best event is the vault, with her best trick being a yurchenko double tuck full. Mostly, she scores an overall score of 8.9.

Dark Magic

Nightfall using her dark magic.

Abilities and Powers

Dark Magic

Nightfall was cursed with dark magic. When she was possessed with it, she also received a spell book on how to cast her spells. When she uses her dark magic, black circles with white lining appear in her hand and her eyes turn pupiless. Often in battle she uses her dark magic as a form of defense. Some of her spells are:

  • Shield- This spell is very fast. When she needs it, it just appears faster than the speed of sound. She uses this often to protect herself from deadly projectiles.
  • Giant Magic Hands- She doesn't really need magic when using this. She summons this magic hand through her mind. This doesn't really happen usually.
  • Portal- This spell isn't very common of her to use. Nightfall uses her dark magic to create a giant black hole leading somewhere else. Sometimes, she doesn't need it if the place she needs to go to isn't very far.
  • Telekinesis- A very common spell of hers. Nightfall uses her dark magic to make things levitate. The items that are levitated turns black with white lining.


With her wings, Nightfall is able to fly at great heights, and far distances. She often uses this in fighting against either Krys or Michelle, as a form of dodging and agility. Her flight isn't very fast but it very useful. She also flies on journeys when her legs get really tired. Nightfall flies as fast as 90 mph, which is a little slower for a bat, but if she trains hard, she reaches speeds up to 140 mph.

Physical Abilities

Nightfall is extremely strong, as she is able to lift heavy objects and break through metal. Her overwhelming power involves crushing rocks with her one bare hand, breaking through glass with ease, and destroying what people consider "indestructible" items. Her kicks are swift, and hit people faster than they could say "Oops". When she kicks, she can break through a door that is barricaded with other heavy objects.

Being part bat, Nightfall has enhanced hearing. She can hear things from a good 1200 feet away. This comes in handy for listening to what people think behind their backs, and listening to plans on how to defeat her.

Nightfall happens to have good eyesight, and can see people from a good few miles away. This comes in handy when she is trying to find people she hates, or actually is friends with. She happens to also be able to read tiny text from a good 800 feet away. 

Being nocturnal, Nightfall seems to have great vision in the dark. When she looks at things in a dark room, or at the night, it's like there is an invisible, but dim light shining in the room. This is very useful so she could stop freak accidents that happen when the lights are off at night. 


Attack: 9- Nightfall throws very powerful kicks, and powerful punches as well.

Defense: 7.5- Although a little shaky, Nightfall can still defend herself greatly.

Speed: 7- Nightfall is a little over averagely fast on foot, but in the air is another story.

Magic: 10- Nightfall is amazing at her dark magic, no question about it.

Evasion: 8- Along with her speed, she is able to evade attacks with ease.

Intelligence: 7- Not very brilliant, but she shows some intelligence.

Skills: 8.5- Nightfall's skills are still improving, although they are amazing as they are.

Accuracy: 7- Nightfall could still use work on her accuracy, but she is still good.

Stamina: 9.5- Nightfall's stamina is amazingly high, as she doesn't get out of breath most of the time.

Tolorance: 10- Anyone who even tries to fool Nightfall is an idiot in her mind.

This character's fourstat code is 8665



Thresh the Horse- Thresh is Nightfall's closest friend, for quite a few years now. According to Nightfall, he is the only person in the world that she could really trust and understand. She feels that Thresh has known what it was like to live with her. Apparently, they both have similar personalities, which makes them get along better. According to Thresh, Nightfall is like his older sister and will to anything for him. They also sometimes train together, as they are both physically strong. They also only battle together side by side.

Apparently, when Nightfall's father went on a psychotic rampage, Thresh was there to see it all in front of his eyes. Nightfall also was there to witness when his mother got lost in the tornado. Although they didn't see each other, both of them know each other from long ago. Both of them went to the same middle school together and become closer. They even both recognized each other. Thresh and Nightfall also can understand how they feel, since both of them don't really show emotions very well. They can feel if they're happy or sad, but anyone can tell if they're angry. Thresh almost decided to drop out of the MCA since he got in and she didn't, but he was persuaded not to by Nightfall.

Lili the Cat- Lili and Nightfall have been close friends for a while now. They don't really see each other very often being a few hundred miles away from each other, but they like to spend time together. Ever since Lili loaned her the money to buy herself a new home, they seem to have a close trust and bond. Lili even vowed that she will be there to pay off for her taxes, and insurance, but in return, Nightfall would have to teach her gymnastics.

Christina "Christie" the HedgeCat- Christina and Nightfall consider themselves to be good friends. With Christina being the more innocent and modest one, Nightfall likes that she doesn't like to brag. She also admires her for her beauty and wants to learn from her so that she can become more beautiful. Both of them do gymnastics together and try upcycling.


Krys the Alicorn- Krys and Nightfall are arch rivals in battle and combat. With Krys having the power of alicorn magic, and Nightfall having the power of dark magic, the two always end up in long, action packed fights. They always compete to see who is the stronger magic user. They even fight without their magic sometimes to prove themselves as physically strong.

Michelle the Cat- Michelle and Nightfall are rivals in their gymnastics capabilities. Both of them train hard at different gyms, but on the same team for the Olympics. They like to go head-to-head at meets and competitions to see who gets a higher score. Most of the time, it's Michelle, but it could change. They like to talk a lot to each other outside of gymnastics though.

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  • Nightfall is based off of Raven from the Teen Titans series
  • Nightfall is the 4th character that Darkest Shadow adopted
    • However, she is the 2nd character that Darkest Shadow adopted from Kiramazing.
  • Nightfall was born with nyctophilia, a love of dark places, or the night time. This is probably why she rarely ever sleeps, and usually strikes at this time of day. This is also why she has the nickname "Nightfall" in the first place.
  • Unlike normal bats, Nightfall prefers to sleep rightside-up, which is why she has an actual bed in her hut.
  • It is currently unknown if Nightfall's dark magic can outmatch Krys's alicorn magic. However, she can outmatch Arthur's and all the other unicorns' unicorn magic.

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