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"Every dream has a fabled past."



  • 16(physical)
  • Over 2000(chronological)


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  • Genderless


  • Nightmaren



  • The Nameless Joker


  • Going on a new adventure


  • Nightmarens
  • Nightmares in general
  • The "One Who Cursed Griffin"



NiGHTS is the mystical protector of Griffin the Enchihog, and his sister, C.C. He/she was created by an evil wizard to serve him, but he/she disobeyed. NiGHTS now accompanies the youngsters on their quest to find their past.


NiGHTS is a circus-like character. He/she wears a bright pink vest with long white sleeves and purple and yellow cuffs. His/her pants are purple leggings with pink and purple shoes with yellow stripes. NiGHTS represents a jouster very well, and is proud to. He/she has a very optimistic kind of personality, which is shown in his/her attire.


NiGHTS has a very optimistic personality. He/she always looks to the brighter side of the worst situations, which surprises Visitors. NiGHTS can also be extremely protective over his/her friends. If someone's in trouble, NiGHTS would be the first to respond. This boosts Visitor's like Griffin th Echihog and C.C.'s self-esteem, knowing that they have someone behind them.


Early Life

NiGHTS is a Nightmaren created by an evil wizard named Wizman to serve as his evil servant. He/she refused, and Wizman attempted to kill him/her, but he/she escaped his realm of Nightmare. NiGHTS flew the farthest he/she could from his/her birthplace, without another look back.

Meeting the Enchihogs

NiGHTS was flying around in a abandoned carnival outside the main areas of Mobius. He/she was pretending to be a vistor and a worker at the same time, but it ended in dissapointment. No one would join him/her. Then NiGHTS began to hear voices. Two blue creatures that looked like hedgehogs were wandering around the carnival, muttering back and forth to themselves. NiGHTS hid behind the popcorn stand, but to no avail. The male hedgehog sniffed the air, and the two youngsters found him/her. Both them and NiGHTS were startled, but both got to know each other. NiGHTS explained to them of how he/she was a Nightmaren, a creature created for evil purposes, and how he/she escaped and wounded up on Mobius. The hedgehogs explain themselves as Griffin and C.C., enchihogs(hybrid of Enchantyes's blood and a hedgehog) that ran away from their master. NiGHTS becomes bonded to them, curtsies, and makes it his/her mission to defeat Enchantyes.


Flight NiGHTS has the natural ability to fly being a Nightmaren. It has saved Griffin and C.C. from death countless times.


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