Night Song is a useful Dark-elemental technique, designed to increase the user's power while still causing harm.


The user begins a slow, mournful song while imbuing their vocal cords with dark energy. This in turn begins to affect the minds of those around, as often this is perceived by the brain as a normal song, but can bring about great pain in the form of a headache. In the process of singing the song, the user has a ten percent chance of also tightening their connection to the Chaos Force, boosting the power of the user's Special attacks.

However, this technique suffers from an inability to affect the deaf or those with genetic abilities that filter their hearing towards all sound-based techniques - Soundproof and Cacophony the two main examples of such. Also, the technique does not discriminate, harming all that hear it without those abilities or an immunity to darkness.


Pokemon Users


Technique Rank

Due to it's potential for damage boosting over time, and it's respectable power, this technique is a C-ranked technique.

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