• "I would rather not want to use my electrical powers. What if I let "her" out again? I almost killed every organic creature and flora on this planet because I was tired of being targeted and treated as a sidekick. Brother Raven, I almost killed you as well  because of my rampage. I never wanted to see everyone suffer...but .... please,please don't make me use it again...I don't want this power anymore "

"G-Greetings, Ma'am. My name is Nicole, but you can call me Nikki. Almost everyone does."

Nicole Elaine Silverson, or simply called Nikki, is a character created by Nitrogen218. She is best friends with fellow Cyber-Mobian Raven the Cyberhog. Though she is clearly unfit for combat, that doesn't stop her from being valuable from behind the scenes, or when she is assigned to clean up for others. Her skill with cleaning and technology makes her a valuable asset to combat surveillance, other things.


Nicole Elaine Silverson is a 16-year-old female hybrid between Kitsune and Cyberspace Robot. She has pink fur covering the majority of her body excluding her inner ears, muzzle, and tips of her tails. She also has three tails, red irises, and also stands at 3'4" in her Mobian state. She also has red, long, flowing hair that has two side bangs stopping at her shoulders, and the rest going down her back stopping at her thighs.rew She has two triangular ears with pink on the outside, and white on the inside. 

For her common outfit, she was a magenta hairband with a bow adorning it. She also wears a silver necklace with a diamond on it. She wears a white short-sleeved blouse under a black vest with a red trim and wears white gloves with a black straps securing the while being adorned white a silver buckle. She also wears a pink skirt with a red trim, and secured by a black belt with a circular silver buckle locking it in place. Underneath the skirt is a pair of black leggings stopping above her knees . For footwear, she wears boots the go up to below her knees, and have black  cuffs adorning  them with and a silver gem on them. Her boots are pink with a red vertical stripe and grey accents as well as soles.

For special occasions, Nicole wears an outfit that she had custom made for her 16th birthday. The outfit consisted of a grey hairband with a medium sized star motif (Image will be provided), and a dress that consisted of a black colored top with the sleeves stopping at her shoulders and a white collar flaps, and aren't as puffed up like her common outfit. The skirt of the dress stops at her knees and has a grey hexagon pattern on it. The hexagons are separated by a cyan border. She wears white elbow length gloves on her arms too. She also wears grey leggings under neath her dress too. She also wears plain white boots that stop short of her knees.

Whenever she proceeds to clean up inside a house or an apartment, she wears a black dress with a white hemline on the skirt of her dress. Speaking of Which, the skirt of her dress stops at her ankles, leaving black low-heels shoes exposed. The sleeves are at her shoulders and are identical to the design of those on her blouse. She also wears a black hairband on her head. She has a frilly white cloth that covers the front of the dress secured by a white piece of cloth tied in the back.


In terms of personality, she is very studious and intelligent. Growing up as a fox cub, she had spent her grade school years with her eyes and nose deep in a book or encyclopedia.While she is a smart young girl, she often buries herself in learning instead of socializing.Her studies were often circulating about translating foreign languages and science fiction, as she is a sci-fi geek that also likes to read science fiction novels, theories, and beliefs. This would indicate that she also has a fascination toward other cultures and ideologies.

While it is rather superb that she is this way, it has lead her to be very socially anxious. Her extensive time periods with her nose in a book can leave rather quiet, reserved, and anxious. However, despite this, she has managed to make friends that have stood for her when she was a common target for bullies and extortionists( for internet reasons) She will often dig her face deeper into a book or try to look engrossed in a book in an effort to divert attention from herself.

Aside from the anxiety, Nicole is also polite and well mannered. She often displays this to others by performing the curtsy or addressing someone as Miss, Misses, or Mister. She is also caring and sweet in regards to others' well being. She will often try to bring appreciation gifts with her of saying "thank you" or to celebrate occasions or thinks "you're a good friend." Yet, she never does say it directly to the recipients face because of her anxiety.


A Big start in a Big Family

Nicole was born into a large family, consisting of three girls (Nicole being the second girl).Her Mother, Matilda Rose Silverson, was a secretary working for a computer programming firm that madequate medical robots. Her father, Vincent Arnold Silverson, worked as an Accountant for a Stock Marketing company called "Stockton Enterprising and Evaluations. She also born with her youngest sister Miranda Colleen Silverson (born 1 Year behind of Nicole), and oldest sister Vanessa Irene Silverson (3 years behind of Nicole), and has a cousin, Stanley Robert Silverson, and an uncle, Gerrit Walter Silverson. Her parents were often working the casual 8 hour shifts, but Nicole hardly saw them because they were often away on important business trips, which often kept her from seeing them. Yet, this was worth it as she lived a very nice life in that time. She was born into a highly successful family heritage. Whenever her parents were away, she was often under the watchful eye of her uncle, who would drag their cousin with him. She was often the "odd girl", who preferred to be alone most of the time especially when her sisters try to bring her with them on trips to concerts, the mall, or to a family outing.

Swaying from the Norm

As Nicole was growing into 5 years of age, Her interests were starting to confuse her sisters. She recalls the time where her older sister was trying to engage in a "girl chat", but she had her nose in a book, and seemed far more interested in it. While it was understandably rude, she was starting to be considered a deviant by her siblings. To them, she was doing everything wrong simply because her interests didn't parallel their own. This especially became more prominent when she started to hang out with her cousin Stanley and Uncle Gerrit. She wanted to learn more about machines and computers more than makeup and dress up. The girls were all kids at the time, and so was Stanley, so there is some logic to be had there, as they hardly knew anything about the world. Over the next two years, Nicole would not only develop an interest in computers, but also learning how to clean as well. With this, she did manage to minorly repair the relationship with her sisters.

Eventually, she was not only considered a deviant, but she was already a tomboy, which they despised. While she did dress as a girl, but they started harassing and bullying her. Yet, this relationship would change.

A Change in Lifestyle

around the age of 7, she had repaired more of the relationship between her and her sisters by willingly going with them and least trying to share the same feelings. She actually felt she was part of the family again. Although she does identify herself as female, she does have an interest in things they didn't. She did receive an apology from them, to which she had accepted. She had also been attending school with her younger sister, and they would if ten take part in solving questions together. Nicole was also an avid bookworm, often eating upmost of time reading books on technology, computers, and even other cultures.

However, when the sisters arrived home,


Electrokinetics- A power that she has used before, but is nervous about unleashing it again. This power was gained as a byproduct of her Cyber-Mobianization. During this particular state, she had some Amp Vacuums installed as a means of protecting her from electrical faults. In fact a near fatal electrical incident is what Caused her to be partially transformed. However, it was after her abduction and cruel torment at Xik Baxxatroiq , is what lead her to be against combat. 

Nicole was originally okay with this power when was changed into a CyberFox. With this, she was able to absorb electrical attacks and expel the energy back at its source, be it an electric generator or an electric wielder. All of that changed when she was pressured into initializing her "Electric Overcharge" Protocol by her fellow colonists, especially Renegade. The end result was not just a Electrokinetic form, but left her feeling power-hungry and corrupted, and even a little euphoric. She also became very hostile towards the colonists, the natives, and her best friend Raven. Having been fed with the pressure and pain she endured, she has planned to turn the planet's surface into a electric barbeque, killing off every living thing in the process. 

She was defeated, and nearly killed by Raven in his Radiokinetic form after a valiant fight, but was defeated when Raven stabbed her from behind with his swords, expelling a ton of electricity, and almost all of Nicole's power source energy in the process. She has since then recovered, but is ultimately against using her new powers because she is afraid of unleashing that much power again, and being that crazy again.



Cleaning\Housekeeping- Ever since Nicole started attending school, her parents had raised her with high expectations. Housekeeping was one of her predominant expectations as she grew into her preteen years. Whilst a child, she was highly disciplined in the skill where the expectancy for pristine conditions ate up multiple years of her childhood, which came at the expenses of a minimal social life, and even her anxiety.

Even in Cyberspace, she was still strongly encouraged to hone her skills while there for the next 3 years.

Cryptology Skills- With the time she spent in Cyberspace, Particularly with the officials who were concerned with Nicole not taking measures to defend herself or at least try to take some concern towards security, she has been trained by Cyberspatial Cryptologists over a full four months while she was confined to the fortress. She was trained to handle the methods of Cyberspatial and Metaspatial encryptions. However, despite being trained by experts, her research was done from an amalgam of resources such as reports, to battlefield logs, and so on. This would result in her having limited knowledge on the strategies at best.

Yet, when Nicole grows into her late teens, she gets a better handle on the skill when she ventured out to retrieve war archives and data fragments from both sides.

Bilingual Speaking Skills- Prior to learning the skill of cryptology, she needed to learn the way of the language that they spoke.

Electrokinetic Skills- A Skill she is very hesitant to accept. Nicole was given this power as a result of her time at the execution camp: Xi Baxxatroiq. She had to receive a lot of training both emotionally and physically.


Like any other Cyber-Mobian, her most dominant weakness is rust. It isn't just a weakness, as it also proves to be a fear toward Nicole, next to Brontophobia. 

-However, it's important to note that her armor isn't suited for combat, so her armor much more penetrable to both small arms and energy weapons. Also, her armor will degrade over time if it is exposed to the natural elements, such as oxygen and water. Yet, the process is gradual when exposed to oxygen, and can rust three times as quickly when exposed to water.

Nicole suffers from Brontophobia, a fear of lightning. This particular phobia can act as a nuisance toward others, especially in the middle of combat. If she were to hear or see lightning at all, she would frenzy over to the nearest place she can hide, or where she feels comfortable if no hiding spots are available. This phobia can easily cause her bail in the middle of combat situations. It causes her to act on the initial impulse of running away as if she was gonna get struck by it.

Ironically, her Electrokinetic powers are as much of a weakness as it is an advantage. The primary reason for this is that whenever she displays negative reactions like fear, sadness, or anger, it leads to an extreme electrical discharge that could potentially kill her and anything in the area. If not kill, then short-circuit or stun anything within her immediate area.

But, she has and currently is seeking psychiatric assistance through therapeutic sessions to help gain a better sense of control over her power, largely with her memories at the camp. During the sessions, she did get a strong enough grip on it to where she could help with electrical problems and charge up fuse boxes.

Nicole cannot use melee weapons such as clubs, maces, axes, or swords. This is largely in part of her physical armor being incapable of sustaining itself on a battlefield and that she has no combat experience or training, making her an easy target during a fight. This is what also results in her having to rely on others to help her out of a situation.


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