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Newtrogic High Zone is the setting for the Sega 32X game Knuckles' Chaotix.

It is unknown where this zone may be, but it is most likely on Earth (or Mobius, depending on some people's views).

Canon History

Information from Sonic News Network:

"Newtrogic High Zone is the main setting of Knuckles' Chaotix. After it rose from the ocean, Dr. Robotnik discovered the Chaos Rings and the Chaotix arrived of their own accord. Vector the Crocodile travels to the island to investigate (in the Japanese version, he travels to the island, which he believes is a miracle of God), Espio the Chameleon also goes to investigate (though he didn't know Vector at the time), Charmy Bee, travels to the island to do what bees do best, Mighty the Armadillo happened to come across the island while adventuring, and Knuckles the Echidna patrols the island. Heavy and Bomb defected from Robotnik and decided to help the Chaotix. After the Chaotix (except Knuckles) arrive on the island, they are captured in Robotnik's Combi Confiner. After Knuckles starts to explore the island, he came across Espio, who was trapped in one of the machines. Using the power of his ring, he freed Espio and tried to obtain the Chaos Rings and stop Robotnik. After completing all the "attractions", Metal Sonic comes out and fights the Chaotix. After being defeated, he flees to Robotnik just as he was finishing changing a Chaos Ring into a Dark Ring and mitions Metal into the Ring. With the power of the Dark Ring, Metal Sonic transforms into Metal Sonic Kai. But despite his great size and power, he is defeated. If the player manages to collect all the Chaos Rings, the rings will disappear, along with Newtronic High Zone. If the player fails, Metal Sonic Kai will appear, overlooking a burning area (possibly Newtrogic High Zone) and the player will have to start over."

PockyMalon's Continuity

Early History

Not much is known about Newtrogic High Zone's early history, other than that Chaos Rings had been hidden there for centuries. Unlike the game, Newtrogic High Zone has always been above water.

Recent History

Since a city (often referred to by the same name) was established several decades ago on Newtrogic High Zone, the island has thrived and has become one of the largest islands on Mobius. About five years ago, Dr. Robotnik, also known as Dr. Eggman, invaded the island. He was hoping to steal the the island's ancient relic, the Chaos Rings. These rings were infused with the same energy that the Chaos Emeralds contained. Dr. Robontik seeked out these rings so he could use them to take over the world with an iron fist. So he built his base there and captured Vector, Espio, Charmy, and Mighty, who were investigating the island. Luckily, Knuckles, who was curious about the island, saved them. So, the group eventually defeated Robontik and saved the island from ruin. It was revealed later that the Chaos Rings were what kept the island afloat. Without the rings, the island and city would sink.

After the attack of Robotnik, a young hedgehog named Marcello decided to start his own crime stopping group. He thought that his group could keep the city free from violence and prevent an attack like the previous one from happening again. So, with best friend Jude the Fox, they started a group called the Newtrogic Crime Stoppers. The group has gained popularity for their good deeds. The two recently recruited Kyle the Raccoon to become apart of their group.

Clubs have become a popular attraction in Newtrogic High Zone recently. The most popular is Cheated Hearts, which is run by the seductive criminal Hearts the Cheetah, who also performs as dancer at her club. Others, along with herself, consider her the Club Queen. Clubs have as made people local celebrities, like the DJ Regina the Hedgemouse also known by her stage of MC R361NA.


Known Residents

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