"Only death can cleanse my thirst!"

--- New Tobias 

New Tobias  ('新しい·'トビアス~' Atarashī tobiasu)  is an alternate form of Tobias The Hedgehog

However, New Tobias is more dangerous, and looks to hunt down couples and those he sees as an enemy.
New Tobias
Tobias- new Tobias- octuis redesigned 2016
Toby (by sonic and others) Big Brother(by Ristar sometimes) Experiment 456 (by Dr.Eggman) Freak (by Talon),
Unable to determine
Unable to determine
Hedgehog/Machine (Cybernetic Alien) Shooting Star (alternate universe)
Loves to kill couples and all races of mobian, stripping away flesh
being told to wake up
Main Weapon
Metal Tentacles/ laser
New Tobias: Octuis's Curse (first appearance and last)
Physical Description
Eye Color: Lime Green

Fur Color: Orange (dull)

Wing Color: Purple (dul)
Love Interest(s)
Voice Actor English
Charlie Hunnam
Voice Actor Japanese
No information
Also known as
Octual model, 456, winged hero,
Real Life creator
SonicKnucklesFan92 (Absolhunter251)

His appearance is very simliar to Octius The Hedgehog.


New Tobias- Octius' Curse


Coming soon.


His emotions are highly unstable and it is hard to know what he thinks or feels. He's rather cautious at times, making him keep his distance from others and isolating himself.

He is highly dangerous and won't spare anyone.

Being emotionally closed off, he can be very aggressive and will attack his enemies until they are dead or beg for mercy.



  • Extended Life Span- He is able to live for a long time, unlike his other clones.
  • Ultima Shield- (short for "ultimate shield") Tobias can generate a field that can protect him from harm. His shield can be weakened through time though.  He can summon it at any time, when he feels the need to use it.




Special Abilities


Tobias has a strange mythical power of healing himself when injured.  He can heal himself almost quickly. but it takes time for him to regenerate to heal his wounds he's taken from battle.  

(Note:Tobias only used his healing ability a few times in his own comic and when encountering King Cobra.)

He has to draw all his energy into regenerating one of his metal tentacles, if one of them were to be blown off from his back, but it drains him more quickly to focus on regrowing the lost limb.

Mega Beam

Tobias uses what is called a Mega Beam, which he shoots from his body and tentacles. The attack can reach up to 40 ft depending on the distance. It's Tobias' last resort when fighting or when it is needed. It has the ability to destroy forests and all other forms of life, making them vanish into nothing.



In flight, Tobias can fight with punches, kicks, and tentacles when airborne. He can fly mach 7 at top speeds, causing his foes to become stunned.

Long Range

In battle, Tobias has a long range in attacking. He can reach up to 20 ft and retract quickly.

Short Range

In short range, it's extremely close combat for him. Tobias can guard and counter attack whatever the foe throws. Tobias can restrain the enemy and go in with an attack of kicks or punches. However, being in close range can lead to a risky move, where his wings handle an attack with a blast radius. He is left with injuries on his wings, but his shield takes effect and his wounds slowly start to heal, depending on the firepower and weapon. if anything is stronger than that, his weakness can be exposed.

Advantages in Defense

Tobias has a special durability in defense, with his tentacles serving as his other set of eyes and keeping in contact with the enemy. Tobias can handle a few strong blows before he shifts his energy to increase his backside's hardness, like metal, to endure more pain. However, this slowly drains his chances of recovering. His shield can protect him form attacks until it reaches its limit.

Advantages in Battle

Physical strength


Severe Damage

Tobias's only weakness is severe damage or having his metal tentacles removed from his back. If  they are removed, the shock and pain kills him instantly.  


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