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Night of Infinity will be an Upcoming RP, but it won't be made for some time, I just made this page to give some info on it

Current Release Date: Cancelled Completely

Story Line

Years and Years, the balance between Good and Evil has fought. A never ending war to keep the world from entering chaos, by keeping it in order, but now..........That is all about to change, as Seven New Villains have appeared, far stronger than any foe faced before, they cannot be beaten. Armies of Shadow Demons have appeared, killing the land as they travel, serving the Seven Villains, and their leader, The Darkest One. Is this the End, or is it merely the Beginning of the End? This is The Night that Never Ends, this is Night of Infinity!

Part I: The End Begins

During this part, the new Villains will be introduced. The goal of this part is to Defeat the Minor Villains (Every villain other than Shadow Demons and the eight).

Part II: Other Worlds

Take a trip of the universe as the search for the mythical objects begin. not only that, but other dimensions will be explored as well.

Part III: The End of All

The Final part of Night of Infinity. this part will begin only when all the artifacts have been found and brought together. during this part, we will meet the Guardian of the Book of Destiny, after completing his challenges, the Final Battle that determines the fate of the Universe begins.

Important Villains


Legacy, the strongest of all Omnimancers and Omnikinectics. she is the Strongest of all Omnimancers and Omnikinetics of the Villains. she is known as a Cloaked figure, who has never lost. she is said to kill those within a second of meeting her. She is also said to be the Queen of Legends.  

Titan the Dragon

Titan the Dragon, the strongest of all creatures, he is even stronger than the gods, yet from his massive power, he was sealed underneath a mountain, it is said that when he roars, an Eruption occurs. he is said to be the King of Deities. 

Crysillis the Uktena 

Crysillis the Uktena, possibly the deadliest of all of the Darkest One's Minions. With his ability to kill anything, no matter what, it is nearly impossible to defeat him.

Necromentia, Empress of Nightmares

Necromentia, Empress of Nightmares, is the Queen of the World of Nightmares. She has the powers of Darkness, and has the ability to make one see their greatest fears. She is the Opposite of the Monarch of Dreams.

Nato Americano the Piasa

Nato Americano the Piasa, a so-called Demon, a giant beast that resembles a lion with feathers, the head of a human, horns of a moose, a beard, giant wings, and a tail that circles the entire body.

The Darkest One

the Darkest one is the ringleader behind it all, but who is he really?, and where is he?, he doesn't seem to be anyplace in the Universe. He is the Strongest Threat Known to Exist, no God can defeat him, Will he be stopped?

Important Artifacts

Villain Artifacts

The Mind of Legacy

The Mind of Legacy appears as a glowing crescent, as it represents the Moon. It is said that if one looks into the moon, the World of Dreams will awaken.

The Soul of Titan

The Soul of Titan appears as a glowing Disk, as it represents the Sun. It is said that if one looks into the sun, the World of Nightmares will awaken

Other Artifacts

Orb of Origin

a Strange Orb, said to be a gateway into the Center of the Universe.

Sword of Demons

a Sword said to house every fearsome Demon's true strength, if used against a demon, their power will be drained, against a mortal, and the Demon will grow in strength.

The Black Star of Azuli

an Artifact said to of been from Claw's Planet, it is said to hold the night in the sky

Important Artifacts

Book of Destiny

a Book that hold's the story of everyone's fate, Impossible to reach by all, including Gods, even it is at risk of being used to cause havoc by the Darkest One.

Important Locations

World of Dreams

NOTE: even though Amazina is the World of Dreams, this is not the same world of Dreams, meaning this is not Amazina

The World of Dreams, the world of light, here is where your greatest dreams come to life, this is a land you will never wish to leave, as it has everything you could wish for

World of Nightmares

The World of Nightmares, where your greatest fears come to life, everything, will be miserable, as you watch your friends die slowly and painfully

The Dimension's of Time

The Dimension of Past

A place where all time is from the Past, this is the first Gateway Challenge.

The Dimension of Present

A place where all time is the same as the Prime, this is the second Gateway Challenge.

The Dimension of Future

A place where all time is from the Future, this is the third Gateway Challenge.

The Dimension of All

A Place where Past, Present, and Future occurs at the same time, this is the final Gateway Challenge.


a Strange Location, as nothing exists, all is Darkness, this place is infinite. this is where everything has Ended.


Night of Infinity is still under construction, certain key-events are still under construction, such as:

  • The name for the Monarch of Dreams is still under construction, if you can think of one, please tell
  • The name for the Guardian of The Book of Destiny is still under construction, if you can think of one, please tell

If anyone can help with the above, please tell on the talk page