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New Hope Orpahage
New Hope Orphanage was made by Yram and Dlan to give lost kids without homes and families new hope in their lives.Many kids play together under the watchful eyes of all the staff members,acting like a family and friends,while learning about life.It is even a home to some of the teacher's children and the married kids who started families.Even years later,its still the same nice orpanage that gives kids and adults new hope as they go along in their lives.






A simple white house,with a nice garden with flowers and food for the kids that's nearby a forest and some ruins deep in the forest the kids go to play at.Inside,the whole house appears even bigger,so that it houses the kids and staff,with bedrooms,bathroom,gym,librey,playroom and dinning room.


There is no mode of transport,though everyone is always walking,flying or teleporting to the place,but they all have good times as they do.


Earlier,the adults would use thier own talents to defend the Orpanage.Even some of the kids can fight and use magic to help.With Shank's help,he taught the kids self denfense,so every kid knows how to denfend themselves as they grow up.


Its located near a full grown forest where there are ruins that the kids play at.The kids learn self defense,sewing,medicine,garden,music,pysical,numbers,art and cooking so that they are ready when they grow up in the future and live happy lives.


The Children Light The Way-


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