Night Slash is a fairly strong Darnkess-aligned slashing attack.


The user channels Dark energy into their claws or wings, or an external bladed weapon such as a sword or axe, which forms a glowing coat of Dark energy, the same black-purple energy seen in most Dark techniques. Users that aren't purely Darkness wielders, however, can color the energy over the blade to a different kind, with blue, red and even white all reported. The user then simply strikes or slashes the target with the Darkness-imbued . This attack is known for it's heightened chance of striking someone in their weak spots.

Alternatively, some dual-blade users have been known to use the energy to enlarge their blades to a much larger size and spinning, creating greater kinetic energy for use with their strikes. This is normally effective for breaking heavy guards, but leaves the user somewhat defenseless.

The technique also has what is termed a "master level", known to be used only by a Darkness master. The user dashes around their target at high speed, eventually vanishing from view through manipulation of the surrounding shadows to create a translucent moving shadow cloak, making the user translucent. Before the opponent can properly react, the user can then either jump and slash once, forcing the target to the ground and immobilizing them for the slash across the chest, or simply slash repeatedly while still moving, a variant more suited for dealing with a large group. These variations on the technique also appear to over-charge the blade or appendage, with each slash leaving behind a trail of darkness.


Pokemon Users


Technique Rank

For most variants of the technique, the power and accuracy of the move grants a C-rank. However, the "master-level" variations each hold A-ranks, due to their destructive power and the essential invisibility they bear.

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