Nicholas Nakayama, also known as Nick the Fox, is one of the main characters of Weruioh's series.


Nakayama vs Endo

At the beginning of the Nakayama bloodline, there were three head families in the village of Morita-- The Nakayama, the Kojima, and the Endo. The Nakayama head, Nagase Nakayama, was bitter enemies with Ichirou Endo, the head of the Endo family. The Nakayama family was the most powerful family in Morita. This eventually lead to the Oni incident. After the incident, the Nakayama family once again became the most powerful family.

Nicholas and Weruioh

Nearly 1000 years later, Nicholas, the next it line for the Nakayama head, befriends the 99th descendant of Ichirou, Weruioh, who is now known as Saisei. They became fast friends, much to their parents dismay. Nicholas was unaware of the fact that Weruioh was a demon until he was told. He didn't let Weruioh run away alone, so he went with him. He continues to travel with Weruioh and goes under the name Nick the Fox.



Nicholas's fur is an orange-ish color, like this. His muzzle/inside of ears/tip of tail is white, like Tails's. His eyes are chocolate brown, like this. He has bangs similar to Tails's, but there are only 2 bangs, they're thicker, and are shorter. His gloves are white and the bands are gray. His shoes look similar to this.


Nicholas is rather protective around his friends, but mostly Weruioh. He is often making up for Weruioh's bluntness. He is a bit irritable, but doesn't show it. He likes sweets but gets hyper whenever he has any, so Weruioh prevents him from having any.


Sonic the Hedgehog: Demons Rising


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