Nexi (singular: Nexus) are points of mass power and magical energy. They are located exactly in the middle of the five elements (earth, fire, wood, water and metal[1]). The power of a Nexus can be accessed only through a spell of ancient origin which is known only to exist in Morituri Halley's book and the Whitelight Grimoire.

Known Nexi

  • Night Babylon: One Nexi was found in Night Babylon, so a buiding was created by a group of witches to protect it and tap into its power for good. The building is now a club owned by Rouge the Bat.


(Whitelight Grimoire text:)


A Nexus is a magical

point of mass supernatural
power. It is located
equally distant from the
Five Wiccan Elements:
Fire, Earth, Water,
Metal and Wood, and
it's untold magical power
can only be accessed through
an ancient spell created
thousands of years ago by
Cronus, who wished to
use a Nexus to overthrow
his father.
To Absorb a Nexi
Adai nos decos, natum lanok,
Natum nos decos, adai lanok!

(Morituri Halley's grimoire text:)


Of all the Natural Powers of
the world, none are more powerful than the Nexi.
Located inbetween the five Wiccan
elements of Earth, Fire,
Water, Wood and Metal,
its infinite power can be accessed
only through the use of a most ancient
spell of uncertain origin.

To Invoke a Nexus

Adai nos decos, natum lanok,
Natum nos decos, adai lanok!

Notes and References

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