Niente the Mongoose is the head Battle Magess of the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus and a former Lieutenant of the G.U.N Second Army Division's Reconnaissance & Tracking Force.

Niente the Mongoose

Biographical Information
Age 24 (physically 33)
  • Unknown numbers of identical Mongoose clones split between storage and use in the G.U.N land forces. (believed to number 2-3000 in total)
  • Children/in-laws pending
  • RT-1239 "Niente" - "Birth" number and nickname
  • Lieutenant/Lieutenant Niente - from her G.U.N squadmates and sisters.
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Marsh Mongoose
Gender Female
  • Fur: Tan, w/ goldy-brown belly fur.
  • Hair: Red, short
  • Eyes: Yellow
Casual Attire
  • Brown tank top w/ darker brown stripes - checked pattern
  • Bluish-gray fingerless gloves
  • Brown boots
  • Dark blue shorts
  • Earrings
  • Silver choker necklace
Former GUN Armor
  • Blue bodysuit, visible in the gaps in the armor
  • White armor including helmet, breastplate, weapon belt & arm and leg plating, all with grey streaks accentuating specific details.
  • Black neck protector w/ inbuilt pauldron over right shoulder, kama
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Advanced combat - Hand to hand
  • Marksmanship - Double-barreled laser carbine, laser shot-pistols
  • Talented with Pyrokinesis
  • Skilled at meditation, energy control, energy reading & energy sensing.
  • Skilled at locating others through energy signatures over extreme distances.
  • Knowledgeable on Chaos Energy and other forms of energy.
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearances Roleplay:The Elemental Wars
Original Creator Flashfire212

Physical Description

Niente is tall and broad, easily taller than the clan leader. Extremely toned and in peak physical definition due to her military training, she has a rather small chest area, but has reasonably broad hips as well. Her paws are small and raccoon-like, with short blunt digging claws at the ends of her fingers, and a thick tail that tapers down to a point. She has reasonably short tan fur, with a more golden-brown color down her front. She keeps her red hair short, in case she has to don her armor again, and has remarkable yellow eyes.


Originally, Niente wore a blue bodysuit at all times, with white & grey armor similar to a Star Wars Clone Trooper's worn into battle, with the only signifier of rank being the black neck guard and pauldron added to her armor. However, since fleeing G.U.N, she now wears a brown tank top with a dark-brown checked pattern, bluish-gray fingerless gloves, brown boots, dark blue shorts, and a silver choker necklace. She also has at least two piercings in each ear, with silver studs adorning each. However, even in the Nihlic Clan, she has been known to don her armor and provide the scouts with assistance.


Early Life

Due to the accelerated childhood she experienced as a clone, she grew up twice as fast as a normal Mobian, maturing to the physical body of an eighteen-year-old in nine years, with those years filled with indoctrination, weapons training and a constant military environment, surrounded by other mongooses of very similar, if not identical, appearances. It was then that the accelerated growth was disabled, and she was given her armor, weapons and assignment to the Second Army Division, a group known for their love of old-school technology and walkers. She was given command of a squad of her "sisters" and were shipped to the Second Division to serve as scouts, and use their weapons, powers and more importantly their sensing abilities to their maximum. Niente was the favorite of one of her instructors, who provided her with two rare Hammerforge shot-pistols, known as Tritec Splitter Specials, after the member of the Ultimate/Ancient Life Form program who designed the guns. With these in grasp, she entered the Second Division as part of the 11th Reconnaissance & Tracking Corp.

A Life of Fighting

Growing up as a clone, Niente had little experience in the actual world, being more used to the G.U.N laboratories and training catacombs, and as such, she responded to the world the way she was indoctrinated to - with aggression. Her team soon became known for their ferocity and skill as scouts, easily overwhelming larger forces with only a handful of scout walkers as assistance. One of the scout walker pilots, however, a bat by the call-sign Twitch, was determined to open Niente's mind to the same kind of view most other non-cloned solders had. Twitch invited Niente to eat with him in the mess hall, and sit with him quite often, purely to talk. This started to break the indoctrination over her mind, and allowed her to feel a "forbidden" emotion - love. Slowly but surely, the duo grew closer. At one stage, a few weeks after they began seeing each other, another woman, a flying hedgedog driver by the name of Itsumi challenged Niente for Goran's affections. Unfortunately for the hedgedog, Niente proved her superiority in the ensuing duel, the clear winner of the duo. The couple were commonly assigned to work together on missions, with Niente leading a squad, and Twitch working alongside a single other pilot. These missions would typically end with Niente sitting atop his walker, talking to Twitch through a private radio channel. However, it was on one of these shared missions that Twitch met his demise. With their team venturing into an abandoned castle to determine what was the cause of a distress call from within it's walls, a freak snowstorm whipped up, and a trio of non-Mobian Castform emerged, striking both walkers with a combined Hydro Pump/Blizzard/Fire Blast combo, obliterating the other mechanical and melting down Twitch's, leaving him to face the snowstorm and trio of enraged Castform. Niente and her squad, in their temperature-controlled armor, tried to attack the Castform with Fire attacks and their laser weapons, but Niente found herself unable to save Twitch as one of the three Castform finished the job, incinerating him with Fire Blast. Instantly, all of her rage returned and she attacked, destroying all three Castform with Fire-type moves and her two shot-pistols, to the surprise of her squad. Upon returning to the base, she was sent to talk to her commanding officer, one of her "sisters", about her feelings towards Twitch. This strengthened her new resolve to escape G.U.N's clutches, due to the incorrect reasoning that "they killed Twitch". At that time, Itsumi offered to help comfort Niente and end their rivalry, but in her emotion she rejected the offer.

Defection to Nihlus's Chosen

After Twitch's memorial, which she attended and spoke at, Niente was given a few weeks of inactivity to come up with a plan, due to her commanders' reluctance to send her into the field with her potential to flee. This was extended until they finally relented, giving her command of a tracking squad to go after a group of members of an unidentified clan who had attacked a patrol in an area near a strange mist. Niente accepted and lead her clan after the group, into the mist. Once in there, she watched but did not interfere as the rest of her squad was decimated by silent attacks from within the mist, leaving her alone. Finally, a soldier came for her, but Niente didn't draw her shot-pistols or double-barreled rifle. She simply removed her helmet and surrendered. The soldier, confused, escorted Niente to the clan leader, whom she told her desire to defect from G.U.N. to them. The leader agreed that she was a worthy acquisition, and asked her name. She responded with her nickname, Niente. She was offered a place as a soldier, keeping her guns and armor, but fighting as a front-line fighter instead of a scout. To their surprise, she declined, instead requesting to be trained as a battle magess to work with her powerful Pyrokinesis. They accepted, allowing her to keep her firearms and armor as keepsakes, and giving her a small hut to live in, and a new set of clothes to replace the bodysuit with her armor. Quickly, the now 22-year-old mongoose shed her identity as a soldier, instead taking on a new identity - she was now Niente, Battle Magess, not the Lieutenant. Quickly, she learned, her clone rapid-learning traits kicking into overdrive as she learned how to use more Fire powers than the small handful she was taught in her original training, and was soon ready for her debut, battling against a G.U.N Assault Force with the rest of her allies. Her old friends didn't even recognize her in her new guise, and her new Fire-powers easily overwhelmed those of her "sisters". Eventually, G.U.N. retreated, with only the barest hints of any willingness to apologize, but at the very least accepting of their loss and that there was a powerful Warrior clan within the mists that held a small portion of Mobius, a part near impossible to traverse through.

Promotion to the Lead Role

Niente quickly amassed a rather respectable mission record as a member of the clan, with very little failures in her regular conflicts, plus her near-constant training with her magic and hand-to-hand combat. As time passed, this increased, until eventually, at the age of 31, a new leader came into power, one who was very impressed by the actions of the older woman. Soon after the death of the former head mage at the hands of a group of Mercian Nobles he had been attempting to coerce into giving up their supplies, Niente was appointed as the new head magess by Pianura, the new leader. Accepting of her new command role, one suited to her old title and experience as a lieutenant, she settled into her position with customary ease.


As a heavily-trained clone reconnaissance and tracking soldier from the G.U.N Westopolis Catacombs, a secret cloning facility built underground near Westopolis, Niente is graced with a talent in unarmed combat and marksmanship using the standard double-barreled laser carbine and laser pistols of her Corps. However, she used a pair of shotgun-like laser pistols in place of the standard pistols of her group, a pair of extremely rare Hammerforge guns. She also had rudimentary Fire-control training, allowing her to use moves like Flamethrower. After her training as a battle magess, however, her control of Fire has improved dramatically, allowing much more powerful moves to be used. She has also stopped using her firearms, instead preferring to use her kinetic abilities and hand-to-hand combat skills in a fight rather than her old weapons and armor in battle, although she wears the armor if a large-scale battle is anticipated. Niente is also skilled with energy tracing, control and reading, which she practices regularly. These skills are at the point where she can trace something purely by coming in contact with something they touched for even a second. Her energy control is another impressive area, where she can lower the energy that can be sensed to almost non-existent, making her invisible to any form of elemental energy detection. She can "read" energy as well, so by coming in contact with an item, she can actually read memories imprinted on or within the item itself by prior owners. She is also a great believer in meditation, which she uses to aid her locating skills. Finally, she is knowledgeable on Chaos Energy and other useable energies, even though she herself cannot wield even one. Her greatest weakness is water. While she has mastered Fire to the best of her abilities, she has not reached the point where her flames can boil water instantaneously, so users of Water can easily overcome her attacks. Her other weakness is anything she cannot sense, however she has learned how to cope with that by making herself invisible to energy senses, which in turn stops her from using any form of energy as well.

Fire Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Niente is focused and driven, and is often known to be overcome with aggression and combat instincts in battle. This is mostly due to the indoctrination received over her first nine years of life, where her aging was accelerated so she was physically eighteen after those nine years. She is also known to have had an interest in the different weapon styles of ballistic firearms vs. laser weapons, although this was lost around the time of Twitch's death. Niente harbors a deep hatred of G.U.N for forbidding her from falling in love, due to her clone heritage. She also is known to hate Castform in general, and will attack any of the Weather Pokemon that she sees, Mobian or otherwise.

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  • Itsumi Bell - A flying hedgedog and fellow member of the Second Division, Itsumi competed with Niente over Goran, although she was the loser in the long run. Since that point, Itsumi and Niente have fought whenever they interact.


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