Nick is a happy-go-lucky 14-year-old teenager in the comedy series
Sonic's Reality Check. He is the omniscient author INFERNOX, and he sometimes conversed with himself for the fun of it. His usual getup consists of blue jeans, black tennis shoes, and whatever-colored shirt he's wearing (it usually differes between dark green, black-and-gold, red, or light blue). He has curly, golden-brown hair that always seems to grow back extremely quickly, and he is the tallest of the group at six-foot-one. He has a large shoe size that equals his father's, and despite his tall and thin stature, he has an insatible appetite that makes him eat anything and everything in sight.

Nick is the leader of his own Organization, the Fanfic Foundry (or F3 for short). He is ranked at Number I, and is called "INFERNOX, the Lord of Insanity."


Nick is mainly happy, although it has been shown that anything relating to his lack of luck in getting a girlfriend peeves him if the person who said that didn't apologize. Nick has a big love for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, although he doesn't like all the games. Nick also is a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, and he spends most of his "screentime" making internet references or making crackpot conspiracy theories that don't make sense. Despite his crazy attitude, he also makes luck happen for several other people, although not in the way he'd intend it. His strange luck, happy-go-lucky attitude, and height oddly mirrors Ed from Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy.

He looks near similar to his anti-pode character foil OC, Nega-Nick, whom changes his look to distance himself from Nick whenever he is released into the real world by Nega-Steven.

Relations With Other Characters





  • Nick's only known weakness is getting hit in the face, which will disorient him and make him more sane to the world, except for the small bursts he has, screaming about Fritos before he is either knocked unconscious or gets bored of yelling.
  • Nick apparently has a disdain for two recurring gags: one is Silver's voiceacting (although it should be noted everyone hates his voice), and the other is the "Absolutely Flawless" gag added on in Chapter 19.
  • Nick is the SRC equivilant of INFERNOX in reality.
    • Sometimes, Nick and INFERNOX interact, which creates a paradox in technicality. However, since this is a comedy fic (as Nick puts it), no one cares.
  • Nick hates wearing formal clothing.
  • Nick is the actual creator of a majority of OC's in Heroes From An Old World. This includes Warp The Hedgehog, Nebula The Seedrian, E-1,000 Theta, Dr. Madness, E-10,000 Ultranos, The Scourge, and Lily The Messenger, among others.
  • Nick has appeared in every chapter of SRC so far, although his importance is varied.
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