This is Rrfyggyyhyyhuythh's take on Nicolette the Weasel.


Nic is as greedy as her brother, except, she does have a moral compass. She will not kill without reason and will ultimately to the right thing should the time call for it, such as protecting her home. She is also willing to be friendly with others when off the job.

Powers & Abilities

  • Accuracy: Nic has superhuman accuracy.
  • Spring Tail: Nic can form her tail into a spring to jump higher.


  • Revolver: Nic carries a revolver made out of an Iron and Mobibendum alloy.
  • Bullets: Nic uses these for her revolver and has special trick bullets such as explosive, freezing, sleep, electric, etc.
  • Hover Bike: Nic's vehicle of choice.
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