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race: hedgehog/ mobian

gender: Male

Age: 17

Skin color: Peach

Fur Color: Green

eye color: light blue

Attire: He wears orange boots and Sport bandages ripped around his hands. When he was young he had orange sneakers with white gloves.


Night is adventurous, Brave and confindent.


Past life

Night was born on Mobius and lived with his older brother, Spike the Hedgebat, His younger sister, Mckenzie the Hedgehog and their parents, Martin the bat and Madison the hedgehog. when he was 5, his whole family discovered he was born with a wind core in his heart.

Escape to Earth

When Night turned 10, his parents were killed by Dr. Zeo the 3rd. This caused Night and his siblings to escape to Earth and ended up in Central City and they had to live with Spike instead of all of them living alone.

Going face to face with Dr. Zeo for the first time..

At the age 15, Night had discovered Dr. Zeo the 3rd had followed them to Earth and went off to fight him.


Super Speed

Control the element of wind

Special Abilities

Mega Tronado

mega tronado is basically, Night uses his super speed to run around his enemies while releasing all his energy of the wind core inside of him. Its takes 3-6 minutes to ragain his wind core energy.

Aura Sword

Aura Sword is when he uses the energy of his core to create a sword out of thin air into his hands.

Dark Form

The dark side of Night that he sometimes can't control. He earned his form when he got super angry and also killed his friends but was stopped by Mckenzie. When night is in dark form, he looks like super sonic but his fur is black, his sports bandages are red and his boots are also red and he has no pupils.

Angel Form

His angel form is activated when someone with the true powers of a hero( Night, Soul, etc.) collects all 5 light crystals. when Night is in Angel Form, he looks like himself but his fur is white, his boots are yellow and he has wings but he has no sports bandages.


Night can speak with the gods of the wind whenever he encounters a problem.

He can also wall-jump

he can even jump off high objects(buildings, etc.) and survive

He can also hack different things


When his parents' death are mentioned he will lose his confidence and just feel like he's weak while crying

He can't control his dark form sometimes

When he's in a fight with Spike, he is afraid to hurt him

He can only survive jumping off high objects based on how much energy are still left in his wind core


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic was Night's first friend on planet earth. Night used to go on adventures with sonic and his friends.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Night and Tails used to argue alot but had to work together to save Sonic, Knuckles and Amy. Now they are good friends and tails taught Night how to hack things.

Knuckles the Echidna

Night and Knuckles became friends pretty quick. Knuckles promised to help Night out as much as he can.

Amy Rose

Night respects Amy as if they were childhood friends. Night even used Amy's Hammer once when she was almost attacked by Dr.Zeo the 3rd.

Soul the Angelhog

Soul is Night's Girlfriend. They first met when Night was chasing Dr.Zeo the 3rd through a jungle and he encountered her. After that, they went on an adventure to save the world from Dr,Zeo the 3rd's invention.

David the fox

Night met david while david was doing an experiment with tails. After that, David became Night's ally when they defeated Dr.Zeo the 3rd for the first time.

Mckenzie the hedgehog

Mckenzie is Night's Little Sister who started going on adventures with him after he met soul. Mckenzie looks up to Night more than she looks up to Spike.

Spike the hedgebat

Spike is Night's older brother. They only go on alittle bit of adventures together.


Spike the hedgebat

They end up fighting all the time but not when mckenzie is in danger.

Espio the Chameleon

they don't get along that much but when it comes to saving the world, they decide to work together

Jet the Hawk

Jet always claims to be better than Night so they always fight and race each other


Metal Sonic

Night considers Metal Sonic an enemy after Metal Sonic almost killed Mckenzie

Doctor Eggman

Night hate Eggman because Doctor Eggman almost turned Night into a robot

Dr.Zeo the 3rd

Night always considered Dr.Zeo the 3rd as an enemy after he killed night's parents

Metal Night

Night and Metal Night became enemies after they had their first fight in central city


Martin the bat(Father, dead)

Madison the hedgehog(Mother,dead)

Spike the hedgebat(Older Brother)

Mckenzie the hedgehog(Younger Sister)


Night first appeared in a made up game i came up with(Night the hedgehog)

Night was asleep when his parents were killed but Mckenzie and Spike woke him up so they can escape on time

Night's family discovered he had a wind core inside of him 4 days before his parents died

Night and Soul told each other how they felt about each other after they defeated Dr.Zeo the 3rd

He was confused for Manic(Sonic's brother) the first time he met sonic.

Theme Songs( Normal and Dark and Angel forms)

Skillet- Hero (lyrics)-0

Skillet- Hero (lyrics)-0

Skillet-Hero(Normal form)

Fall Out Boy Light Em Up Lyrics

Fall Out Boy Light Em Up Lyrics

Fall out boy-Light Em Up(Dark Form)

Crush 40 - Live And Learn Lyrics

Crush 40 - Live And Learn Lyrics

Crush 40-Live and Learn(Angel Form)


"Hey I'm Night, Night the hedgehog!"

"WE'RE COMING, GUYS!" - When Night and Tails had to save Sonic,Amy and Knuckles

"I'm your friendly nieghborhood green hedgehog, Night the hedgehog!"

"Hey you can't take me to Jail! I'm not Metal Night, Spike Help!" -When getting arrested by G.U.N while Spike just watched

"if you don't want to get stabbed by my aura sword then just give up and leave Mckenzie alone!"

Fighting Quotes

"Come on! that's the best you've got?!"

"AURRRAAAA SWWWWWWWOOOOORRRDD!"- when activating Aura sword

"I've seen better and when i mean better i mean WAAYYYY better"

"I-I I will N-Never give up, N-Not now, Not e-ever!"

"Wow, you are really good BUT not as good as me!"

"Never stop! Never stop!"

Quotes towards friends/enemies/Rivals

"Wow! your Sonic the hedgehog! that's so cool!"- when Night met Sonic for the first time

"Tails! What are you building today?"- Everytime he visits  Tails' Lab

"Um..Knuckles? Was it really that important to punch the cell door instead of asking tails to unlock it?"- After Sonic,Tails,Amy,Knuckles,David and Soul helped him escape from G.U.N prison.

"Wow, Jet are you jealous now?!" when aruging with Jet.

"Metal Me, can't you stop trying to attack me whenever i'm on vacation?!"- talking to Metal Night while at the beach

"Come on, Sonic we can handle Egg-Butt and Zeo at once"- Night and Sonic vs dr. eggman and Dr.Zeo the 3rd

"AHH! Guys, get out of here, I don't want t hurt you guys, AHHHH"- Talking to his friends as he transforms to his

dark form

"You...You should never speak of my parents that way EVER, AHHH"- Talking to Jet while transforming to his dark form after jet insulted his parents.

"If I just use my heart and soul I can transform into angel form..Here goes nothing"- When he transformed to his

angel form for the first time.

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