New Mobius

New Mobius is a settlement established 200 years in the future. It was established after Dr. Eggman was overthrown from power. It has a constitutional monarchy with a functioning senate. The current sovereign is Blaze the Cat. Notable citizens include Silver the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Dr. Eggman Nega.


Because New Mobius is a relatively new settlement, it has no official currency. Instead, most goods and items are purchased and sold using traditional Mobian rings. However, due to lack of proper economic rules, many merchants often cheat others into paying more than they can or should, and many citizens are poor beggars. Some citizens, like Silver, want to do away with the current economic system and form a new one with firmer rules and regulations.


Most of the citizens of New Mobius are anthropromorphic animals (e.g. hedgehogs, cats, foxes, echidnas, and rabbits.) The only human is Dr. Eggman Nega, a selfish, cynical brat who is often considered to be an outsider. New Mobius has no official deity; however, magic and sorcery seem to be active forces. Blaze the Cat has the ability to manipulate fire and heat, though the ability seems to come from natural causes rather than a magic spell. Silver the Hedgehog has psychokinesis, being able to manipulate objects with his mind. Rumors say that he obtained this power because he was born on the night of the blood moon, but the actual source of his power is unknown. Shadow the Hedgehog, who used to be able to manipulate time and space, is now an ordinary hedgehog, due to an accident involving a ritual that combined chaos control, chaos blast, and chronos control.


Shortly after the end of Dr. Eggman's rule, the citizens of Mobius strived to make a new, functioning government. While the citizens struggled to find a delicate balance between power and personal freedoms, Dr. Eggman Nega rose to power. Much like his father, he was a tyrannical dictator who enslaved the citizens. Anyone who resisted was roboticized. After 6 months of Nega's rule, a resistance arose from the shadows, being led by Blaze the Cat and Silver the Hedgehog. Shadow helped out as much as he could, but mostly kept to himself. After many battles, Eggman Nega was overthrown and a new government was established. The citizens voted that Blaze should become the new sovereign with Silver being second commander as well as the military leader. Currently, New Mobius is a thriving village, though not without corruption, particularly in the area of economics.

Notable Areas

New Mobius contains many forests, meadows, lakes, and rivers. A large lake in the center of the village is a popuar place for gatherings, especially among children. Blaze has never visited the lake, since her powers would evaporate the water, and the lake is the largest source of drinking water. Because of his psychokinesis, Silver is able to float anywhere above, on, or underwater. He can even manipulate the molecules in the water to create infinite air bubbles, effectively allowing him to stay underwater as long as he needs too. The capital contains a large, lavish palace where Blaze lives. Siver is welcome as well, as are other citizens, with perhaps the notable exception of Eggman Nega. However, only Silver is the only one allowed in the throne room to talk with Blaze.

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