An 18 year old teenage fox, aswell as the older brother of Tails and the fiancee of Fiona Fox.

Early Life

In the beautiful town of Ruin Retreat, Rosemary Prower gave birth to a son who they named 'Nial.' He was brown furred, and had green eyes aswell as a big, bushy tail. As a child, Nial dreamed of becoming general of an army like his dad, Amadeus Prower. He had also befriended a hedgehog who lived in the area, her name was 'Quarantine Rose. They would play together in the jungle of the Mystic Ruins, until one day, Quarantine fell off of the cliffs of the jungle, and fell to her death. This forever scarred Nial, both physically and emotionally.

By the age of ten, Nial's brother was born and named 'Miles.' The two brothers formed an unbreakable bond, and Nial vowed to protect him, and to keep Miles from the same fate Quarantine met.

The Grimoire

One day, while Nial and Miles played in the jungle, Nial came across a huge and ancient tome that was somehow sealed to the rocky altar it layed upon. The two brothers tried to remove it from the stone, but to no avail. Then, Nial got frustrated, banged his fist on the stone, and the stone was thrown into a ruin nearby. The rock smashed, and the book lay on the ground, unharmed. Nial opened the cover and on the front cover read: A Grimoire. The entire book was written in Latin, but Nial had a 'thing' for languages, and could speak over ten of them. He found a page entitled 'A Ambo Germanitas,' which meant: The Two Brothers. It was a prophecy foretelling the coming of two siblings who would become 'The Ultimate Power.' It read as followed:


Duodeviginti centeni abhinc ab adhuc,

Arbitratus ab agnascor a aetas,

Donic conciliat ab duodeviginti,

Octo ab alapa consors.

Amplitudo arma,

Frequento ab ancile,

A ab versus ambo,

Frequento ab volo incancasses.


Eighteen hundred years from now,

Shall be born a boy.

When he be eighteen,

Eight be his brother.

Great powers,

They shall have,

And when used together,

They will be unstoppable,

Forever and ever.


While Nial took this poem to mean himself and Miles, the Spirit of Quarantine came to him and told him that the legend of King Arthur and Excalibur was based on the story of the Grimoire, with some changes: The Grimoire was 'the Sword in the Stone' Whoever owned the Grimoire would be 'King Arthur' And the 'Lady of the Lake' was originally Quarantine. The Spirit of Quarantine also said that, since she was dead, Nial had become the new 'Lady in the Lake' and was destined to pass it onto the greatest hero who lived in his time. She also said that the two brothers will be born in eighteen hundred years, so it couldn't mean himself and Miles.

'King Arthur'

Fortunately, Nial managed to pass the Grimoire onto 'King Arthur.'

Mobius Twenty-Five Years Later

On a brief journey to the future by means of a spell from the Grimoire accidentally cast by 'King Arthur,' Nial met his future self who was married to Fiona Fox and was father to two children; Passion and 'King Arthur' Jr.