Cquote1 Do you really think you could stop me? Did you really think you could be better than your father?[...]When Root became leader, I realized he would pick Stone to be his deputy. So I got rid of him. It was too easy. Cquote2
Night taunting Rock, Vengeance of Night

Night the Wolf is an antagonist from The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is an aggressive dire wolf named for his jet black fur. Night could be considered a supremacist, since he believes dire wolves are superior to all other Mobians, and hates any hybrids, such as wolfdogs(therefore making him possibly racist as well).


Night is a huge dire wolf, even bigger than Rock, with very thick jet black fur, and a large, sloping back typical of all dire wolves. He has bright amber eyes that are noted to glow with vicious hatred and sadism.


Night is aggressive, mean, hateful, and quite possibly racist, since he views dire wolves as superior to all other Mobians. He views all other wolf breeds as "lesser" wolves(such as gray wolves like Chaise), and blatantly disrespects hybrids like Cody the Wolfdog, and revealed that he is willing to kill to get what he wants, as he murdered Rock's father Stone to try to become Root's deputy.


Night's past is largely unknown, but when the Dire Wolf Pack entered the Worlds after being trapped in a cave for an amazingly long time, Night almost instantly believed that the dire wolves should rule the Four Worlds, though Root believed they should enter the Worlds peacefully. This led to Night leaving the Pack and forming his own with some Packmates that believed the same as him. In The Lost Tribe, Night antagonized the Tribes during their meeting to instate Root's Pack as apart of the Wolf Tribe, and later full out attacked first the Storming Alliance and then Root's Pack in their new home. Root's Pack fought back with help from the Timber Wolves and Black Bears, and Night was killed by Root.

Many moons later, when Rock returned to visit his former Pack with Lucky Smith, reports began to surface of a strange wolf attacking them, leading his mother River to worry about her new children, Root's pups and Rock's half-siblings Crow and Frost. This was later revealed to be the vengeful Spirit of Night, who fought with Rock, revealing the truth about the death of Rock's father Stone, infuriating the Storm Fighter enough to attack and defeat the dead wolf.


Like all dire wolves, Night is incredibly strong, able to knock even the biggest of smaller Mobians aside with ease, and can handle himself against younger dire wolves like Rock.


"You think those scars make you a man? You're no more a man than that pathetic dog you call a father."
—Mocking Lucky, Vengeance of Night




Root the Wolf

Night had no respect for Root, hating him for his desire for peace and Night's own belief that dire wolves were superior to any other Mobian. In the end, Root killed Night, prompting the wolf to hold a violent grudge against him when his Spirit came back for vengeance

Stone the Wolf

Though Stone has not appeared, he was revealed as Rock's father. In his monologue, Night taunted Rock about the fate of his father, revealing that Stone was "as much of a peaceful idiot as Root", and that he knew Root would pick Stone for his deputy when he became leader, so he killed him. Night also showed regretful fury that he didn't kill Rock when he had the chance.

Rock the Wolf

Night hates Rock purely because he is the son of his old enemy Stone. When Rock became a Storm Fighter, Night thought him to be no threat, but Rock fought against him with his Teammates. When Night returned as a vengeful Spirit, he targeted Rock in particular, and revealed the truth about the younger wolf's deceased father Stone, enraging the warrior.


Night is incredibly similar to the first Tigerstar of the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter.

He has a voice similar to that of English actor Idris Elba, who provided the voice of Shere Khan in Disney's 2016 live-action remake of The Jungle Book, Chief Bogo from Disney's 2016 animated film Zootopia, as well as portraying Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU)

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