New Jersey
Nick Nixon
9,000,000 (estimated)
United Federation of America
Jersey City
New Jersey is an American state located to the west of Empire City. Despite the two states are completely independent from one another, Jersey City is known by many as being part of Empire City's metropolitan area. Unlike Empire State, the entirety of New Jersey is present.


Much like Empire City, New Jersey is split into many cities and neighborhoods, albeit with 28 distinct areas due to its smaller size.


Suxcess = Sussex

Paisinaca = Passaic

Burgden = Bergen

Harding = Warren

Harlis = Morris

Excess = Essex

Hornet = Hudson

Confedern = Union

Mermaid = Atlantic

Aqua = Ocean

Benedland = Cumberland

Maiuchester = Glouchester

Middrex = Middlesex

Benzer = Mercer

Monmolith = Monmouth

Fashington = Burlington

Cape Bay = Cape May


Jersey City

Wilterdon = Hunterdon

Sumersalt = Somerset

Mermaid = Atlantic

Oldirk = Newark

Roberts = Pattinson

Nellie = Elizabeth

Wichlam = Salem

Shauway = Rahway

Mermaid City = Atlantic City

Aqua City = Ocean City

Whipdem = Camden

Vondton = Trenton

Genville = Millville

Louis = Clark

Trolton = Bridgeton

Brisquik = New Brunswick

Shastboro = Glassboro

Mt. Wood = Mt. Holly

Jerry River = Toms River

Jailreed = Freehold

Rockland = Vineland

Pennington = Hammonton

Gladsbury Park = Asbury Park

Duro Branch = Long Branch

Trevorsburg = Phillipsburg


As of 2013, New Jersey has a statewide population of around 9,000,000. The state governor is Nick Nixon, recently elected to a second term.


Much like its real life counterpart, New Jersey can be considered suburban/urban with some industrial areas, being somewhat middle class as a whole. Some areas are modern and affluent, like Mermaid City, Jersey City and Harding; while others are run down and crime infested, such as Whipdem and Vondton.


Similar to real life, New Jersey is not put on the map for crime as frequently as Empire State, but that does not mean it is nonexistent. While gangs are nowhere near as prevalent as Empire City, organized crime and corruption dominates New Jersey's crime statistics.

Statistically, the cities of Vondton and especially Whipdem are the most dangerous, with crime including illegal tradings, black markets, violent and nonviolent crime, and are at times considered no-go zones. Similar to Empire City, only those in the police force can obtain weapons, which was put into effect before Empire City, back in 2003.

By far the biggest problem New Jersey suffers from is funding and dwindling authorities. Underfunding of the state police started by Hurricane Bolluck in 2012 due to New Jersey being hit the hardest, using law enforcement funds to help repair the state. The lack of police attention caused the crime rate to soar near the beginning of 2013. As a result of damage costs, New Jersey has called on other nearby law enforcement forces to help, hence why many ECPD cruisers can be seen throughout New Jersey.

Food and Drink

Similar to Empire City, New Jersey contains a myriad of fast food chains and food carts/vendors, but it also features a lot more dining restaurants. FMC (Federation Made Chicken) and McNoggle's (parodies of KFC and McDonald's respectively) are still present, but E.C.'s Pizza Kitchen (a parody of Sbarro's Pizza) has no shops in New Jersey. Rather, it has been replaced by Devrin's (a parody of Arby's). The Don Fachio food carts/stands selling hot dogs, hamburgers, churros, nuts, drinks, and ice cream can also be found all over New Jersey. In addition, Hangukan (Korean) restaurant franchise Kim Yum Sung is exclusive to New Jersey, possibly due to the state's high Hangukan population.


New Jersey contains one sports team, the Nellie Angels hockey team (based off the New Jersey Devils hockey team), but it also contains many stadiums for various sports. The Brokluce Tangles used to play for New Jersey, but were bought out in 2012, adding to the animosity between Empirtonians and New Jersiands. New Jersey contains the Retirement Center for the Empire City Lads and Gents football teams, the Rabbit Center for the Nellie Angels hockey team, and the Green Hawk Stadium for the Empire City Green Hawks soccer/football team.


Similarly to Empire City, New Jersey's climate is fairly predictable depending on the time of year. During the summer the area has extreme heat waves and occasional overcast weather. The fall brings cooler weather and more cloudy days with some precipitation in the late fall (i.e. November). During the winter Empire City has extreme precipitation and very limited sunny days. Springtime brings a mixture of sunny days, cloudy days, and precipitaton. The ony diference is that northern New Jersey gets far more percipitation than the south due to the south's boardwalk and beaches.

Significant Populations

Much like Empire City, New Jersey's population is very diverse, with some of the following groups:

  • Caucasians
  • Native Americans and American Indians
  • Hispanics - Mostly of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, but also contains some Scuerans (Cubans)
  • African Americans
  • Middle Easterns - Mostly Arabs
  • Europeans - A lot of Spagonians (Italians); some Irish, British and Scottish people
  • Asians - Mostly of Hangukan (Korean) descent


New Jersey's outer reaches are supplied by the Edward Skyway. The state is connected to Empire City by the Douglas Tunnel and Thomas Jefferson Bridge, both of which cross the West River. A ferry terminal known as the State Ferry (South Ferry) is used in Charger Park City, Malstephen, which connects it with the New Jersey terminal.

As an independent state, New Jersey lacks a subway, but trains can be taken across New Jersey and to Empire State.

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